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EVENTS 2018 Workshops begin again this SPRING. New web launch coming soon.

"True Tantra practice utilizes naturally generated lifeforce and ecstatic energy to burn away old patterns with simple secrets that optimize ones inner fire to revitalize and rejuvenate the Body-Mind-Spirit as a whole. "  Divinea PEMF KEY to HEALTH - Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields to Heal Body Mind Spirit with Divinea -----Monthly "Questers" gathering - All welcome!

Do not miss an upcoming experiential PEMF DEMO evening this SPRING 2018 and the opportunity to try a PEMF Mat session. Reset your body cells with a super dose of Mother Nature and the Number 1 healing technology in the world today. Discover how to balance PH, open chakras and meridians, and reboot your Body-Mind-Spirit and immune system so it heals more quickly. We are surrounded by harmful EMF (electro magnetic frequency) waves from wireless everything. Negative EMF waves include electrical wiring, cell phones, Ipads, wireless TV, smart meters, microwaves and internet modems and towers - now on most apartment buildings. Harmful wave patterns force us to vibrate at 10-20 times higher than is normal, seriously compromising our ability to stay balanced and healthy.

Are you challenged with insomnia, chronic pain or health issues of any kind? Increase energy levels and heal overall well being by clearing damaging EMFs from your body and environment. PEMF Mat technology was invented by Nasa, FDA approved for a multitude of health issues and is powered by an Android with a built in organ clock just like the Earth, creating a portable product that is useable most anywhere.

"I have been dealing with daily chronic pain for more than 40 years from 4 major car accidents, and after one month of using the PEMF Mat, I have virtually no pain in my body anymore. It has been a life changing miracle for me.." Divinea


More Info: PEMF.com  Purchase PEMF Mat from Divinea: PEMFKeytoHealth

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Divinea is a GUEST SPEAKER Tues. Sept. 12, 2017

Doors open 6:30pm - Talk 7pm - 9:30pm Maritime Museum in Kitsilano

AUTHENTIC SACRED TANTRA - A deeply Spiritual Practice
Monthly "Questers" gathering - All welcome!

Desire more energy and vitality? Dealing with any health or sensual challenges? Explore the deeply Spiritual aspects of Authentic Tantra and debunk the myths surrounding these fascinating and invaluable practices.

Gain new wisdom and awareness about these amazing simple secrets and why they are vitally important for everyone to integrate and incorporate into their lives. Authentic Tantra is a Yoga practice and it is also considered the Fountain of Youth, as it has far reaching impact on every level of our existence right down to the cellular DNA If you are already a seeker and understand the nature of energy, then you will appreciate the value of these ancient secrets for our modern world today. Tantra holds the keys needed to optimize the Body, Mind and Spirit into a whole new level of experience.

"Since childhood, I have always been very emotionally and energetically sensitive, and as a Medical Intuitive with Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Clairsentient skills, I have witnessed the importance of utilizing Tantra practices both personally and professionally firsthand. This 'Journey to the Divine' is both a magical and celebrated progression that will continue to evolve and grow as we do. Come and discover more about these simple, yet profound experiences, as they will expand your consciousness to a whole new level of understanding, guaranteed!� Divinea

COST $10 for members and guests
LOCATION: Maritime Museum 1905 Ogden Ave. Vancouver
DOORS OPEN 6:30pm for tea, coffee, treats  by donation
TALK BEGINS 7:00 pm until 9:30pm
ENTER EVENT using the south side door of the Museum.
NETWORK: Bring cards/literature of interest to metaphysical community for products/services.

Museum is located N end of Chestnut Street, just W of the Planetarium, on the water, in the Kitsilano area. Pay parking is in effect in the Museum parking lot. A limited number of passes are provided to members for the evening on a first come first-served basis. (Beware pay parking is enforced at the Planetarium.)

Please refrain from wearing any strong fragrance or perfume.

QUESTERS Enquiries: Evah 604-684-3584 or Gordi 604-773-7706
firstfreedom@telus.net  / amega@telus.net

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Understanding the Workings of Authentic Tantra

February 2017 article by Divinea

If you deal with sensual issues of any kind or lack confidence, vitality, energy, ability or simply want to learn more ways to optimize your Body-Mind-Spirit back into balance, then discover AuthenticTantra!

Divinea's service and the "Yogas of Tantra" differ dramatically from the many "other" services available.  Do your research, as there is no comparison as to what you can experience and achieve with real Tantra practices and almost no one out there teaches these true practices.  Unfortunately the "other services" bring much greater revenues to those offering them due to the mis-education of those looking. Don't be fooled by the scantily dressed women or men who are selling themselves and sex, not authentic practice or evolved awareness of these very sacred secrets.  It takes many years of proper training to share with clients the experience that comes from a personally dedicated practice.

