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Program 1

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PROGRAM 1 - Events



Also available - Workshops for Gay Men and Lesbian Women.

Please note there is no nudity or sexual activity in any of the events.


"Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it."  Rumi

EVENTS 2018 begin this SPRING. New web launch coming soon.

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Please see current calendar for all events scheduled each month

Authentic Sacred Tantra is much more that just something that improves our sensual side, as that is simply the often distorted westernized version of these sacred secrets.

If you are interested in finding out more about the Yoga's of Tantra, then Tantra Beginnings is a great place to start your journey of discovery.

Tantra's Fountain of Youth secrets are very valuable tools for everyone, as they show the way to connect with and channel the life force energy that courses through each of us. This connection allows us to optimize and balance every level of our naturally ecstatic state into joyful, conscious awareness whether we utilize it sensually or simply day to day in our style of living.

As one opens to this connection to the Source of their existence, they are better able to balance and weave the tension between Body-Mind-Spirit. This greatly expands personal energy levels, sensuality, intimacy, creativity, longevity and wellness with a sense of freedom and consciousness that the rest of the world struggles to achieve.

These simple secrets are valuable spiritual practices for everyone regardless of background, religious beliefs or physical abilities and best of all....they really work!

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The Yoga's of Tantra

This brand new Tantra educational program offers a transitional journey that follows a natural path of learning. From simple Beginnings to Awareness and Practice integrating into a Conscious Tantra Lifestyle that includes both Ayurvedic Health and Diet to developing more Divine Relationships with partners. You may also wish to participate in additional hands on workshops with the Intuitive Touch and Energy Healing events if you wish to expand even more.

Divinea offers a unique perspective based on ancient tried and true Vedic practices that originated in India more than 5000 -15,000 years ago. Experience a whole new awareness that is clearly very different than most of what is offered out there as "tantra" these days.

Each event is filled with a myriad of new thoughts and practice, plus Tantra education, progressive Yoga awareness and ancient Vedic wisdom. These workshops offer many practical opportunities that will forever shift your perceptions about Life, Love and Relationship. Enjoy your Journey to the Divine as it is indeed the most important awakening you will ever experience!


"Twin flutes are a symbol of free love"
Art by Michael Asti-Rose


1 Day Workshops include vegetarian lunch 10am-6pm  $199

Tantra INFO Evenings include snacks 7pm-9:30pm  FREE
Tantra INTRO Evenings include appetizers 7pm-9:30pm  $20-$25  Join
Meetup evenings instead

SAVE with early registration or purchase of full programs.

PAYMENT GUARANTEE...If you pay in advance for an event and are unable to attend for any reason, please inquire about using the credit towards another event.

REFUND POLICY: Credits given for workshops and events. Please inquire about particular policy for any event you are interested in.

There are different events held each season, so scroll down to the ones with current dates for the season you are interested in.

Program 1


Phase 1   TANTRA PURE and SIMPLE - An Educational Overview

FREE Info Evening includes snacks 7pm-9pm

Please join our Meetup evenings this season to learn more!
RSVP: Requested by email, text or phone call to reserve your space in advance please, as seating is limited.

COST: No Charge however please RSVP minimum 4 DAYS PRIOR to insure you get a seat.

Bring a guest and you receive 1 free $20 YOGA gift - Unfolding Wholeness - (book and cards of meditation, breath, poses, philosophy)

(VIP Elist specials offered may vary - you must be on Elist to qualify)

WHERE: Private location Richmond.  Exact address given with registration payment


What we will cover in this evening...a great overview about Tantra...

  • Where did Authentic Tantra originate and what is the history behind the use of it?

  • Why is Tantra awareness so important for personal Body-Mind-Spirit wellness?

  • What are the many health bonuses and sensual challenges Tantra heals naturally?

  • When do I use Tantra and do I need a partner to do so?

  • Who can benefit from Tantra and does it work the same for men and women?

  • How do you tell if it's real Tantra or just some "other" service?

  • Learn how even simple Tantra practices can help clear the body.

  • Questions and Answers

Understand more about the background of the ancient arts of Tantra, the many incredible benefits it offers and how it shifts us into powerful new places of awareness, well-being, and understanding of Self. Find out how simple daily practices may be used to help keep you sensually alive and vital regardless of age. Tantra builds and retains valuable life force energy which better allows us to sustain energy, youthfulness, and health. A free introduction to Authentic Tantra awareness.


