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August 2016

Reconnecting Body-Mind-Spirit - The True Path to Complete Healing

July 2016

Ready to Rediscover and Reinvent yourself again?

May, 2016

Sept 3, 2015

April 1 2015

Oct. 18, 2014

June 16, 2011



"Journey to the Divine"

"Love is the cure, for your pain will keep giving birth to more pain until your eyes constantly exhale love as effortlessly as your body yields its scent. "  Rumi

August 2016  Newsletter article by Divinea

Sometimes we come across something that is so simple, it is hard to believe that it actually works.  For example, lemon juice and baking soda were proven to be an effective cancer cure by the American Cancer Society, however it was shelved and buried as it was not a money maker.  Shocking, but true, the evidence reaches far and wide on the alternative healing sites with the stats from the scientific sites to show why these simple home alkaline remedies work. Yet many people are still in the dark and continue to choose chemotherapy, even though it has only a 2% success rate with the puffed up stats coming from the placebo effects of the experiments, not the drugs.

I have a friend, who although into alternative everything, was fed so much fear from the medical system about the aggressive nature of her cancer, she chose chemotherapy instead of the 85%-95% proven success of eating alkaline, vegetarian and clean, local, organic foods.  As a result, her hair has fallen out, she has aged considerably and has gone from a beautiful, vibrant woman to looking like an old withered shell of herself. 

What the medical system does not tell you, is that most people die from the effects of the chemotherapy within 5-10 years of treatment. What they also do not tell you, is that Doctors are not able to recommend simple nutritional healing methods instead of drugs, as they will lose their medical license if they do, even though this is a better healing path for their clients. Unless you choose to go with a Naturopathic Doctor with far more reaching training and the opportunity to share the best healing alternatives, not the required Big Pharma one, you will not get the best information for your healing journey.

Resorting to drugs for most healing is a Western Big Pharma marketing ploy and nothing less than a version of scare tactics with suggested quick fixes that often do more damage than good with dangerous side effects. We can no longer afford to play dumb and hand over our valued health and healing to others when we have so much online access to do our own research for well-being support.   One of the reasons I started sharing so much information about Authentic Tantra practices on my website, was due to the complete lack of reputable tantra sites that were focused on marketing sex, not Tantra.

Authentic Sacred Tantra is one of those amazing ancient secrets that has also been disguised more often than not as "erotic and prostitution services"  by people that have little or no training or clue about what Tantra really is. Like the cancer industry, Tantra has also been highly misrepresented in the West and marketed almost entirely for healing sexual issues as this is where the money is. Yet in fact, utilizing Authentic Sacred Tantra practices heal the Body-Mind-Spirit as a whole and clearing sexual issues is actually just an added bonus. 

When you take the time to open your inner energy channels properly and circulate life force energy from head to toe, you utilize your personal inner healing abilities. Stagnant energy is finally able to move out of the body and fresh, revitalizing energy naturally rejuvenates the system as a whole. Consider taking the time to gain some simple awareness that quite frankly makes alot of sense, and you will understand very quickly, why Authentic Tantra is hands down, the most valuable healing practice you could ever learn. It does not matter how old you are, it is the perfect time to teach yourself some new tricks.

The Yogas of Tantra are the Fountain of Youth secrets and offer focused teachings in the right direction with results that speak for themselves.

"I value your time and desire to look, live and feel your best. As a result of my years of training and expertise in this field, I have created an exceptional program taking the cream of the crop from all the knowledge and practices learned to make a difference in peoples lives.  All you have to do is make the commitment to work with these simple secrets and I will share a world with you that you never imagined even existed." Divinea

July 2016  Newsletter article by Divinea

Are you one of the far too many people resigned to live a unfulfilled life that lacks passion and is not thriving the way you imagine it could be? Is this due to health or partner and relationship issues or onset sensual challenges? Are you ready to make changes that will shift things in the right direction for the long term, guaranteed?

Well you have come to the right place! Discover Authentic Tantra, as no matter what age you are, it is never to late to learn how to rejuvenate your charisma and sexual vitality to reawaken that "juicy aliveness" again, with or without a partner! The sooner you start, the faster you will greatly increase your health, longevity and youthful vitality, so you know how to create and maintain your "Charisma Factor" before or after it breaks down or begins to fade.

If you are ready to say goodbye to the resignation of settling for less than you desire,  then the secrets of Authentic Sacred Tantra await, and you are on the way to discovering a new path with the greatest of rewards,

"I have many 60 and 70 year old clients whose new partners have  told them they have never been with anyone whom they feel so incredibly intimate with, or who can last so long making love! Imagine the feeling of confidence that instills, especially since most men struggle with control, longevity and deep intimacy. You are never too young or too old to learn new tricks. Authentic Tantra holds the secrets to safe, longterm and permanent solutions that offer fulfillment on far more levels than you can imagine or may have experienced." Divinea

So many men call Divinea looking for any solution and are already frustrated, resigned and lacking confidence to pursue or engage in an active, healthy sensual relationship with a partner.

Typically doctors prescribe pharmaceutical drugs for issues like erectile dysfunction and have few solutions for premature ejaculation issues other than to do a full barrage of tests only to respond with "everything looks fine."  Obviously, it is not fine, but our traditional Western medical system is not set up to find or diagnose blocked energy in the body until it shows up as full blown "dis-ease."