Properly taught Authentic Tantra is all about you and focuses on you, as it has nothing to do with typical sex and it's external  distractions. These kinds of things simply serve to keep you from enjoying the much deeper and more subtle levels of ecstatic experience ,as you learn to discover this new awareness.

Unfortunately men have never learned how to work with their bodies properly in the Western world and are constantly programmed to expect problems to arise as they get older. These are very common challenges facing most adults from age 20 - 90yrs old. Men - learn how you can easily eliminate common issues like premature ejaculation or erectile challenges. Even sexual abuse and sex addiction baggage can be cleared from the body permanently with proper awareness and practice.

Most women have dealt with some kind of abuse in their past and often lack the ability to relax and trust fully to enjoy their experiences with men. As a result, women may often compensate by using electric toys, which further interrupts and deadens natural energy flow, creating a duller experience with men.

Clearing out the old baggage that stagnates energy flow and creates issues, pain, sickness, disease and aging will greatly amplify and extend your energy and enjoyment levels not just sensually, but in general as well. Amazing results are achieved when you discover how to optimize your energy and vitality by opening the channels within. Learning how to store, recycle and utilize energy and ecstatic bliss states to "clean house"  naturally, is one of the greatest Tantra secrets available to us.  

Authentic Tantra debunks the myths and challenges commonly created due to our lack of knowledge and understanding of the workings of our Body-Mind-Spirit.  Discovering these simple ancient secrets exponentially expands our enjoyment, far more than we ever knew possible. These ancient secrets allow us to enjoy Loving and Living from a whole new level of experience. Once you reach these places, you can never go back to the box you broke free from.

December Newsletter 2016 by Divinea

Singer, songwriter John Lennon wrote many amazing lyrics in his lifetime, yet one so simple was "All you need is Love" which became the title song released on the Magical Mystery Tour album in 1967. He could not have been more insightful, than to speak of what should be obvious to everyone. With Love, there is hope. With Love there giving. With Love there is Life worth living.

John's simple words ending the song were "There's nothing you can know that isn't known. Nothing you can't see that isn't shown. There's nowhere." Love is that profound awareness he speaks of so eloquently and it contains a power we all feel within.  We seek Love because it is what we know and it is intrinsically who we are. In other wards, Love is our essential nature. However we choose to share Love, express Love, or be Love is our own choice, evolution and creation. Love is what binds humanity as one family, as we intuitively seek to possess, conquer, discover and hold onto what we all know deep within, "Love is all there is."

We live in a time where everything has become so incredibly automated, it is difficult to walk down the street and even meet eyes anymore. Almost everyone's heads are bowed, wrapped up in data land on their cell phones, which seem to get more face time that real people do.

Yes, in many ways, technology also allows us to connect more than it ever did before. But it also feels like technology has taken over the humanness of connecting on an intimate level with one another, in person. This isn't the only challenge that pulls at our attention on a daily basis in this material world either, especially this time of year.

Despite our thoughts, awareness or beliefs around God or Creation or lack of, this season can find us succumbing to the frenzy of gift giving and the expectations that go along with it. Most of the world spends this time of year focused on marketing, purchasing and giving even more of what we really don't need.

As John Lennon also wrote "Love is all there is," and yet without thinking about the bigger picture, or the meaning of Life and Love, we may also gorge ourselves on helplessly cultivated creatures, overeat mountains of food and party or drink ourselves into oblivion. Are we unconsciously spending money on an excess of stuff that may often end up in the closet unused or get re-gifted the following year? What better time to get back to the basics of connecting, than to remind ourselves in this season of giving and recieving Love, what that means or feels like...really.

Perhaps this year, taking a step in the right direction might be stopping to think about important ways we may embody the words in John's other famous song "Imagine."  How will you make a difference in the world in any small way today for someone? Where might you gift something that has meaning and makes a difference to many? Consider giving to "Earth Friendly" organizations creating important change in the world at large. Perhaps do it in the name of someone you love and give them a card from that organization that shows you care. By all means, relax, be kind to yourself and make sure to plan in time for you as well.  With a healed and balanced you, others will thrive and be inspired even more just by being in the world with you.

Giving Love, receiving Love, Seva for mankind. This is where our hearts and minds may be better focused this busy holiday season. Authentic Tantra reminds us to engage in this kind of Loving thoughtfulness as a daily practice for ones self. With Tantra, our conscious daily healing and clearing choice expands the energy of Love and connection from within first. From this place, you radiate more aliveness and vitality and the world benefits from your clarity of purpose and consciousness.

Imagine the world as John did, "And the world will live as one."

"Imagine" by John Lennon

Imagine there's no heaven
It's easy if you try
No hell below us
Above us only sky
Imagine all the people
Living for today... Aha-ah...

