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My Journey

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Journey to the Divine with Authentic Tantra

" The only journey is the journey within."   Rainer Maria Wilke

"Be yourself.  Everyone else is already taken."  Oscar Wilde

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My Journey
Divinea ~ A Personal Perspective

I have been on this Personal Tantra Journey myself for approximately 20 years.  I was not always as diligent as I am now in working with the practices, as I did not fully understand the enormous value of them until the last ten years when I began working with them more.  The due diligence paid off greatly, as I started to recognize the noticeable shifts that were occurring within my Body-Mind and Spirit as a whole.

As one evolved in many aspects of Tantra, offering my perspective allows me to share and teach what I have personally discovered on my own Tantra Journey to the Divine. There are so many reasons to experience the incredible Arts of Authentic Sacred Tantra and I have come to understand more fully, why they are indeed the ancient secrets of the Fountain of Youth.

One of the things I have also realized, is typical sexual practice, doesn't remotely allow us to experience our sexuality from a truly self-empowered and healed place.  In fact,  it actually leaves us depleted and accelerates our aging process by it's very nature.

With simple Authentic Sacred Tantra practices, I have greatly increased my personal sensuality and ecstatic pleasure.  I have also learned how to clear out the baggage in my body temple, opened up to more spiritual consciousness and really shifted my ability to recognize the dysfunctional relationships, before I even bother engaging at all. 

These things have transpired naturally, out of learning to clear out old patterns and blocked energy, all while enjoying ecstatic bliss through the practice of Tantra.  Can you think of a better way to get to the dirty work without the challenge and dramas usually associated with dealing with our baggage?   How wonderful is that?

One of the most important things I have discovered, is that I feel "full" all the time, so I do not need someone to fulfill me or complete me.   The ability to fill myself with Divine energy (eternal and endless love) during the orgasmic process, also allows me to build and prepare for the Sacred Fire "burn" process.  This simple fact alone has freed me up completely and allows me to now choose relationships because I desire to connect with someone, not because I need to have sex.

The need to have sex, is actually our Body-Mind Consciousness telling us that we need recharging, as we are depleted and  lacking in energy.  Tantra is the Ultimate Tune-Up for our body.

As the practice of typical sexuality is forever depleting us by its very nature, we may either feel like we need more sexual stimulation, or we may shut down altogether in an effort to conserve our life force for other things like healing or daily energy.   Eventually we may even find ourselves needing more inspiration that might look like new fangled toys, fetishes, more partners, pornography, online voyeurism, phone sex and so on.  Not there is anything wrong with these things in concept, but perhaps it is worthy of digging a little deeper to understand why we "need" them.

Why do we often choose to reach outside of ourselves to fulfill what we can enjoy, revitalize and heal ourselves?

This is a question that very few people ask themselves, most likely because they are not aware that there is an answer close at hand.  Authentic Tantra has been around for more than 4000 years and it is in every ancient culture.  Why?  Because these Fountain of Youth secrets really work, on every level of our Body-Mind-Spirit healing.  Whenever I did not have a partner, I was able to dive in and fully utilize the Tantra practices to continually work to heal myself, as Tantra may be enjoyed by ourselves, with a partner, sexually or non-sexually. 

In fact, I had been in a relationship prior where there was no sex for four years and it forced me on my Tantra journey, as I had to find a way to "fill" myself, since my partner was unwilling to engage with me. This was a very difficult time for me initially, as I went through all the usual stuff many women go through like...How come he doesn't find me attractive?  What is wrong with me anyways?   Maybe if I lost weight I would be good enough to love. 

Eventually I was smart enough to realize that the one sure thing I could change, was what was going on in my own head.

No relationship is worth degrading ourselves to the degree that we sometimes do. It is important to instead look at what we can do to change our situation by viewing what is really going on with us.  I am astounded at the countless relationships out there that have not been having sex, sometimes for years and they have yet to have a conversation about it. 

How intimate is a couple in relationship that is afraid to discuss their sex life or lack thereof?

That is a question we truly do need to ask ourselves if we are ever at this place.  More importantly, this is the perfect time to explore your own Tantra journey, as it will both heal and transform you into a whole new place of understanding, bliss and love for yourself.   It will also allow us to develop compassion for each persons sacred journey, as there is much that each of us still has to learn from each other. 