Unfortunately traditional Western doctors rarely discuss the need to keep inner life force energy channels open in order to help the body heal itself. Nor do they mention that this lack of energy flow in the body is what creates stagnation. This resulting blocked energy is what actually creates pain, sickness, disease and issues in the first place.

When it comes to sensual issues in particular, the  two most prescribed drugs, Viagra and Cialis include a whole slew of dangerous side effects like headaches, migraines, nausea, diarrhea, loss of hearing, blurred vision, congestion, ringing in the ears, urinary pain, skin lesions, swollen joints, painful erections, restless sleep, muscle twitching and nervousness, just to name a few! They can even cause loss of bladder control, trembling, vomiting and depression.  Hmmnnn...does that sound like a positive way to deal with issues by risking your well being and creating other health issues instead?

Pharmaceutical drugs like Viagra and Cialis offer only a band-aid solution that may create a quick fix temporarily, but with potentially serious health consequences. Unfortunately, most drugs do not deal with the core problem at hand which actually has to do with the lack of energy flow energy itself.

Listen to your body, as the 'dis-ease' or lack of response is expressing itself loud and clear by saying " Hello, there is a problem here and I need help opening things up again so everything works like it is supposed to." From an Authentic Tantra perspective, these kinds of issues indicate a lack of consistent life force energy flow in the body. This is almost always due to blockages created from all the program data or "history and cookies" we collect and store in our bodies all our lives, just like we do on our computers.  This collected baggage blocks energy flow and if it is not dealt with quickly or effectively, it creates pain, sickness, disease and aging.  These issues are the simply the symptoms of blocked energy and they indicate a lack of healthy life force energy flowing consistently through the system. Makes sense right?

For perspective, what happens when you neglect  clearing the history and cookies on your computer every week or do a regular disc defrag once in awhile?  The pc naturally gets overloaded, becomes sluggish to use,  more susceptible to viruses and may even heat up or shut down completely. Your body is no different, so unless you learn how to keep the inner channels open and flowing at every age, it becomes exceedingly difficult to maintain energy, health and vitality and your body  will pay the price. 

Authentic Sacred Tantra not only allows you to discover the secrets to optimize your Body-Mind-Spirit system, it also teaches you how to recycle and build your energy.

This means you will always have plenty of life force for everything including digestion, elimination, orgasm, immune system healing and most importantly cellular regeneration, so you stay youthful and live longer. This is why Authentic Tantra is known as the Fountain of Youth.

Gain control of your sensual experiences with invaluable ancient practices that change the way you experience everything. Tantra awareness gifts you a whole new perspective and a far more efficient way to optimize your system, that you likely never even knew existed! Issues like premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction and many other sensual or general health issues that we assume are an inevitable part of the aging process will become a thing of the past, guaranteed.

The reason these things are so prevalent, is because we in the West have never been properly taught how to work with our sensual and energetic side, thus creating many unnecessary challenges, especially as we grow older. Instead we have learned to effectively close the body channels down by the very nature of typical sensual practices and our almost complete lack of energy awareness. This missing understanding has seriously restricted our experiences of what is possible from a health, relationship and sensual perspective.

Authentic Tantra holds the many amazingly simple secrets to creating the intimate, satisfying relationships that we all yearn for, regardless of age, challenges or current sensual experiences.

Did you know that 75% of men struggle to stay in control when aroused and ejaculate on average within 2 minutes of being inside a woman? This has alot to do with why only 29% of women are sexually satisfied with their partner experiences. The absence of consistent long lasting sensual experiences or deeply intimate relationships with a partner or others, is reflected in these very telling statistics.

Authentic Tantra practice and understanding is like discovering the manual to operate and drive your Lamborghini with optimum performance. Secrets to permanently shift many challenges, regardless of the reasons behind them, are the reliable, time honored and proven step by step path to work with the Body-Mind-Spirit as a whole. This journey has already been laid out for you through these ancient Yoga's of Tantra in a very trustworthy, experiential path that demonstrates its efficiency every step of the way. Shift your relationships, confidence, health and intimate experiences for the better! 

"Isn't it time to take charge and gain control of your wellbeing right now, by learning how to share the best part of you with others? Rediscover, optimize and reinvent yourself with the Fountain of Youth and Authentic Sacred Tantra." Divinea

Expanding Consciousness

An education about the true arts of Authentic Sacred Tantra

May 2016  Newsletter article by Divinea     View May VIP Elist Newsletter

The Yoga's of Tantra offer profound teachings that reach far beyond what people think "tantra" is.  These ancient Authentic Tantra secrets have been kept hidden from the masses for centuries and as you soon discover, herein lies the Fountain of Youth. Is that really possible you ask?

When you understand how the practices work within the energetic Body-Mind-Spirit system, it actually becomes quite obvious.  Explore with an open mind and heart and you will ignite the memories of these truths already buried inside of you. These very simple Authentic Tantra secrets will empower you to evolve, grow and expand your consciousness in ways you may have only glimpsed before.  Enjoy this very fulfilling journey to the Divine.

It is said that one instinctively seeks what one has already experienced or remembers. That said, could this be why many of us yearn to fly and feel this freedom again?  Do you seek the kind of epic unconditional Love connection that knows no boundaries for a reason?  Could this love actually be the result of your perceived disconnection or separation from the Source of your Existence, which we may identify with as God, Creation, Great Spirit or simply our Higher Self? Since we are programmed to expect death since birth, why is death and dying such a difficult process for so many?  Is it because we have eternal longings of life everlasting, like a memory embedded within our consciousness?