Imagine there's no countries
It isn't hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion, too
Imagine all the people
Living life in peace... You...

You may say I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope someday you'll join us
And the world will be as one

Imagine no possessions
I wonder if you can
No need for greed or hunger
A brotherhood of man
Imagine all the people
Sharing all the world... You...

You may say I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope someday you'll join us
And the world will live as one


When was the last time you sat quietly and focused on exactly what your body was doing or feeling? Are you on auto-pilot like so many other Westerners, allowing the body to manage itself, or are you consciously aligned with your Body-MInd-Spirit system, giving guidance as to how you want it to work for you?

From an eastern view and an Authentic Tantra perspective, we are not the body, we are the Atma, or the eternal consciousness that resides within the body and the body is just our car this lifetime.  When you understand or embrace this idea, you realize how much more control you have from this viewpoint.  As the observer, you may begin to notice much more going on simply by stopping and paying attention.  From this place you can begin to shift your auto-default settings with more productive and life changing practices.

Become the observer and ask yourself...How am I breathing right now?  Am I breathing slowly and consciously or do I forget to breathe and hold my breath alot? Where am I holding tension in my body?  Do my thoughts bring me peace or anxiety?  Am I running nonstop to keep up with life most days?  Or do I frequently stop and take a moment to really observe and notice what I am thinking or feeling physically, mentally and spiritually in the moment?

Authentic Tantra is like getting the manual for your Lamborghini, as it teaches you how to optimize all the high performance features of your very useful sports car.  The main purpose of Tantra is to open your channels within so you are able to fully connect with the Source of your Existence, whatever that is for you.  It also allows you to remember who you are, where you come from, why you are here and what you can do to awaken your intuitive knowing on a daily basis.  As an added bonus, it greatly wakes up our ecstatic bliss state to be felt from head to toe more consistently, as that is our natural state of being.

Considered the Fountain of Youth, Authentic Tantra regenerates your vitality by taking valuable energy that is normally wasted (especially sexually) so you can use it to heal, charge and revitalize with.  It turns up your life force and makes you shine with so much charisma that others notice and want to connect with you.  These simple ancient secrets are probably the most valuable teachings you will ever learn, as they allow you to understand your inner power and use it to your best advantage.

Permanently eliminate challenges that most people assume are a part of getting older. Take back control of your Body-Mind-Spirit and guide it to clear, heal and excel by making it stronger, brighter and healthier. We were never taught in the West how to work with our sensuality properly to get the most out of our system until now.  Authentic Tantra holds the keys to control many functions that we had no idea we could be in charge of. Take back your power and get on the Authentic Sacred Tantra program now.  Your Body-Mind and Spirit will thank you.

The Yogas of Tantra are the Fountain of Youth secrets offer focused teachings in the right direction with results that speak for themselves.

"I value your time and desire to look, live and feel your best. As a result of my years of training and expertise in this field, I have created an exceptional program taking the cream of the crop from all the knowledge and practices learned to make a difference in peoples lives.  All you have to do is make the commitment to work with these simple secrets and I will share a world with you that you never imagined even existed." Divinea


13 ways Authentic Tantra Practice Benefits and Heals Body-Mind-Spirit

1.  Prolongs a man's staying power as he learns to gain complete control of ejaculation, allowing partners more connective playtime.

2.  Electrifies body sensitivity to touch for men and women, offering an expanded awareness of simple, blissful experiences.

3. Heals sexual issues and many health challenges by clearing blockages and  thus strengthening immune so the body heals itself.

4.  Gifts control, confidence and longevity by increasing energy flow and eliminating inner baggage, the root cause of all challenges.

5.  As "history and cookies� baggage is cleared, negative reactions and responses and chronic health issues naturally begin to disapear.

6.  The increased flow of rejuvenating energy dissolves our perceived inner walls, deeply expanding partner intimacy.

7.  Cleared channels means faster immune response, minimizing the development of pain, sickness, disease and cellular degeneration.

8.   Re-opens and stimulates energy pathways to all the organs and tissues right down to cellular DNA for direct healing benefits.

9.   As blocked energy is cleared the aging process slows, thus restoring, refueling and revitalizing consistent life force energy flow.

10.  Natural health is re-established, as resources are optimized,  allowing the Body-Mind-Spirit to be fully connected again.

11.  An expanded sense of clarity, joy, love and Universal connection spontaneously emerges and charisma becomes radiantly obvious.

12. Tantra realigns an individual�s ability to feel connected with Self, partners, others and everything that surrounds them in Creation

13. As inner channels are trained to stay open, a very personal, intuitive and intimate connection with the Source of our Existence is re-awakened and understood.

