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April 1 2015

Oct. 18, 2014

June 16, 2011

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  • Tired After Orgasms?

  • Shifting Sensual Issues

  • The Lost Arts of Self Healing

  • Ejaculation ~ What is Really Going On?

  • Typical Sex or Tantra?

  • Some Interesting Sex Facts

  • Waking up our Sex Life!

  • Sensual Massage

  • Guidelines for Sexual Healers

  • Simple Sex Tips for Tantra Novices

  • Clearing our "Baggage" Before Sex

  • What Does our Need for Sex Mean?

  • Sacred Sensuality

  • Kamasutra Positions

  • Lovemaking a Whole New Way

  • Why are Women so Touch Oriented?

  • Reviving Sexual Energy

  • Extending Pleasure

  • Creating Sexual Freedom

  • Why Do Things Stop Working?

  • Does Size Matter?

  • Sensual Challenges

  • Releasing Shame or Guilt

  • Sexual Addiction

  • Clearing Sexual Abuse Issues

  • What about the Blue Balls Theory?

  • Safe Sex Awareness


  • Clearing our Emotional Baggage

  • Dysfunctional Relationships

  • How Men & Women are Wired

  • What Drives Chemistry & Attraction?

  • Raising our Vibration to Attract a Lover

  • Attracting the Right Partner

  • Three Types of Relationships

  • Why do we Attract Dysfunctional Partners?

  • Letting go of Dysfunctional Relationships

  • Releasing the Past ~ Inviting the Present

  • Co-Creating a Loving Relationship

  • My Partner & I are not Having Sex

  • Creating More Intimacy

  • When is it Time to Move On?

  • Casual Yet Deeply Intimate Relationships

  • Long Term Relationships

  • Do We Really Need to Label Ourselves?


  • EFT ~ Emotional Freedom Techniques

  • NVC ~ Communicating Effectively

  • Creating a Safe Space to Share

  • Coaching Tips on Communicating

  • Why Women Just Need to be Heard

  • Common Communication Foopas

  • Communication with our Beloved

  • Creating Deeper Connections

  • Sharing Tantra with our Partners

  • Utilizing Crystals to Assist Communication

  • Rate your Communication Skills


  • Expanding Consciousness

  • How do Emotions Affect our Health?

  • Does What I Think Create Sickness?

  • Quantum Physics versus Medicine

  • Self-Empowerment for Divine Health

  • How Good Can you Stand it?


  • Divinea's Blog

  • Tantra Blogs

  • Did you Know...?

  • Important Sex Facts

  • Pick up Lines


  • Aphrodisiacs

  • Recipes for Love

  • Chocolate for Divine Bliss

  • Sexy Theme Recipes

  • Sexy Restaurants for Special Dates






Articles & Info on Everything Sacred

" As we learn to purify the body, removing all the blocks, past suffering, tension and thoughts that do not serve us, more energy flows throughout and our connection to everything is tangibly experienced.  It is at this moment of realization that we truly open to the divine expression of ourselves and the source of our existence. "  Divinea

This page lists all articles on this site so if you are looking for a topic you will likely find it here.

It is almost impossible for a man to truly experience Authentic Tantra if he is distracted with a woman when he is first learning,  as he does not know how to direct his energy appropriately as yet. 
While learning, men will have a tendency to slip back into typical sensual practice and instead will unconsciously, energetically drain themselves and the person they are working with. If that partner or practitioner is saavy with Authentic Tantra practice, they will naturally want to guide a man more appropriately into these Sacred Sensual Arts.  Why is this so important?
The orgasmic process actually sends an electrical charge through the body, collecting and passing information throughout.  Anyone within 5-7 feet of the person having an orgasm, will be susceptible to this passing of information, as it is transferred via the auras of each individual.  In other wards, all baggage within each body, is transferred from person to person like a data download on a pc, unless they are versed in Authentic Tantra practices. 
Energy is transferred even without actually having sex or engaging with someone, unless that someone is aware of working with the Authentic Tantra arts.  This is a very important factor that most people are totally unaware of.




