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  • Tantra Beginnings


  • Tantra Awareness & Secrets



  • Creating Divine Relationship with Tantra Elements


  • Intuitive Touch & Energy Arts


  • Advanced Tantra Integration & Packages for the Serious Student


  • Alternative Tantra for Gay Men and Lesbian Women and all other sexual persuasions share a new makeover with Authentic Tantra


Also available - Workshops specific to gay men and lesbian women.


Please note there is no nudity or sexual activity in any of the events.

Upcoming Events

EVENTS 2017 Workshops begin again this Fall. New web launch coming soon.

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" As we learn to purify the body, removing all the blocks, past suffering, tension and thoughts that do not serve us, more energy flows throughout and our connection to everything is tangibly experienced.  It is at this moment of realization that we truly open to the divine expression of ourselves and the source of our existence. "  Divinea

Please see current calendar for all scheduled events each month.

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The Art of Sacred Tantra offers many possibilities to play with different aspects of our Body-Mind-Spirit Healing as well as the expression of our ecstatic and sensual side.

Tantra may be experienced both sexually or not, as there are a multitude of ways to further explore these ancient practices whether with ourselves or with a partner. 

Ecstasy is our natural state, yet most of us are only aware of how to enjoy this side of ourselves during sensual practice. 

Authentic Sacred Tantra offers an extremely deepened experience of our sensual side and shares many other new ways to enjoy this ecstatic state outside of sexuality.

Rest assured, these events are respectful, safe, strictly confidential and very personally enlightening for anyone at any stage of their life.

The sooner one learns Tantra, the more they enjoy Life, Love and Relationship as they gain an entirely fresh perspective on all of it. 

Singles or couples are welcome and there are workshops available for the gay and lesbian community contingent as well.