Wake up the very essence of LOVE and deep intimacy from within. Enjoy the emergence of vitality and youthfulness again as energy is intentionally optimized for greatly heightened experiences. Enjoy Authentic Sacred Tantra, as it opens many new doors that you didn't even know were possible.


Optimize your intimate experiences immediately!

These amazingly simple, tried and true secrets are found in every ancient culture dating back more than 10,000 ago. They originate in India and are mentioned in the Sanskrit texts of the Vedas (Bhagavad-Gita, Mahabarata and Rig-Veda) which the Yogis and Gurus began transcribing more than 5000 years ago.

Tantric knowledge encompassed Science, Medicine and Spirituality with practices that empowered an individual to master the Body-Mind-Spirit by becoming the master of the physical and gaining intimate access and understanding of Creation and the Source of our existence. Shared across the globe by early travelers, the Yoga's of Tantra were designed to be shared with everyone, regardless of background, culture or spiritual beliefs.

Typical westernized sensual and partnership practices, actually deplete the body energetically, whereas utilizing even non-sexual Authentic Sacred Tantra practice builds and stores energy for all our daily health and well-being needs. From a sensual perspective, Authentic Tantra practice  allows far more ability, control, longevity, sensitivity, energy and experiential awareness, before, during and after sex.

Learn about the many non-sensual Tantra practices that also achieve these same results when one is shown how to work with them.  There is very little intimacy shared in the physical and often mostly "friction" act of sex that most of us have learned.  True intimacy comes from clearing the channels of old baggage, opening to a partner fully with trust and integrity, weaving the energy of bliss between the Body-Mind-Spirit for a balanced state of experience and expression with ourselves, our partners and the Source of our existence.

Although Tantra is often thought of as a sexual practice from a western perspective, the word Tantra itself actually means weaving and tension.  In other wards, Tantra practice allows us to weave the tension between Body-Mind-Spirit to create more balance and connection to the Source of our Existence. Tantra wisdom is actually vast and all encompassing and goes way beyond our perception of it as "sexual" in the western world.  In fact, deeply intimate, ecstatic experiences are simply the bonus of working with Tantra on the many other levels it shares. 

Authentic Sacred Tantra practices may be used with or without a partner. They alter ones perception way beyond what is ordinarily thought as possible. Amazing results are guaranteed!

Think of Tantra as the missing manual to keeping Body-Mind-Spirit in optimal harmony
Create deep intimacy, totally revitalize energy and heal Body-Mind-Spirit on all levels!



Did you know....

  • Typical sensual practice as we know it, actually ages and depletes our energy?

  • Orgasm and ejaculation are actually two completely separate things?

  • It costs a man 2 weeks of energy and a pint of blood every time he ejaculates?

  • Men can enjoy more orgasms and gain amazing control without wasting energy?

  • Health and intimacy are compromised because our bodies are filled with baggage?

  • Authentic Tantra secrets will naturally and permanently shift sensual challenges?

Would you like to discover how...

  • Inner baggage that creates health issues is burned away during ecstatic states?

  • Simple Tantra practices greatly expand daily energy levels and increase longevity?

  • Properly building, storing and optimizing valuable sensual energy quickly heals us?

  • Greatly increased charisma, vitality and energy is possible, regardless of age?

  • You naturally attract healthier relationships when you charge up your energy?

  • Authentic Tantra and the Yoga's of Tantra entirely shift your health and well-being?

Imagine deeply intimate experiences that can also be completely non-sexual and very self-empowering. Discover how much more there is to know about healing for the Body-Mind-Spirit as a whole.  Optimize your abilities to  become more vital, energized and charismatic regardless of how old you are. Authentic Sacred Tantra practice allows you access to the ancient tried and true Fountain of Youth secrets.  Once you find out how much more you are capable of, you will never look back....GUARANTEED!


Sacred Tantra is the "Fountain of Youth Secrets"

With many benefits, these simple techniques change everything!

Authentic Tantra's ecstatic blissful "WOW" shows you how to...

  • "Fill yourself" with vital healing sensual energy. (Even when you're not having sex.)

  • Gain immediate ability and control. (Eliminate issues like premature ejaculation.)

  • Create electric sensitivity all over.  (Why settle for pleasure mostly below the waist?)

  • Last all night long making love.  (Discover sensual charging instead of feeling tired!)

  • Totally revitalize Body-Mind-Spirit. (Typical sensual practice drains energy levels.)

  • Dissolve baggage during ecstatic states.  (Stored junk blocks intimate connections.)

  • Slow aging and heal at the cell level.  (Typical sex accelerates the aging process.)

Men  |  Women  |  Couples  |  Private Sessions  |  Evenings  |  Workshops
Choose from informational or educational awareness to deeper hands on experience.

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Amazing ancient Tantra secrets change everything!