What better place to co-create relationship from, either with our partner or someone new, once we have done our own Tantra homework and cleaned out the baggage that has been stopping us from being deeply intimate in the first place.

There are many amazing Authentic Sacred Tantra arts to choose from as we soon discover and although many offer ecstatic bliss as a side effect, we do not have to be using them sexually to enjoy that aspect.  Tantra is one of the fastest paths to discover who we are and why we are here.  I have discovered that myself, as it has opened up and healed so many parts of me.  Some healing shifts transpired almost magically as a side effect of working with Tantra practices. 

One of the most important shifts that occurred by utilizing Sacred Tantra arts, was that my feelings of jealousy, ownership and expectations in regards to relationship, disappeared completely.  

We often associate with these feelings and assume they are a natural part of our relationships.  They certainly offer expression to that dysfunctional part that destroys most relationships hands down.  I can honestly say, that in my experiences with relationships since my own personal shift in that regard, that there are no feelings of angst in any of these areas for me anymore.  The triggers have all since disappeared...another beautiful side effect of freeing my own body temple of any past baggage.  What a novel idea!

Most of us carry baggage in our body. Pain, sickness or dis-ease is one obvious indication of this.  Shamans view these issues as a gift, as the body is telling us where and what we need to shift.

When the baggage gets dissolved during Tantra practice, it no longer triggers us to respond to that dysfunctional silliness anymore.  As well, the lack of blockage or baggage allows for much deeper intimacy with our partners.  Most people have so much unresolved "stuff" between them that has never been forgiven or let go of, it acts like a door between them and their partners energetically. 

I actually see this blocked energy in clients with my empathic and Medical Intuitive abilities.  Blocked energy looks like a black cloud within ones physical body and often extends into their aura as well.  My clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient abilities also allow me to see, hear and feel when these dark energies dissolve and disappear, thus it serves me to more easily work with others in support of their healing journeys.

One of the most incredible experiences I ever had with a lover, was quite a few years ago now, with someone I had known as a friend for awhile.  We always playfully toyed with our sensuality, as we had alot of juicy chemistry in that area together, but up til one evening, we had never acted on it.  One night, after a few close friends had been over for a music jam, we found ourselves alone on the couch after everyone else left. 

When I asked him what really attracted him to a woman, he told me he loved a woman that really wanted him.  What a smart guy!

What I discovered once we were thick into the arts of lovemaking, was that he was a natural Tantric lover and had also explored these practices before.  During our lovemaking, we both tuned into the memory that we had experienced a very Divine love affair together that lasted through several lifetimes and here we were again.  That could only explain the incredible experience that we both shared that night. 

We made love for 8 hours straight, both leaving our bodies and floating up above and into other realms, enjoying the deeply intimate communion with the Divine as we tasted and pleasured each other all night.  We both Journeyed to the heart of the Divine through our lovemaking and it was the most intimate experience I have ever had with anyone. We both expressed the deep feeling of love we shared simultaneously with each other the next morning, as we lay in awe of what had transpired between us. 

This experience opened my heart into realizing what was truly possible in our Journey to the Divine, when we are truly open to be deeply intimate with a partner.

Our lovemaking was never repeated, nor was there any weird stuff that went on between us after the fact and I have since understood why that was possible.  Tantra  has taught me how the Journey to the Divine is the most sacred of travels, as it allows us to commune so deeply, we are fulfilled beyond any needs we may have formerly engaged with. Once you have had that depth of experience with someone, you feel complete and in the moment. 

Our yearning for this kind of deeply intimate communion with someone, comes from memories of our connection to the Divine.

That one experience alone, served to catapult me even more into my ongoing Tantra journey.  Nothing was as important to me anymore compared to this most sweetly satisfying of Sacred Journeys into the Heart of  the Divine.   it did not matter that it was with that lover, only that I learn to repeat it for myself.  At this point, I realized that My Journey had really only just begun.


This website was created as a vehicle to share with others seeking self-empowerment through the Arts of Authentic Sacred Tantra.