Do you feel a connected sense of peace when you enjoy the sights, smells and sounds of Mother Nature?  Does the synchronistic interdependence and perfection that resides in every aspect of Creation leave you in awe? How can one not know without absolute certainty that an incredible designer must have created this spectacular planet and Universe for all to enjoy? Much less, how can one not be filled with a deep sense of gratitude for the Love and thoughtfulness that obviously went into all of Creation for us? 

Why would we yearn for this kind of eternal Love in our relationships unless it had previously been experienced and existed within us already as a memory? This concept could prove to be confusing for those involved in religions that teach that we only live once, as how could we have a memory of this kind of Love if this life is all there is? Since very few have ever actually experienced this epic brand of Love this lifetime with a partner, where do those memories and feelings come from?  These are questions that every seeker may want to ponder, as they are keys to our own inner sense of knowing.

As we become more evolved as Seekers, we may also find these unanswered questions begin to uncover the many holes and imperfections in the stories and traditions of the worlds Religions.  According to a 2012 Pew Research Center study, 37% of Americans consider themselves spiritual but not religious (SBNR) and this number is continually growing. 68% believe in God and 58% feel a deep connection to the earth.

The Yoga Vedic teachings are not a religion, even though the British incorrectly labeled them as Hinduism when the Christians overthrew India. The traditions of Yoga are a spiritual practice specifically designed for every human to engage in, whatever their belief system.  Within these sacred secrets are all the keys and tools needed, to find our way back to the Truth we seek.

Our relationship with the Divine or Creation, however we choose to call, or interpret it, does not require validation or justification from anyone else, as the journey and the relationship we choose, is very personally ours. How we select to engage in this journey is up to us and The Yoga’s of Tantra are a simple guide from which we may elect to be casually complacent or very disciplined.  What one experiences will be a direct result of our own free will and what we choose to do with it.  Either way, we will learn from the options chosen and that is the magic of this epic journey.

The Tantric Vedic teachings and the great wisdom sages in the indigenous cultures, say we are drawn to seek the Source of our Existence because the memory of our connection is already buried deep within our hearts and consciousness.  We could not yearn for something we had never experienced, as the remembrance of our origin instinctively speaks of who we are and where we come from.  These flashbacks are undeniable, just as the euphoria of a beautiful song which when heard, revives memories.

For a moment, contemplate the idea that we are not the body, but rather we are the consciousness that resides within the body.  An eternal energy that currently powers this body this lifetime that has never been created nor destroyed, has always existed and simply changes form from one life to another.  Did you know that this original understanding of the consciousness and living eternally was intentionally edited out of the 3 main religions and their teachings as they are known today? Why?

Without the understanding of this knowledge and connection to the Source of our Existence, we as a culture are more likely to feel disabled, weak, off balance and lost in this dense, chaotic and material world.  Thus we are more efficiently controlled, manipulated and marketed through our desires for everything from sex, drugs, alcohol and gambling to Medicine, Religion, Science and day to day living by companies that forever sell us bigger, better and newer stuff to fill the space created from this disconnect.

On average we are subjected to 12,000 to 50,000 thoughts a day and 70%-80% of them are negative. All this incoming negative data continually programs our consciousness and adds to the baggage or “history and cookies” that we collect and store in our body-mind hardrive.  This collected data blocks the flow of our natural energy passageways in the body and is directly responsible for pain, sickness, disease, deterioration and aging process.

We have been continually programmed since birth to expect that our bodies, our health and our vitality will diminish as we age.  Yet the secret ancient Yoga teachings speak of people living 200-900 years in their bodies when they worked with these Fountain of Youth Tantric secrets. This key information resides in the original Vedic teachings such as the Bhagavad-Gita and the Ramayan, yet this information has been specifically edited from all our history books. These noteworthy teachings were shared more than 5000 years ago in India through the Gurus and have infiltrated many of the indigenous cultures all over the world through the medicine men and shamans in some form or another.

In ancient times, Tantric Universal energy was consciously utilized to clear, heal and revitalize the body, allowing much longer and healthier lives.  It was also understood that this same Universal energy could be sourced constructively to clear, heal and power up the planet in sacred, loving and thoughtful ways.

The current corruption being exposed on the World Wide Web in Science, Religion and Medicine as well as government, corporations and the private sectors, makes it clear that we are desperately in need of a cleanup.  It is time to purge everything that does not serve our planet and our personal mini planet (our Body-Mind-Spirit) in order to keep our consciousness and our planet clean, clear,  joyful and balanced.  If we do not learn to implement daily practices for this purpose, we will be further pulled into the abyss of the material world chaos.

Everything from plants, water, the earth, air and our bodies are energetically affected in positive or negative ways depending on what we think feel, believe or associate with.  Dr. Masaru Emoto shows how consciousness and intent affect water and the photographic results of his research and study are facinating, especially when you consider that our bodies are made up of at least 60% water.  Another study allows us to understand how the placebo affect manifests…as just the belief that something works, can increase the positive or negative results achieved.

In India, Medicine, Science and Religion represent the Body-Mind-Spirit and are all connected to each other, as without working together, it is not possible to balance the whole. In the West these systems are 3 distinctly separate camps, constantly fighting with each other, creating disconnection and imbalance in our  often greed oriented Western world. It has become painfully obvious that this disconnection and greed, has resulted in a complete disregard for the well-being of all and it is directly related to the planetary destruction and challenges we personally face with finding balanced well-being.