DID YOU KNOW that typical sensual and partnership practices can actually deplete our life force and age us quickly? This is evidenced anytime one is tired after sex. Authentic Sacred Tantra practice in contrast, takes the created life force (often mislabeled and misused as sexual energy) and stores it in the body for many valuable functions. By working with simple Authentic Tantra methods to utilize this life force, you create amazing control of all the bodies faculties, greatly increase body sensitivity and achieve multi-orgasmic states, most of which are non-sexual, yet raise us into heightened bliss states of awareness and experience with ourselves, our partners and the Source of our existence. Not only that, count on greatly expanded daily energy, deep cellular regeneration, immune system clearing, baggage removal and amazing Body-Mind-Spirit healing as you expand your awareness and practice.

During a session with Divinea, you will also enjoy a completely nurturing and loving relaxation massage with real Tantra practice and awareness, that goes far beyond most typical experiences. Our personal and partnership practices were actually meant to revitalize every level of the Body-Mind-Spirit as a whole and Divinea shows you how to do that many non-sexual ways.

Tantra takes full relaxation to a wonderful new level of experience, with simple secrets that actually revitalize and recharge the whole Body-Mind-Spirit.  Feel the difference Authentic Tantra makes!

These tried and true ancient secret practices are more than 5000 years old and are utilized to open ones entire being in deeply intimate ways. When incorporated into daily Tantra practice, many challenges are easily shifted.  These include most sicknesses and diseases, as well as sensual issues like premature ejaculation, erectile issues, sexual abuse, sex addiction, prostate problems and so on.  These particular issues simply indicate blocked energy in the body which creates the imbalances and dysfunction we experience in particular areas .  When we work with Tantra tools, we are able to unblock the energy stuck in our body which creates these issues.  This clears the pathways and turns up the turbo engines to more optimal levels so we will easily enjoy much fuller experiences in all areas of life.  The sensual side improvements are simply the bonus of these secrets, not the main purpose!

Working with specific energy points, massage, conscious breath techniques and loving touch, one greatly expands their ability to open and reconnect the body from head to toe.  This allows us to clean house and often heal challenges very easily, as the body is then able to function at more optimum levels.  Opening and reconnecting ones body from head to toe, also allows us to experience ecstatic, blissful and expanded states of energy and pleasure. 

Authentic Sacred Tantra secrets are simple and naturally open the channels within to burn away old energy or "baggage" held inside. This fact alone greatly increases our longevity, allowing us to retain our health and youthfulness so we live far longer. Utilizing genuine Tantra secrets is kind of like clearing out the history and cookies on our computer, while doing a disc defrag and virus scan. Simple Tantric basics, allow us to make love for hours on end, while totally revitalizing, energizing and cleansing the body in the process.  How perfect is that?

Enjoy the Ultimate Tune up and "WOW" guaranteed, even in a first session!

The Arts of Authentic Sacred Tantra offer incredible self-empowering opportunities for total Body-Mind-Spirit healing, clearing, energy and ecstatic pleasure on every level possible. Only Authentic Tantra offers techniques that are easily utilized through both non-sensual as well sensual practices and the expression of it, either solo or with a partner.  Many non-sexual practices you will be shown actually shift sexual experiences, even though you might be working with other areas.  Authentic Tantra is considered Sacred Sensuality, as it deepens the intimate connection with ourselves, our partners and all of Creation.  By opening up our channels, we are simply able to gather an abundance of energy and thus benefit from more optimal use of this powerful resource from the source of our existence.  This is free, unlimited energy we can tap into for all our daily needs.

Real Tantra is one of the best kept secrets on the planet for personal self-empowerment and awakened healing on every level, including sensuality.

Benefits of Using Authentic Sacred Tantra

  •  Empowers individuals to be the master of their own self healing journeys.

  •  Opens awareness and harmonizes the Body-Mind-Spirit as a whole.

  •  Dissolves old wounds and baggage that limit sensitivity and intimacy.

  •  Expands the aura (filter system for the body) keeping one clear and healthy.

  •  Shifts most sexual challenges like PE or ED easily, naturally. Forget Viagra!

  •  Slows down the aging process by keeping the body temple clean and clear.

  •  Increases body sensitivity allowing ecstasy and bliss to radiate from head to toe. 

  •  Sends positive energetic messages to the cells, continually promoting health.

  •  Manifests and stores life force for more daily energy, healing, even orgasmic bliss states.

  •  Leaves one extremely clear, revitalized and supercharged for days.

  •  Illuminates us, so we radiate more aliveness, attracting others easily.

  •  Creates deepened sense of self love and deeper intimacy with partners.

  •  Brings a sense of clarity, energy and well being, each time it is utilized!

  •  Awakens a deeply  experiential connection to the Divine and all Creation.