Phase 2 TANTRA vs TYPICAL SENSUALITY - Knowledge is Power

Intro Evening includes appetizers  7pm-9:30pm
Please join our Meetup evenings to learn more!
RSVP: Requested as space limited no later than 4 days prior by May 6th to insure you get a seat.
: $20 per person if paid by TBA  $25 at door if space available
(VIP Elist specials offered may vary - you must be on Elist to qualify)
Private location Richmond.  Exact address given with registration payment

What you will discover in this evening...6 important Tantra practices will be shared...

  • Tantra is gaining alot of popularity, so what is it exactly?

  • How do I know whether certain services are real Tantra or not?

  • How does Authentic Tantra differ from typical sensual practice as we know it in the West?

  • Understand the difference between orgasm and ejaculation and why it is vitally important for men to separate them.

  • Men and women are wired differently - find out how Tantra gifts the ability to work with this more successfully than typical sex.

  • Many non-sexual practices of Tantra greatly increase your overall health and sensual experiences considerably.

  • Why does typical Sex and Relationship Consciousness as we know it, often set us up for dysfunctional partnerships?

  • Find out why Authentic Tantra practice naturally creates more intimate relationships and how this occurs.

  • What is the ultimate purpose and health benefits of working with genuine Tantra practice?

  • How quickly are results experienced when working with Tantra and how will you know you are there?

  • Find out how 4 secret Tantra energy points and exercises help activate and open channels in the body.

  • Experience 2 conscious Tantra breathing practices that clear old energy blocks out and allow new energy to be stored.

  • Questions and Answers

Our sensual practice and intimate relationships were actually meant to revitalize the whole Body-Mind-Spirit system while healing our very consciousness. Discover unique ways of looking at life and the deeply healing sensual practices of Tantra. How we choose to manage and maintain our daily life force will either enhance or deplete our energy levels and performance ability. By mastering inner balance with Tantra, we naturally shift and heal our body, our perspective on life and our relationships not only with ourselves and others, but with Creation itself. An introduction to Authentic Tantra awareness.


Phase 2 AUTHENTIC TANTRA Hidden Secrets Revealed

1 Day Workshop includes Vegetarian pot luck lunch 10am-6pm
REGISTRATION: Limited to 14 people - so register early1. Everyone welcome: Singles, couples and all sexual persuasions.
COST: $199  Save with early registration. (VIP Elist specials offered may vary - you must be on VIP Elist to qualify)
EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION: Only $129 if paid 2 months prior.  Only $165 if paid 1 month prior
WHERE: Private location Richmond.  Exact address given with registration payment.

A dynamic full day Tantra workshop that educates, inspires and highly motivates a new more open minded approach...

  • THE ORIGIN OF LOVE Where does our innate desire for the unlimited abundance of true love originate and how do we rekindle its fire.

  • AUTHENTIC TANTRA or TRADITIONAL SEX?  Understand why one empowers and heals, the other collects baggage and drains.

  • TANTRA ED Exciting overview of an ancient practice for modern times that heals Body-Mind-Spirit from the very core to the DNA.

  • 10 KEY SECRET TANTRA PRACTICES   Basics every beginner should know to empower and heal themselves more successfully.

  • THE RELATIONSHIP PYRAMID An enlightened perspective allows us to create more intimate, Divine love relationships.

  • ART OF HEALING COMMUNICATION Learn simple skills that deepen intimacy and allow both parties to feel heard and received.

  • RADIATE CHARISMA Discover how to turn up your inner fire to naturally magnetize and captivate, even with non-sexual Tantra.

  • RE-IGNITING INNER PASSION  Learn new ways to personally express and experience Tantra with self love awareness and practice

  • BREATH OF LIFE Breathing productively is a valuable Tantra secret, as 75% of our daily life force comes from breath

Effectively mastering your own self expression is one of the many opportunities Authentic Tantra shares, therefore you do not need a partner to experience the bounty of gifts offered.

Did you know that even non-sexual practices can create those ecstatic and orgasmic states of bliss we normally only associate with orgasm? Unravel what Authentic Tantra is all about and in the process greatly improve your relating skills, as you gain invaluable insights that guarantee an exciting glimpse of whats possible when you integrate the ancient secrets of these hidden arts. Whether you are currently single, in a relationship or want to prepare in advance to create a healthier one, everyone experiences wonderful rewards.