Natural medicine and science has now discovered that the huge rise in diabetes, obesity, hormonal imbalances, infertility, cancers and all the class A diseases are a result of both environmental toxins and the commercialized food chain.  Not only is our food, water and air contaminated from our lack of care, we are consumed with using chemical cleaners in our home and pharmaceutical medicines in our bodies. Then we eat foods that are packaged, processed and genetically modified then shipped across the world, devoid of life force or nutrition.  It is no wonder we are not doing too well as a world community healthwise.

How can we, as a world community with any sense of consciousness,  continually annihilate, rob and destroy the natural resources of our most prized, loving and ever giving Mother, planet Earth?  Great sages and physicists are in agreement that we will run out of food to feed the planets residents in less than 12 years, at our current rate of consumption. They also agree we have less than 25 years before we completely destroy all our reserves and our planet completely.  You would think that this knowledge would insight the powers that be to hasten change, however, it seems instead that corruption and greed has escalated at an alarming rate.

The connection we have to all of Creation is very akin to the World Wide Web and how it works, and the invisible lines of energy that link all of us to everything, is proven by Quantum physicists.  We used to be dependant on TV and newspapers as the media’s controlled medium that shared what was going on in the world. Now with the internet, we are able to connect independently with other fellow humans everywhere on a much more accessible global scale. As a result, it has become exceedingly difficult to hide the obvious corruption that powers Science, Religion and Medicine from the global community at large.  Thus, if a healing change is to occur, we as individuals must come together as a world community and co-create together in harmony.

At this point, you are probably wondering what this has to do with Authentic Tantra practice.

In a nutshell, our consciousness resides within our own mini planet, our bodies.  If we don’t learn to efficiently and effectively utilize our personal energy properly by taking the powerful sexual energy from the genitals and redirecting through the entire system, then it becomes a very powerful and destructive force. This energy then continually runs us, as we are governed by our most primal, animalistic, ancestral urges in the lowest energy centers in our bodies. Our world and its downfall are a perfect example of the destruction resulting from of this kind of misuse of our own personal energy and power.

Authentic Tantra practice teaches us to recycle our potentially misused sexual energy up into the body so it is correctly distributed everywhere as it was meant to be.  The resulting Sacred Fire that is created by using the energy productively becomes an incredible source of healing power that dissolves, transforms and heals the negative energy and consciousness of the Body-Mind-Spirit as a whole. From here, we have the ability to create extremely heightened, long lasting states of ecstasy, as the whole body and consciousness becomes an expression of that bliss. These Tantra secrets then reconnect us with the Source of our Existence and we no longer feel separate and lost in the Maya – or illusion of what is real and what is not.

Did you know that the deeply heightened Tantric ecstatic states we can experience are actually our natural state of being? We are meant to feel this orgasmic sense of bliss all the time, not just when we have sex.  The truth is, we are very energy ignorant and clueless in the West about the valuable life force resources we continually waste on a daily basis in our own bodies, never mind the planet. Without this knowledge, we have lost our way and will struggle to find the way back to any sense of connected wholeness.

Our disconnection from this understanding has led us to seek the “quick fix” which is responsible for the toxic unconsciousness that has become more important to maintain, than everything we hold dear for the long-term.  As long as we as a world community operate from this place, we are a part of the problem, not the solution.

It is important to observe that the two most highly grossing businesses online are gambling and sex. Our need for the “quick fix” drives us to seek fulfillment outside of ourselves through porn, toys, multiple partners, fantasy and other often obsessive behaviors that our imbalance perpetuates.  We have also come to believe that the mostly friction oriented physical orgasmic state that we generally associate with sex is the only experience of this kind of bliss. From an Authentic Tantra perspective, this method is actually the least satisfying way to enjoy the orgasmic experience, as it is the short, fast, cheaters way to get to these ecstatic states, especially when it is also often under the influence of drugs and alcohol.  As a result, these mostly unconsciously driven expressions of “love” create a planet of unhealthy, unbalanced inhabitants who are not only disconnected from themselves and their hearts, they are disconnected from the planet, Creation, the Divine and each other.

Incorporating simple Tantric secrets keeps our inner channels open consistently, allowing an individual to recycle and store daily life force or generated sexual energy, which can be an extremely powerful and invaluable healing resource when utilized correctly. This stored and properly directed energy dissolves negative energies while it restores, revitalizes and rejuvenates the system as a whole. This slows the aging process and heals right down to the cellular DNA. Considering that disease and aging is created from the breakdown and destruction of these factors within our bodies, one must begin to see the Fountain of Youth evolving from this new understanding.

That is why we must begin here, as to understand the inner workings of our own body or mini planet, is to understand the very essence and workings of Creation. The bonus of this exploration, is that our health will reap the rewards of wellness and our experience of ecstasy becomes greatly amplified in countless new ways that most individuals have rarely, if ever enjoyed outside of sex.

If you have not learned how and why it is vital to utilize appropriate Tantra practices to open and activate your inner channels, then just like the planet, all daily and sexually generated energy is being misused. As a result it becomes an unconsciously destructive and misdirected force and your body’s health, spiritual wellness and relationships suffer the repercussions, as does our planet. Attachments to the past or expectations to an outcome will also manifest the side effects of this disconnect, by creating an imbalance within. This in turn produces feelings of separation, aloneness, unhappiness, pain, sickness and disease, which also initiate self-destruction and the aging process itself. 