Clearing out our Emotional "Baggage"

Unhealed emotional baggage translates into blocked or stuck energy in the body, which is equivalent to  putting a dam in a river.  When things get blocked up, the water cannot run freely, creating stagnation, algae and eventually sickness, disease and death of the water, its inhabitants and the environment. The same goes for the life force energy that must consistently flow through our body to keep us healthy and energized.

These totally revitalizing, ancient, Authentic Tantra Arts, have  the ability to burn away excess stored "baggage" in one's body, thus keeping the body temple clean of old buried "stuff."  Tantra offers simple ways to "clean house" daily with easy practices you can utilize that are both sensual or non-sexual.  Clearing out our body temple with Tantra offers the Ultimate Tune-up, and is as important as taking our car in for regular maintenance, or keeping our computers clear of stored junk.  

Did you know one's unhealed "baggage" consistently magnetizes more of the same kinds of challenges showing up in one's life?

That baggage in turn creates stagnation or lack of flow throughout our body system. When our life force cannot flow freely to every part of our body from head to toe, we then short circuit and experience pain, develop sickness or dis-ease and simultaneously speed up the aging process. Without our held or blocked energy, there would be no stagnation or sickness in the first place.

Every time we get angry, upset or emotional and do not completely let go of, clear, heal or forgive, our Body-Mind Consciousness logs this data in a file folder for future reference, much like we do on a computer.  This file now held  in our energy field (aura) or physical body, stays there until we let go or clear it completely.  Sometimes these old  files (past triggers) stay locked in our Body-Mind Consciousness our whole life, consistently causing us to repeat the same old program or patterns for years.  Sound familiar?


Dysfunctional Relationships & Energy

When we continually attract the same kinds of dysfunctional relationships over and over, it should become self-evident that we are still holding on to old baggage.  

These past energies will not only act as "buttons" that are easily triggered again in similar situations, they also create a magnetic field of energy that consistently draws more of the same to us.  We often refer to a great connection with someone as "chemistry," when in fact, it is these old withheld energies that we are attracted to.   In otherwards, their baggage is magnetized to your baggage and your Body-Mind Consciousness gets all excited that it has found a match for your "stuff". 

Unfortunately, this kind of match is often the challenging road in relationship, as we usually find out 2-4 months after the "honeymoon" stage has worn off.   By then we are often reacting to and expressing the "stuff" that attracted us to each other in the first place.   One of the best ways to clear out past wounds is through the Arts of Authentic Sacred Tantra practice, as it naturally cleans house and expands our aura, which helps keep the sludge or baggage at bay.

Our aura is a valuable filter system for our Body-Mind-Spirit and just like furnace filter, it keeps the sludge from entering our body.

Tantra naturally expands this invisible energy field so it is fully extended and illuminated, thus offering easier clearing of our day to day emotional "stuff."  Having a large, bright aura keeps our emotional baggage out of the physical body so it does not have a chance to develop into pain, sickness or dis-ease.

When we experience a lot of stress in our lives or relationships on a continual basis, our aura becomes small and dense.  Our emotional "stuff" is then no longer able to clear on its own effectively through the aura, thus it now has to push into our physical body and manifest like pain or illness.  This is the Body-Mind Consciousness' s (BMC)way of bringing our attention to the fact that we have a problem.  The Shaman's of old consider illness or pain as a gift, as it keeps us aware that we have house cleaning to do in our body temple.

Unfortunately, our medical system at the moment, has not fully integrated the idea of working with energy before it enters into the physical stages.  Our lack of awareness both personally in this regard and professionally in our society, actually sets us up for much more serious issues developing.  Many of us hand over our health and well-being to others, rather than working with natural healing energy practices like Authentic Tantra.

Quantum Physics now knows that our mind-body connection is the single most important factor in maintaining our health and well-being.  In otherwards, what we think, feel or believe, has direct consequences with what happens in our body.  Unfortunately, our medical system still operates in the old paradigm of thinking, where the physical is more relative than anything else.  We have specialists for every little part of our body, rather than seeing it as all connected and part of the whole.    This kind of thinking keeps us separate and powerless over our own well-being.  Quantum Physics understands that every part of our body and energy field is affected by all other parts, including our thought consciousness.

From a Tantric energy viewpoint the Body-Mind-Spirit is the whole and when any one area or spot within the body or field is blocked, the entire system is at risk of perpetuating even more of the same.  When we hold on to old thoughts, feelings or illness, it is like we are telling our Body-Mind Consciousness that we own them.  this energy is then held in the auric and acts like a magnetic field to create or draw more of the same to us again and again.  Sound familiar?

Being in a dysfunctional relationship where we hold on to unexpressed thoughts or project feelings and anger at our partners, actually serves to create illness and speed up our aging process.  It is important to understand the incredible value that Authentic Tantra offers us, as it gives one the ability to become their own self-empowered healer.


