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Program 7

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Please feel free to join any of the following programs of events as all sexual persuasions are welcome!


  • Tantra Beginnings


  • Tantra Awareness & Secrets


  • Conscious Lifestyles & Tantra


  • Creating Divine Relationship with Tantra Elements


  • Intuitive Touch & Energy Arts


  • Please ask us to create a special program package for you if you wish to participate more fully.


Please note there is no nudity or sexual activity in any of the events.

Please join any of our events as we welcome all sexual persuasions!






" It's easy to take your clothes off and have sex.  People do it all the time.  But opening up your soul to someone, letting them into your spirit, thoughts, fears, future, hopes, dreams...that is being naked."  Rob Bell

EVENTS 2017 begin this Fall. New web launch coming soon.

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Please see current calendar for all events scheduled each month

If you are interested in finding out more about the Yoga's of Tantra and how it relates to you in particular whether you are gay, lesbian, bisexual, transsexual, or enjoy sexual alternatives in any way, then consider any of Divinea's events or programs as a great place to start your journey of discovery.
These days our understanding of sex and sensuality has changed in many ways due to open online sharing, alternative media programming and regulations regarding same sex or alternative sexual preferences resulting in huge shifts in consciousness around sexuality in many places in the world. 
For that reason, Divinea has decided to phase out the former separate and divided way of sharing Authentic Tantra secrets by opening the door for any sexual persuasions in all her evenings and workshops. This has allowed for an amazing  and unprecedented acceptance level for all individuals at large in her events,  as who we love and why we love ideally has no borders or boundaries when it comes to Authentic Tantra.
The ancient Fountain of Youth secrets and the Yoga's of Tantra are much more that just something that improves our sensual side, as that is simply the often distorted westernized version of these sacred secrets.
Tantra practice is very valuable awareness for everyone, as it seeks to connect with and channel the life force that courses through each individual. 
As one achieves this connection to the Source of their existence, they are better able to balance and weave the tension between Body-Mind-Spirit, greatly expanding personal energy levels, creativity, longevity, wellness and freedom.

Once you have experienced this set of events and gained an awareness and comfort level around your experience, you may easily join any of the other Tantra programs which are open to all sexual persuasions.

The wonderful thing about Authentic Sacred Tantra, is that it is possible to experience the practices by yourself first, in order to master your own body.

Once you are able to do the practices with yourself on a deeper level, then it is easier to incorporate a partner into the experience, as you will not be distracted into falling back into the same old typical sensual patterns.

Typical sensual practice is extremely hard on the male body in particular as it is constantly draining them to achieve what we consider in our society as the norm.

In fact, what is considered normal, actually drains and depletes a man energetically every single time he has sex, evidenced by commonly experienced premature ejaculation issues and his lack of longevity and tiredness after sex and ejaculation.

Unless a man learns to work with Tantra practice, these kinds of experiences will not only plague him forever, they will consistently get worse and age him much faster.

Women on the other hand lose energy during the red zone and ovulation and are naturally Tantra to a certain degree because they are wired differently than men, thus using their energy more efficiently.

As these programs gain popularity amongst the alternative community, we will expand to include more events for the Gay male and Lesbian female specifically so please recommend us to your friends!

For more info about upcoming events plus special offers or discounts...make sure you get on the Tantra Elist for updates on all the fun coming up! 


The Yoga's of Tantra

This brand new Tantra educational program offers a transitional journey that follows a natural path of learning. From simple Beginnings to Awareness and Practice integrating into a Conscious Tantra Lifestyle that includes both Ayurvedic Health and Diet to developing more Divine Relationships with partners. You may also wish to participate in additional hands on workshops with the Intuitive Touch and Energy Healing events if you wish to expand even more.

Divinea offers a unique perspective based on ancient tried and true Vedic practices that originated in India more than 5000 -15,000 years ago. Experience a whole new awareness that is clearly very different than most of what is offered out there as "tantra" these days.

Each event is filled with a myriad of new thoughts and practice, plus Tantra education, progressive Yoga awareness and ancient Vedic wisdom. These workshops offer many practical opportunities that will forever shift your perceptions about Life, Love and Relationship. Enjoy your Journey to the Divine as it is indeed the most important awakening you will ever experience!


TANTRA for Gay Men

Measuring Mark for Wings
Art by Michael Asti-Rose



Tantra INFO Evenings include snacks 7pm-9pm  FREE
Tantra INTRO Evenings include appetizers 7-9:30pm  $25
1 Day Workshops include lunch 10am-6pm $199

SAVE with early registration

PAYMENT GUARANTEE...If you pay in advance for an evening and are unable to attend for any reason, please inquire about using the credit towards another event.

REFUND POLICY: Credits given for workshops and events. Please inquire about particular policy for any event you are interested in.

TANTRA for Lesbian Women

Each night she did her postures after bathing
Art by Michael Asti-Rose

There are different events held each season, however there are no events posted on this page being held until FALL/WINTER2016.

This website was created as a vehicle to share with others seeking self-empowerment through the Arts of

Authentic Sacred Tantra.