The actual teachings of Yoga have been prepared and shared specifically by the Divine as a roadmap to find our way home at this and many other times in humanities history.  The good news is, this is all part of the bigger picture and plan for the growth and development of humanity as a race…because remember, as a consciousness, we have always existed and we always will.

The path of Authentic Tantra and Yoga teach us the true path of a Yogi – you. The Sanskrit word yoga is derived from the Sanskrit root “yuj” which means “to control” (self-discipline) “to yoke” (egolessness) or “to unite” (live in cosmic consciousness).  A yogi is one who strives for a higher level of spiritual awareness and consciousness. 

This time in our evolution has been created as an opportunity for each of us to choose our Truth by taking a stand for what we believe in. One of the most important ways we do this, is by making every choice, purchase and action we take in the world count, especially when it comes to what we spend our money on and with who. 

Do we grow our own food, support local farmers, buy organics and move towards herbalism, natural remedies, and vegetarianism so we are eating mostly live, highly energized food that gives us far more control over our personal health and well being? Do we support our planet, our bodies, our creatures, our plants, our children’s future and our very evolution with our choices in this way?

Or do we spend our dollars supporting the big commercialized food chains that pick unripe, GMO (genetically modified) and pesticide sprayed foods radiated at multiple borders and shipped across the world for consumption, now completely devoid of any life force energy? Do we support eating meat when animals are held hostage in tiny cages with their heads pinned over a food trough filled with GMO food filled with drugs and growth hormones so they can exist in appalling conditions with nothing more to do than to eat to forget their suffering until slaughtered for our consumption?

The choices we make with our dollars either contribute to the problem or make change for the greater good. In a world that is operated by greed, choosing where we spend is one of the most sure solutions for creating change, as even the big corporations will not survive if no one buys their goods anymore.

It is time to re-connect with the endless resource of power and Love we each carry within, and that begins by reconnecting ourselves to the memory and Origin of our Existence.  Without this connection, we will be unable to sustain ourselves lovingly or successfully during this time of personal and planetary change. Nor will we gain access to answers we seek to heal ourselves and our planet in time to make a difference.

Look at the world around us and you will see how devastating these powerfully misused forces are.  We as a culture have become so disconnected from our hearts and our connection to Creation, that we are destroying ourselves and our planet at a mind boggling pace. This is a perfect example of how these primal, animalistic, ancestral and often mindlessly driven energies can become extremely destructive, leaving countless individuals severely damaged with little or no awareness as to how to control this driving force of desire, or stop the runaway train. The misinformation and misuse of these unconscious energies in online “pseudo-tantra” data land, also make it difficult to weed through what is real and what is not.  

It is not our governments or the privatized and corrupt systems that will stop this runaway train, it is we the people as individuals one by one, as we seek to re-establish our connection with Creation, empowering ourselves to find inner and outer peace and balance.

The good news is, there are now more than 250 million non-Indian Yoga practitioners in the world, as this quiet (currently mostly exercise based) practice has made a comeback in an age and in many cultures where it is needed now more than ever.  It is the beginning of a conscious, revolution-seeking world community that has opened the door to the deeper practices of the Authentic Tantra and Fountain of Youth secrets. That number does not include the original Yogis, Gurus, Shamans, Medicine Men and Native Indians who for many centuries have taught and passed on many similar ancient practices in their cultures, even if only behind closed doors to select seekers.

If you resonate with these kinds of Truths and desire to heal yourself on a much deeper, more spiritual level, then the seeds have already been planted for this journey to the Divine. The Yoga’s of Tantra teach how to weave the tensions between Body-Mind-Spirit to create balance and ultimately Union with the Divine. Consistently keeping the inner channels open like this, keeps an open line connection to the Source of Existence and thus the Seeker can consciously heal, right down to the cellular DNA.

From this place, the Seeker gains access to utilize the unlimited Universal energies available to all of us, while creating a deeply intimate connection with Self, the Divine and yes, perhaps even a partner. Understanding how to heal our Body-Mind-Spirit in this way creates a Deeply Loving and Intimate Union with the Divine, resulting in the remembrance and intelligence required to heal the planet as well. This alignment brings forward our innate ability to naturally attune to everything in Creation, as intuition is not merely awakened, it is a natural extension of this connection and is actually Love expressed in its fullest and truest form. 

This is the art of Authentic Sacred Tantra and the true Yoga's of Tantra.

These are the hidden Fountain of Youth secrets that we have all been seeking.


Indulge in the Lost Arts of Self Healing

September 3, 2015 Newsletter article by Divinea 

In ancient times self healing was practiced as an honored art and in many cultures the Medicine Men, Shamans, Gurus and Wickens shared these co-creative and intuitive teachings and skills to those who desired to learn. In our culture we have handed over much of our healing to medical doctors.

Western allopathic medicine defined, is the practice by which pharmaceutical drugs, physical intervention and surgery are used to suppress or treat symptoms by ultimately creating other symptoms. These methods may only offer temporary relief as symptoms of "dis-ease" are treated.   Treatments are also often administered by many different specialists who work with only one part of the body, mind or spirit in their healing practice. Without working with core energetics on all levels, "dis-ease" cannot be cleared appropriately out of the system and thus, as energy is neither created or destroyed, it simply moves and shows up elsewhere.