Fountain of Youth Secrets

The many diversified methods of very simply utilized Tantra practices, have been handed down for 4000-5000 years and are found in virtually every ancient culture, including our Native Indian culture.  Tantra offers us the life giving gift and awareness of utilizing these Fountain of Youth secrets, allowing everyone to keep more "baggage free," in order to feel totally revitalized, increasingly energized and humming just like a finely tuned tuned sports car. 

Utilizing Authentic Sacred Tantra secrets either by ourselves, or with a partner, allows us to personally experience the Fountain of Youth secrets. Discover one of easiest ways to take back full control of your health and well-being!

The Fountain of Youth Secrets give us the opportunity to take our sexual energy, if desired, and channel it into life-giving fuel that takes our body into a whole other realm of experience, pleasure and intimacy with our partners or ourselves. 

Our "baggage" serves to block us from really becoming intimate with partners, as it is like having a door between us and them. 

You see, all the old unhealed wounds that we all store unknowingly as data files energetically in our bodies, is what creates health issues in the first place.  Here we are, trying to make love and get intimate through two doors of accumulated "junk," Not only that, but our orgasms actually serve to infuse this junk into every cell of our body, like a memo sent and filed that says we are still emotionally and physically attached to our baggage. To make matters worse, this "junk" serves to consistently attract even more dysfunctional relationships and energy to us.

Before we make love with our beloved, wouldn't it make sense to clean out our closets?  Not doing so, is like making love in dirty sheets with past lovers watching on.

Authentic Sacred Tantra Arts gifts us the simple tools and sacred secrets that allow us to keep our most important temple clear of anything that weighs us down and holds us back energetically.  When we don't hold on to the old stagnant, stored baggage of our past in our bodies, there is no energy to create sickness, dis-ease, or the aging process.  That is why Tantra is considered the Fountain of Youth and really is the Ultimate Tune-Up for our Body Mind and Spirit.  Why?  Authentic Sacred Tantra practice puts us back in the drivers seat, totally in control of our own health and well-being.   That is the way it was always meant to be!


Authentic Sacred Tantra

Once a commonly utilized, honorable, respectful and self-empowering practice, Authentic Tantra is making a resurgence in the world again with Sacred Sensual Arts that allow for immediate, experiential results that awaken the whole body from head to toe.  Hollywood's STING and OPRAH have shared insights on these valuable practices.  This ancient 4000 year old practice literally blasts life force into the body, revitalizing ones life force, energy and sensuality dramatically, leaving one very clear, present, connected and supercharged for days afterwards.

Men in particular are drained energetically by typical sensual practice. leaving them feeling depleted, tired and needing more energy to fill them again.  Wonder why men are always thinking about sex?  Because they are not getting the energy needed.

This is evidenced anytime one is tired after sex.   Most noticeably this is true for men after orgasm, and for women during their moon time  Our sensuality was meant to be used to bring in this valuable, healing life force to revitalize, energize and heal our body.  The Sacred Art of Authentic Tantra practice enlightens both sexes to harness this life force more appropriately, so it may be stored and used for daily energy, healing, or more orgasms as we choose. 

Everytime we use Authentic Tantra appropriately, either individually or with our partners, we are aligned with the wisdom to dissolve old baggage from our body and energy field.  This factor alone allows us to experience everything in our Body-Mind-Spirit from a totally different perspective both energetically, physically and mentally.


Be Aware ~ Choose the Real Thing  

It is important to note that no one can actually do Authentic Tantra to you, without first enlightening you on how to work with your own body.

In any first Authentic Sacred Tantra session, the practitioner must show you some basic energy point awareness in order to open the channels, or you will be unable to experience real Tantra.  These simple techniques, along with a specific method of utilizing ones breath in the process, will align a client to work with their own body in conjunction with the practitioner, so they will actually be able to experience the incredible results possible with real Tantra.  Without this basic awareness, it is pretty clear that you are not getting Authentic Tantra.

It is vitally important to work with a qualified Practitioner, who really understands and works with Authentic Tantra themselves.  Sacred Arts must be learned correctly to avoid doing further damage to the delicate energy system we call our body.

If you don't take the time to build and grow with the energy shifts, you run the risk of having a kundalini overload, which is like blowing a circuit breaker energetically.   Tantra is a yogic practice, so results are clearly outlined as one reaches each of the experiential levels possible on their personal journey.

Sensual and erotic sessions fill the newspapers under the guise of "tantra" and in actuality, they do nothing remotely Tantra.  Most often, they are covers to sell extra sexual services and may often not even include a massage, even though it is advertised as such. 


Any Authentic Tantra teacher who practices real Tantra personally, will not engage physically with a tantra novice, as they are aware of the repercussions.