Imagine for a moment, how much baggage you are collecting and taking home to your partner, if you are having random erotic or sensual sessions out there with people who deal with many clients daily. These sensual masseuses have no clue about protecting themselves from taking on clients baggage and thus collect tons of junk from every person they deal with daily.   That is why most of them often only last a year or two in the business, as they are loaded with other peoples stuff.  Eventually all this excess baggage collects in the body, creating huge areas of blocked energy and thus, takes it's toll by making the person sick, jaded, angry or shut down.
How do you tell if someone is Authentic Sacred Tantra saavy or not?  If they are engaging with you sensually at all, even with simple touch or body slides and you are not extremely well versed in Sacred Tantra practice, then they are not Tantra aware, nor are they doing their own homework in this regard.  If they were, they would never engage with someone who was clueless about Tantra, as to do so is to fill themselves with other peoples stuff. 
Wonder why you and your partner are getting more distant?  It is their natural inclination to intuitively step back or engage less with you as a way to protect themselves from taking on more baggage.  This energy, is naturally transferred into their body through sexual exchange, whenever either of you has an orgasm. As it collects, it might show up like jealousy, distance, or disconnection. Eventually, if not cleared, it creates pain, sickness, dis-ease and the aging process within them. 
Partners do tune into this extra stuff you have brought home, count on it, as it is foreign to them. How will you know if this is happening?  This baggage will look like expectations, dysfunctional behavior patterns and emotional triggers between the two of you. That is what blocked energy in our bodies stems from in the first place, as it is unhealed or stuck emotions that have not been fully expressed or released. 
The beauty of working with Authentic Sacred Tantra practice, is that once one learns to open the channels and work with their energy more appropriately from head to toe, baggage is naturally dissolved during ecstatic states of orgasmic bliss.  This allows the life force to be be fully optimized to open, reconnect, energize, heal, clear and revitalize the whole system simultaneously, Body-Mind-Spirit.  How perfect is that?
One must actually learn how to work with their own body to experience the amazing results that can be achieved with simple Tantra practices.  Divinea specializes in sharing this awareness hands on with clients during their first Authentic Sacred Tantra experience, so they will know how to achieve the results on their own afterwards.  Sessions are full body and Divinea works with the sensual aspect head to toe to show clients how to experience far more with simple little Tantra secrets.
Once a man actually learns how to work with their own body more appropriately with Authentic Sacred Tantra practices (not all the pseudo tantra out there), he has a much greater advantage over other men.  Utilizing Tantra practices, he will be able to work with most any woman and have incredibly increased abilities and experiences with all of them. Men become the best lovers possible when they really get the value of the Authentic Sacred Tantra practices.  With these incredible, life changing secrets passed down for generations, they now have the awareness and tools to go all night and be totally energized after every orgasm, ready for more!"


'Women are naturally Tantra to some degree, as they are wired from the heart. Men are wired from the genital area so they must do Authentic Sacred Tantra to bring their energy up to the heart level, so they can experience more like women do naturally.
Men have very little control over their abilities because they generally, unknowingly keep all their energy in the genitals. As a result, many struggle with issues like control or PE (premature ejaculation) and are often tired after sex.  You will never be tired after sex or struggle with control anymore when you utilize simple Authentic Sacred Tantra practices, as this will be a thing of the past, even after your very first session with Divinea.


Search for the G-spot

See CBC story - In Search of the G-spot

G-spot awareness originates in the Sanskrit texts of the Vedas which are more than 20,000 years old and are found in the ancient Hindu culture in India. Here lie Yogic and Tantric teachings that were meant to be shared with everyone, to inspire that remembrance and connection to the Source of our Existence. One simply has to look at Mother Nature to see that something extremely intelligent has created the amazing world we live in.

We are unfortunately, very un-educated when it comes to the true purpose of our sensual side, resulting in most people being so blocked up and shut down sexually, they need toys, pornography, multiple partners and so on, just to feel anymore. It is no wonder that the G-spot is a controversial point in this equation.

The wisdom of the Vedic teachings is vast and all encompassing, offering insight and awareness on all aspects of life, living, loving and being. Ancient teachings share self healing knowledge around sexuality, relationships, ayurvedic wellness, what to eat for our body type and so much more. Most importantly, the texts share the reminder of our connection with the source of the LOVE we all inherently seek and remember.