Understand more about the Yogas of Tantra, enjoy empowering new places of awareness and discover the multitude of naturally occurring health benefits. Find out how simple daily self practices help keep you sensually alive and vital regardless of age, issues or partnering. Tantra arts teach you how to build valuable life force throughout the body on a daily basis which can be stored for sustainable energy for all the bodies needs later on. These secrets when utilized also allow amazing control and longevity, retain youthfulness of all the organs and tissues and create a healthier and more extended life, even if you are not sexually active.

Re-invent yourself and your sensual side with treasured Tantra tools in a safe and non-sexual environment. As energy becomes more balanced with simple Tantra practices, a new conscious awareness and deeper understanding of Love is naturally re-awakened within. By learning to express more fully, yet effectively detach, we are able to shift how we relate and co-create in relation to others.

Greatly amplify your perspective of healthy relationship and why it is so important to incorporate Tantra into your sensual experiences. The sooner you discover these ancient arts, the more enhanced your intimate relationships become, as your authentic self is amplified and fully empowered to shine through.

Consider the all NEW Conscious Relating Monthly Meetup Social evening to share your pain, passion, promise and be heard. Dive deeper into more Authentic Tantra experiences with The Charisma Factor weekend workshop


Phase 3 TANTRA for WOMEN - Understanding Feminine Power

Intro Evening includes appetizers  7pm-9:30pm
Please join our Meetup evenings to learn more or consider the 1 Day Women's event!
Requested as space limited no later than 4 days prior. (VIP Elist specials offered may vary - you must be on Elist to qualify)
$20 per person if paid by Fri. TBA.  $25 at door if space available.

Private location Richmond.  Exact address given with registration payment.

What we will cover this evening...

  • When do women lose energy and how can they revitalize themselves?

  • What are the feminine dynamics and dilemmas of sensual engagement?

  • The G-Spot - where it is, what is it for and does it affect a woman's health?

  • Why do some men fear a woman's power while others seem to embrace it?

  • Is it possible to create more intimacy in a relationship with Tantra?

  • Questions and Answers

Knowing how to re-charge and work with the feminine energy more powerfully, is vitally important awareness for every woman at any age. Creating more intimacy is also often first and foremost on a womans mind when connecting with a partner. Unfortunately, men are not always on the same page.

By better understanding how a womans body works, we are able to heal our wounds, embrace our power and enjoy relationship from a deeper and more intimate perspective. Discover how Authentic Tantra can greatly increase your ability to recognize and select more appropriate partners. An introduction to Authentic Tantra awareness.

Phase 3 TANTRA for MEN - Benefits of Cultivating Energy for Control, Ability and Intimacy

Intro Evening includes appetizers  7pm-9:30pm
Please join our Meetup evenings instead this season to learn more or consider the 1 Day Men's event!
RSVP: Requested as space limited
COST: $20 minimum 1 week prior  - $25 after and at door if space available.
VIP Elist specials offered may vary - you must be on Elist to qualify)
Private location Richmond.  Exact address given with registration payment.

What we will cover this evening...

  • Why and how does Tantra easily shift common sensual issues like Premature ejaculation for men?

  • Discover how Tantra allows men to gain immediate control and be energized after sex instead of tired.

  • The Sacred Spot is the most sensual part of a mans body, yet why do so few ever discover it?

  • Did you know you can dissolve baggage and naturally create more intimacy during ecstatic states?

  • How does Tantra greatly improve your ability to attract and enjoy healthier relationships?

  • Questions and Answers

Find out why Tantric aware men make much better lovers and are a more conscious choice for discerning partners. Knowing ways to optimize and retain energy will allow a man to achieve greater abilities and be in total control of his orgasms so he can easily last all night long making love.

Tantra offers valuable key secrets that are simple, yet create greatly expanded experiences of sensuality and intimacy in relationships. Enjoy more connectedness, heightened sensitivity to touch plus retain youthfulness and stay sensually vital, no matter how old you are.

By learning to work with their bodies more appropriately through the continued practice of Authentic Tantra, a mans energy level is greatly increased. This expands their aura which automatically attracts more partners and much healthier relationships.


This website was created as a vehicle to share with others seeking self-empowerment through the Arts of

Authentic Sacred Tantra.