In the Eastern ways of thinking, the Body-Mind-Spirit must be treated as a whole to create a sustained and healthy existence. In India, Science, Medicine and Spirituality equate to body-mind-spirit and all are considered as a whole and are not separated into 3 separate camps that oppose each other as they are in the Western world.

Authentic Tantra and Yoga Wisdom trains us to awaken our own innate healing ability by reconnecting with the source of our existence and the Universal energy that is always abundant and available.  This awareness, along with simple practices, allows one to self generate more connection to everything through their own innate healing energies so as to optimize what is known as the "Sacred Fire" within.  This fire may be utilized to burn away old energy that resides within like history on cookies on a pc.  This old stuff controls our very way of being and existing and it is important to learn ways to clear our inner pathways daily.  There are many ways to do this through Yoga practice, and Authentic Tantra is one of them.

With the Yogas of Tantra, we re-discover the Lost Arts of Self Healing and are once again able to take charge of our own health and well-being. By empowering ourselves in this way, we attain greater states of self-awareness, incredible clarity and focus, improved intuitive and empathic abilities and expanded and heightened states of consciousness.  Truly a gift to ourselves worthy of receiving.

Indulge yourself with more awareness and Authentic Sacred Tantra!

April 1, 2015 Newsletter article by Divinea

FACT: Women Orgasm More When There is Variety in the Bedroom

(post April 1, 2015. 1am PST)

Kinsey...a sex researcher, discovered that 75% of men ejaculate within 2 minutes of intercourse. More variety in the bedroom could pose difficulties for some men, when so many deal with control issues. As a result, men are often challenged to last long enough for a woman to enjoy the sense of intimacy that comes from prolonged touch and play together because of these common issues.

Enjoyment and self expression in the bedroom shares very different perspectives between male and female counterparts, especially when you look at the fact that 75% of men have orgasms during sex but only 29% of women do.

Finding a woman’s G-spot definitely improves her orgasmic ability, but many women don’t even know where it is, nor do they understand how to clear sexual abuse and relationship wounds buried in that zone. Most men don’t know how valuable their equivalent Sacred Spot is for their health and well being either. Stimulating these areas inside or out greatly increases sexual pleasure, full body sensitivity, ecstatic bliss states and long life for both men and women.

We joke a lot about the differences between men and women’s sexual needs, but as a Tantra practitioner, I see the damage these challenges cause in relationships. Men can become paralyzed from lack of control issues like PE (premature ejaculation) or the ability to get or stay hard due to ED (erectile dysfunction). As a result they frequently develop low self esteem and anxiety over something that is an easy fix with Authentic Sacred Tantra practices.  Women often choose Tantra to clear buried wounds from past relationships or sexual abuse, as it stops them from feeling relaxed enough to org*asm or express themselves fully.

Our whole sexual culture and act of having sex revolves around these apparently and almost acceptable and expected challenges. A typical bedroom scene has the male getting the woman off first either orally or manually.  Once she is turned on and either has an orgasm or is almost there, intercourse is the next thing that occurs, as that is how most men get off.  Assuming he ejaculates, which most do, he will have just wasted 2 weeks of his life force energy, a pint of blood and all his amino acids, vitamins and minerals with every shot of semen he spends. 

Energetically speaking, he must now sleep to recharge and refuel before he is ready to go again.  Meanwhile the woman is just getting started, when suddenly the intimate moment is lost and she is left feeling like she missed something. Understandably, feelings of rejection and lack of fulfillment may creep in, causing the eventual downfall of the relationship itself. Relating becomes challenged when these underlying issues are often left unresolved and un-discussed.

This is a typical experience in many bedrooms. Combine these facts with the lack of learned awareness around boundaries, good communication and relating skills, and relationships are compromised on many fronts to ever be healthy.  Our inability to share deep feelings authentically or consciously without blame, builds up walls inside of us.

These blocks not only create triggers between partners, they serve to continually attract the same kinds of partners to us.  As well, these buried wounds create blockages which stops our energy flow in the body like a dam in a river.  This dam then creates pain, sickness, dis-ease and speeds up our aging process, as cellular regeneration and immune systems become compromised.

Yes, it is a fact that women orgasm more when there is variety in the bedroom and statistically women on women relationships also have more orgasms together compared to male and female partnerships.  However, that said, relating is all about feeling safe to share these innermost feelings, thoughts and ideas with our partners in the first place. 

We laugh and joke about the male and female sexual differences, but predictable bedroom activities are no laughing matter.  We are designed differently for a reason, and this is embraced and optimized efficiently with Tantra as an individual, by consciously learning how to create new experiences both sexually and non-sexually, with or without a partner.

How many really healthy, happy and deeply intimate relationships do you see around you in your life?  Wouldn't you like to see more and learn how to have a relationship like that?  

The Yoga’s of Tantra evenings, workshops or private sessions with Divinea will actually plant many new seeds of awareness and gift you with a whole lot of real simple tools to work with.  Discover how easy it  is  to embrace change when you consciously open up the channels in the body, clean house and create more energy flow.  This juicy new energy experience allows your authentic self to shine, illuminating you like the summer sun, turning up your Charisma Factor big time!

Increase Sexual Vitality At Any Age

by Divinea Love

(post Oct. 18, 2014. 8pm PST)

Beauty is always present, even within the aging process. The secret is shifting perception and awareness to discover new ways to look at ourselves and our relationships.