How does the woman’s G-spot come into this conversation? It is equivalent to the Sacred Spot or prostate on a man and both are the most erotic zones we each have, more so than the clitoris or penis we tend to focus on with typical sensual practices. These very important energy centers are activation points. When worked with appropriately in conjunction with a couple of other points and specific deep pranic breath techniques, can open pathways in the body that allow us to build and store life force for future use.

Unfortunately, our lack of education around sexuality in our world is obvious by the dysfunctional way we often approach sex, as we tend to focus on it as a physical sexual act, rather than truly experiencing it as the spiritual act of reconnecting ourselves with the Source of LOVE we all seek. By delving deeply into ancient Authentic Tantra practices, we experience incredible ecstatic states that are a window into what is possible when we open channels and reconnect with that Source.

Our sexuality was meant to revitalize, energize, heal and clear out the stored baggage and kharma we collect all our lives. Utilizing the G-spot and Authentic Tantra, we are able to clean house while enjoying ecstatic states of bliss and connection to our original nature. How perfect is that?

Greatly expand your "Charisma Factor"

Amplify and improve your ability to draw healthy partners to you, by increasing your "Charisma Factor",  Authentic Sacred Tantra practice naturally creates more self confidence, deeper intimacy, amazing control and slows down the aging process naturally, by its very application.  Discover how simple secrets empower you to optimize personal  abilities, while revitalizing energy, health and overall well being.

Many health or sexual challenges such as premature ejaculation or control issues, erectile problems, sexual addiction or sexual abuse trauma may be eliminated permanently.  Understanding how Tantra works in the body will allow you to experience and relate to how this is possible.

Divinea is committed to sharing these valuable practices so discover how easy it is to re-invent yourself with the Yoga's of Tantra. Gain valuable new awareness with these Fountain of Youth secrets, ancient wisdom kept sacred for thousands of years.

Surprise yourself as you learn invaluable awareness that will absolutely change and improve your sensual experiences both with yourself or a partner. Tantra clears baggage that collects and creates  sickness, pain, dis-ease and the aging process. This old junk is stored like the history and cookies on your computer and must be cleared often, just like the pc to prevent blockages that manifest as issues.  Wonder why you consistently attract the same dysfunctional partners? As old energy clears everything changes and a joyful, vital and new sense of self is created.

Authentic Sacred Tantra deepens our connection and understanding to everything around us, creating more compassionate experiences with our planet and fellow humans. All the amazing energy you will be downloading in the form of ecstatic bliss creates a journey of discovery that will far exceed your expectations.

Some interesting SEX Facts...

  • FACT: 65, 000 couples around the world are having sex this moment!

  • Tantra turns up your "Charisma Factor" so you'll attract far more attention!

  • FACT: Men who help with housework get 50% more sex than other men.

  • FACT: 75% of men have orgasms during sex but only 29% of women do.

  • Tantric men can last all night, so couples have more time to enjoy intimacy.

  • FACT: 1 guy can impregnate every female alive with 2 weeks of his sperm.

  • FACT: Women are less likely to be sexually motivated when on the pill.

  • FACT: 75% of men ejaculate within 2 minutes of intercourse.

  • FACT: In Tantra orgasm and ejaculation can be 2 separate experiences.

  • FACT: Men lose 2 weeks of energy and a pint of blood with each ejaculation.

  • It is vital for men to learn how to have orgasms without ejaculating.

  • FACT: Finding a woman's G-spot definitely improves her orgasmic ability.

  • Tantra teaches everyone new secrets that they likely never knew existed.

  • FACT: Sperm has anti-wrinkle properties when rubbed into the skin.

  • FACT: Half all internet spending is for sex related services or products.

  • Why spend money just looking when Tantra helps create the reality?

Wake up the very essence of LOVE and deep intimacy from within. Experience Authentic Sacred Tantra with Divinea and open many doors you didn't even know were possible.