To do so, would mean they, along with the client, will take on and exchange  each others baggage during the orgasmic experience, even if only one person is having an orgasm.  Working diligently with the Tantra practices, especially partner-wise,  insures that we do not take on "other peoples stuff."

 It is important to be aware of this factor, as our partners will also tune into this collected baggage brought home with you.  They may not be totally aware of it, but they will respond to it perhaps with disconnection, projections, questions, suspicion, trust issues or possibly even emotional upset that may seem completely unrelated.

Many people take a tantra course to heal themselves and feel better about doing erotic or prostitution services, as that is what sells.  If they are not personally engaged in daily practice nor continue to advance their learning, they are not doing you a favor.

Once an Authentic Tantra practitioner has spent time "cleaning house" and emptying their own baggage with their practices, they will not be inclined to take on someone else's, as they understand the repercussions of that choice.  Genuine practitioners will consistently be working to keep their personal energy contained while working with new clients, so that they also do not take on any new baggage from the Tantra novice. 

By the same token,  a client has the reassurance that they also will not be taking home any "extra luggage" collected from an Authentic Practitioner either.  One thing we do not want to do, especially at mid age, is continually collect more baggage from outside sources.  "Other peoples stuff" does us more harm than we realize, as it attracts more of the same dysfunctional energy and people to us and speeds up our sickness and aging process considerably.

Shifting Sensual Issues with Authentic Tantra

A very common problem for men that is often not discussed, is premature ejaculation.  It is actually one of the easiest things to address with Authentic Tantra practice, as one gains immediate understanding of why it occurs and integrates the experiential practice to shift it.  Simple basic methods that are shared in the very first private Tantra session with Divinea, make it possible to experience the possibilities right away of what this practice will do for you as you learn more.

By working with many people over the years, Divinea has gained a wealth of experience about what is possible for a person to achieve when it comes to health challenges or sensual issues.  She has consistently and  successfully worked with individuals dealing with sex addiction, sexual abuse, prostate cancer and sensual challenges such as loss of desire, control, partner disconnections, lack of confidence, sex or intimacy, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, side effects of pharmaceutical drugs or diabetes and other diseases and much more.

If you are sensually challenged in any way, or just wish to open things up and really take your vitality, longevity or sensuality to a whole new level, then Authentic Tantra practice is a perfect solution. Divinea will utilize her vast experience to target the issues you wish to address by customizing your private sessions and personal practices accordingly.  Results and shifts are guaranteed, as Authentic Tantra works!

Consider all sensual or health issues, as simply blocked energy, resulting from a lack of life force flowing effortlessly throughout the body from head to toe

From this place of awareness, one is more able to understand how it is totally possible to shift these issues by working with simple secrets to open up all the channels.   Divinea has witnessed amazing shifts with many people on numerous occasions, after they learn to work with only a few simple Tantra practices.  As one opens more on a consistent level, the experiential healing aspects are greatly increased and multiplied.  Authentic Sacred Tantra is then truly understood for the invaluable tool that it is for each individual.

One would think that creating intimacy with a partner is why most of us choose to get involved in a relationship in the first place. 

Yet I have discovered that very few people are actually intimate in their relationships at all.  Many have not had sex or experienced daily loving touch or adoration and acknowledgment from their partners, sometimes for months or years.  Even more disturbing, most have barely had a conversation about the issues or taken any action to resolve the disconnect. Take responsibility to re-create your reality by first healing yourself with Authentic Tantra practice. 

Men in particular are wired different from women who are more naturally Tantra oriented.  This is because women draw energy up into the body already, as they are wired in the heart.  Men are wired in the genitals, so their energy stays contained there if they have not learned Tantra practices to circulate it through the body properly. Men may also enjoy many rewards like women do, simply by learning Sacred Tantra to open up the body channels to use their energy more optimally. Men especially, will also be happy to know that deeper intimacy is a natural side effect of real Tantra practice and may be achieved without ever even having a conversation about it.  Why? 

When we work with these Tantric Fountain of Youth secrets, there is a magical experience which occurs and serves to burn away our low vibration sludge or baggage on a daily, as used basis, By engaging with basic secrets of Tantra consistently and appropriately, one definitely reaps these rewards, as it naturally raises our vibration and creates the phenomenon called Sacred Fire. This fire then dissolves low vibration stuff similarly to the way the body turns up the heat when you have an injury, so it heals faster. 

Consider a session with Divinea so you learn more about the amazing practices of Authentic Sacred Tantra...also known as the Fountain of Youth or the Yoga's of Tantra.  Check out the monthly specials as well, as a package is the most reasonable way to cut down your hourly rate if you plan to expand your awareness about these incredible, life changing practices that everyone benefits from!


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