Countless clients of all ages arrive at my door sharing resignation and despair at the lack of s*ex, loss of interest, connection or intimacy with a partner and are unsure as to what to do about it. Personal sensual challenges, issues or dysfunction are often in play at this point as well. At any age these kinds of challenges may be difficult to come to terms with. In the world as we know it, sensual breakdown is frequently regarded as an expected experience of growing older according to media, medicine, science and typical conversation.

Intimate expression is vital to our overall health and happiness long-term, whether single or coupled. From a Tantra perspective, sensual expression is key to keeping Body-MInd-Spirit youthful.

Authentic Tantra is a fulfilling journey back to personal health and well-being regardless of circumstances.

Without some sort of deep and intimate connection with ourselves, a partner, or the source of our existence, we may experience a lack of energy, desire, diminished self esteem, anxiety, depression, sensual dysfunction and health issues. Bottled up, unexpressed emotions will create inward damage to our health and conscious well-being and may eventually make us feel trapped in a challenging cycle.

Choose freedom. Be your authentic, expressive self again!

The ancient arts of Tantra were specifically designed to reconnect that deepest and most intimate side of ourselves with something greater than we imagine possible.

Secret techniques re-open energy channels, clear inner blocks, wake up intuitive skills, increase body sensitivity and inspire intimacy while optimizing our ability to regenerate health and well-being in all areas again. Practices use consciously directed life force both sensually or non-sensually with simple breathing techniques and key trigger points to circulate energy, burn baggage and create change quickly and easily.

Change only happens if YOU do something different.

Experiencing more consistent states of bliss, a sense of wholeness, peace, freedom and new-found energy are typical results clients soon achieve with only minutes of practice a day.

Tantra quite simply, greatly increases vitality at all ages.

Bliss is our natural state of being and may be enjoyed many other ways besides se*xually. Authentic Tantra turns up our inner fire, while naturally burning baggage and generating excess energy to store for future use.

Daily vitality is easily maintained with this new abundant fuel to support all the essential services like digestion, immune system healing, cellular regeneration and full body bliss states! Typical sensuality in contrast constantly drains energy, storing nothing.

Isn't it time to learn some new tricks that guarantee results and greatly improve sensual vitality for the long-term?

Discover a whole new world with exciting Tantra, Divinea's guidance and simple practices that will guarantee results.


The article below makes it abundantly clear why practicing Authentic Tantra is more important than ever to maintain ones virility and sensuality for the long term, naturally, without negative side effects you have no control over!

Viagra can make men deaf.  What?

SOURCE...Health Freedom Alliance website posting submitted by Lois Rain on May 22, 2011 http://healthfreedoms.org/2011/05/22/viagra-can-make-men-deaf-what/

Yes, you heard right, Viagra and other pills that aid erectile dysfunction (ED), can cause hearing loss. Reports of auditory impairment have flowed in for four or more years. Some from men as young as 37! It was several years ago when the FDA finally issued warnings and opted for label changes although now it is finally getting some major news tread.

Viagra already causes other damaging side effects like vision loss, but hearing loss is not listed on their Web site’s side effects as of now.

Lesser known fact: Viagra was discovered when testing for what was born as a hypertension treatment produced an unusual but highly profitable side effect. That isn’t too surprising since many alternative health care practitioners have linked ED to arterial blockage and circulation problems. They hold that ED should viewed and treated from a whole body standpoint. Viagra boasts $1.9 billion of Pfizer’s annual $5 billion in sales: a sad testimony to the condition of male health.

~Health Freedoms

Viagra could make you deaf, doctors have warned.

Viagra and similar impotence drugs have been linked to hundreds of cases of sudden hearing loss around the world, including some in the UK.

Doctors have begun to warn that the drugs could damage users’ hearing after a spate of people in the US with auditory problems.
Experts, including some from Charing Cross, Stoke Mandeville and Royal Marsden hospitals, were so concerned by the claims that they demanded an investigation from official watchdogs across three continents.
Users in America, East Asia and Australia were questioned as to whether they suffered hearing loss shortly after taking the pills.
Forty-seven suspected cases of sensorineural hearing loss – a rapid loss of hearing in one or both ears – were linked to Viagra and related drugs Cialis and Levitra. Eight were from the UK.

However, another 223 reports made in the US had to be excluded due to a lack of detail.

The researchers are not sure how Viagra might affect hearing, but it may be that the chain of chemical reactions it triggers have knock-on effects in the inner ear.

The average age of those affected was 57, although two of the men involved were only 37, the study found.

Dr Afroze Shah Khan, of Charing Cross Hospital, said: “Medical practitioners involved in the prescription of these drugs need to be vigilant about this potential side-effect.”

However, the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency, Britain’s drugs watchdog, said complaints of hearing loss linked to Viagra were “extremely rare”.

A spokesman added that reports of an adverse reaction to a drug do not prove the medicine caused it.

The research was published in the journal The Laryngoscope.

By Andy Bloxham





SOURCE...Health Freedom Alliance website posting submitted by Lois Rain on May 18, 2011


A lengthy research study published May 17th by the “Journal of the National Cancer Institute” provided overwhelming evidence that men who were regular coffee drinkers, decaffeinated or regular, had a decreased risk of prostate cancer. The study followed roughly 48,000 men that drank 6 or more cups of coffee a day. The study spanned a 22 year period, from 1986 through 2008. Those that took part in this research reported their coffee intake every 4 years.