What is Authentic Sacred Tantra Exactly?

by Divinea Love

(post June 16, 2011. 7:20pm PST)

Tantra is the most valuable awareness that anyone could integrate into their life, as it heals and revitalizes Body-Mind-Spirit as a whole.

Considered the FOUNTAIN of YOUTH, Tantra originates in the Vedic traditions of India which date back some 20,000 years.  It is also found in virtually every ancient culture more than 5000 years ago.  In our culture when we hear the word Tantra, we often think..sex…right?

Tantra is actually a consciously chosen practice that engages the Body-Mind-Spirit as a whole, to create divine health and a deeper, more intimate connection to the Divine. It may be utilized during sensual practice to highly amplify ones experience, energy, ability and control by opening the channels properly and working with energy points and breath. As Tantric energy created in this way is extremely powerful, care must be taken to direct it appropriately, so it also heals the body, rather than harm it. 

Unfortunately typical sensuality, practiced as we know it, actually hurts our bodies because we have not been taught to work with our energy intelligently.  Instead we constantly waste our resources, deplete the body and leave ourselves tired and in need of a recharge.  This is why guidance from an Authentic Tantra practitioner is so valuable.

Tantra is a lifestyle shift, that brings us from the often unconscious physical act of sex into the conscious place of a deeply intimate connection with ourselves, our partners and everything in Creation, all the time.

The value of Authentic Sacred Tantra cannot be underestimated.  In otherwards… how good can you stand it?

Think of your Body as a Living Computer

From this perspective, it is understood that all the computers energy systems must function in harmony with each other, even though each has a different purpose.  As everything is connected, we must take care to clear baggage out the system often, so it functions at optimum with appropriately sourced clean energy to make it run properly.  One of the many bonuses of clearing our body temple…our sensual side is blasted free and the pleasure volume switch turns up immensely.

Imagine if you did not clean out your pc for years…it would be so bogged down with useless stored data, that it would barely run anymore.  Tantra is like clearing out the history and cookies while doing a virus scan and disc defrag on your pc.  As lots more space and energy is freed up  it functions more optimally.  Think of your body in the same way…you must clear old data regularly or the energy gets blocked and stagnates. Pain, sickness and dis-ease are created from all our stored blocked energy, which then speeds up the aging process as well.

It is important to choose a well-trained Authentic Sacred Tantra practitioner to guide you through the Tantra journey safely.  99% of the people offering “tantra” do no Tantra whatsoever. As well, during ecstatic states, baggage is exchanged with whoever is nearby. In order to benefit from Fountain of Youth secrets, one must be actively and personally engaged in the process themselves, as no one can actually do Tantra to you without this key piece in place.  

Where does our baggage come from?

Every negative thought, vision, picture or memory, including unbridled emotions or stress that allow us to be triggered by someone or something, is a clear indication of old energy baggage or data files stored in the body, wasting valuable space in our delicate body computer.

Just like our pc’s, once old data is cleared, the body is able to enjoy far more sensation, vitality, control, ability, well-being and greatly increased energy. (Level 1 – Open, Reconnect, Energize stage of Tantra).   From a sensual perspective, by understanding how to open the body channels fully, we are able to clean house, store lots of valuable life force and totally revitalize the whole system while enjoying amazing states of ecstatic bliss. 

Where else can we take out the garbage while enjoying incredibly ecstatic energy highs? (Level 2 - Burn and Bliss stage of Tantra)  Once the body and aura (the bodies outer filter system) have enough high vibration energy stored, things shift really quickly into overdrive.  This essentially activates the Sacred Fire within, dissolving the low vibration energies effortlessly, while turning the whole body into an orgasmic sense organ in the process.

If we activate and hold this high vibration energy in the body for extended periods of time, it keeps fueling the fire, so we naturally move into higher states of consciousness and a deeply intimate connection with the Divine, God, Source, Creation, your higher self or whatever you want to call it. This creates extremely transformational, out of body experiences with the Divine and is definitely better than any drug! (Level 3 – First Awakening in our Journey to the Divine).

This website was created as a vehicle to share with others seeking self-empowerment through the Arts of Authentic Sacred Tantra.

Article links to come with new website build in process right now!