Coffee was chosen for research because of its many known antioxidants, ability to regulate insulin and reduce inflammation. All three benefits reduce the risk of prostate cancer. Coffee has been associated in prior studies with a lower risk of Parkinson’s disease, type 2 diabetes, gallstone disease, and liver cancer or cirrhosis.

Among the findings:

  • Men who consumed the most coffee (six or more cups daily) had nearly a 20% lower risk of developing any form of prostate cancer.
  • The inverse association with coffee was even stronger for aggressive prostate cancer. Men who drank the most coffee had a 60% lower risk of developing lethal prostate cancer.
  • The reduction in risk was seen whether the men drank decaffeinated or regular coffee, and does not appear to be due to caffeine.
  • Even drinking one to three cups of coffee per day was associated with a 30% lower risk of lethal prostate cancer.
  • Coffee drinkers were more likely to smoke and less likely to exercise, behaviors that may increase advanced prostate cancer risk. These and other lifestyle factors were controlled for in the study and coffee still was associated with a lower risk.

Lead author and epidemiologist, Kathryn Wilson, research fellow at Harvard School of Public Health advised, “At present we lack an understanding of risk factors that can be changed or controlled to lower the risk of lethal prostate cancer. If our findings are validated, coffee could represent one modifiable factor that may lower the risk of developing the most harmful form of prostate cancer.”

In summary, while it is not necessary for men to rely upon consumption of coffee as a main way to ward off the disease, they can take comfort that this study found reliable evidence for a decrease in prostate cancer. As always it is important to maintain a healthy diet and exercise program for overall maintenance of good health.

~Health Freedoms

By Angela Macek





Guidelines for Sexual Healers

Written by David Cates   

I have seen many well-meaning but clumsy approaches to sexual healing. Here are the guidelines I use in my own practice. After 40 years as a healer, I've screwed up enough to discover what actually works! 

1. The body wants to pulse and flow. On the deepest level, we are vibrating waves of energy. Every system in the body, from atoms to heartbeat to brain to digestion, is rhythmically pulsing. Sexual trauma is only a temporary interruption to this flow. Some systems may freeze up, for minutes or years. Muscles may lock; nerves may keep firing; emotions may contract. Don't be alarmed; nothing is permanent. This attitude will greatly help your clients move beyond their fears and shame.

2. Sexual healing is a wave. Sexual trauma ripples through the entire being: body, feelings, thoughts, beliefs and beyond. Many clients will approach their healing in the mind, and then work their way down to emotions and finally confront their bodies. Be aware that all these systems interlock; waves cross over our neat boundaries. Sometimes a touch can trigger a spiritual emergency, or a memory might release a flood of emotion and physical shaking. Be alert to all these levels. Stay present and open with your entire being at all times. 

3. Separation blocks flow. Often sexual trauma is blanketed in layers of secrecy and shame. So long as the story builds a wall of separation – from oneself, one's body, family and friends – the waves can't flow, and healing won't happen. The healer must bridge that gap by receiving the story in any and all of its forms – raw emotion, memories, physical evidence, history. We receive with our ears, hearts, minds and bodies. Our witnessing completes a circuit and allows the pulse to move again. If you can't witness clearly without tripping over your own issues or judgments or horror, pass this work along to someone who can.

4. Don't get trapped in the story. Like many other medical and psychological conditions, we have learned to treat sexual trauma as a thing to be attacked and cured, like a cancerous tumor. Many clients, overwhelmed by their own frozen bodies, relate to this perception. They believe their sexuality is a thing, not an interrupted wave. Holding this belief encourages your client to retreat into a drama instead of staying present with the here-and-now reality, which is never as awful as our stories about it. Listen with love but don't get lost. Bring your client back into this moment, and focus on the actual feelings and sensations happening now. 

5. The body is your ally in the healing process. Healing is the body's natural response to stress and injury. Activate that natural response and the work becomes effortless. Cooperate with the body's desire to pulse. Don't push or pull; rock gently. I use the image of cradling and rocking a baby. Follow every expansion with contraction, every inhale with an exhale, every touch with a pause, and the body will soon remember its own rhythm. Repeat back each sound, mirror back each feeling, and the heart will open, too.

6. When we feel safe, we get real. Safety is the universal lubricant for healing work. Whatever has been closed will open; whatever has been held will be released. Muscles unlock, emotions flow, memories surface, the mind speaks honestly. Safety comes when we are in the presence of peace, strength and unconditional love. You can create safety for your clients by offering your authentic presence. You can create safety for yourself by making and honoring clear boundaries in the session.

7. Follow, don't lead. Always follow the body's lead. Sometimes it will want to contract when you think it should expand, or vice versa. Sometimes the process goes slower or faster than you think it should. Don't retraumatize by forcing your desire or agenda onto your clients. Empower them to take charge of their own healing. The awkward relationship here is between the client and their once-abandoned body. As much as possible, reintroduce them, then give them space to work it out. Witness and encourage, but don't interfere. You are not the main event here.

8. Your clients are living, breathing miracles… as divine and powerful as you are. Don't talk down to them or over them. Don't treat them like victims or incompetent children. They have called a powerful initiation into their lives, at the very root of their sexuality, and often at the core of their identity. Some of them are working out family dynamics and societal karma for all of us. Step up and honor this sacred charge.

If you'd like to refine your skills as a sexual healer (for yourself, your partner, or clients) please visit me at www.dakacoach.com.

My mission is to share the tools of sexual healing with every man and woman in America.

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