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Program 3

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PROGRAM 3 - Events



Also available - Workshops specific to gay men and lesbian women.


Please note there is no nudity or sexual activity in any of the events.




" Live as if you were to die tomorrow.  Learn as if you were to live forever." Mahatma Ghandi

" When one door closes another opens, but we often look so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one that has opened for us."  Alexander Graham Bell

EVENTS 2018 coming this SPRING / FALL / WINTER. New web launch coming soon.
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Please see current calendar for all events scheduled each month

As you expand your awareness, Tantra most certainly begins to become a daily choice and eventually - a conscious lifestyle.  Take your awareness to the next level with enlightening practices and a deepened understanding of how your Body-Mind-Spirit energetic works as a whole. 
Learn to weave the Tantra tension into many aspects of daily living by stretching yourself to powerful levels of experience that you may not have yet discovered.  By understanding energy and how it works within your body, you will see more possibilities as you learn to integrate alternative ways of thinking and being into your daily life. 
Whether it be postures, different breath methods, ancient wisdom, physical techniques, energy practices, sound therapy, food and diet ideas, a blossoming creative expression or understanding Ayurvedic body types to make better choices, Tantra has something for every body.


This set of events takes your Tantra Yoga lifestyle to a focused level of awareness that captures your imagination and inspires wonderful opportunities for different ways to approach living, loving and relationship.
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The Yoga's of Tantra
This brand new Tantra educational program offers a transitional journey that follows a natural path of learning. From simple Beginnings to Awareness and Practice integrating into a Conscious Tantra Lifestyle that includes both Ayurvedic Health and Diet to developing more Divine Relationships with partners. You may also wish to participate in additional hands on workshops with the Intuitive Touch and Energy Healing events if you wish to expand even more.

Each event is filled with a myriad of new thoughts and practice, plus Tantra education, progressive Yoga awareness and ancient Vedic wisdom. These workshops offer many practical opportunities that will forever shift your perceptions about Life, Love and Relationship. Enjoy your Journey to the Divine as it is indeed the most important awakening you will ever experience!

"Twin flutes are a symbol of free love"
Art by Michael Asti-Rose


Authentic Tantra Ed Meetup Evenings include appetizers 7pm-9:30pm  $20-$25
Tantra INTRO Evenings include appetizers 7pm-9:30 or 10pm  $20-$35
1 Day Workshops include lunch 10am-6pm  $199
2-2.5 Day Workshops include lunch & aphrodisiacs Friday 7pm-9:30pm Sat/Sun 10am-6pm  $399
3 month Email Program - The 64 Arts of Tantra includes 3 evenings 7pm-9:30pm  $100 per month

SAVE with early registration or purchase of full programs.

PAYMENT GUARANTEE...If you pay in advance for an evening and are unable to attend for any reason, please inquire about using the credit towards another event.

REFUND POLICY: Credits given for workshops and events. Please inquire about particular policy for any event you are interested in.

There are different events held each season, so scroll down to the ones with current dates for the season you are interested in.

Program 3



Monthly Social Evenings offer a place to connect 7pm-9:30pm includes Refreshments and Vegetarian appetizers
RICHMOND beginning October 2017 in Richmond
beginning Tuesdays Oct. 24, then continuing usually the 3rd Tuesday each month (missing December 2017)
2017 Dates Oct. 24, Nov. 21  Consider the Tantra Zen event Dec. 16th for this months celebration.
2018 Dates Jan. 14, Feb. 20
HOSTED BY: Divinea
EVERYONE WELCOME: Limited to 24 people - everyone welcome
PRIVATE RICHMOND SPACE:  Richmond location No. 2Rd / Westminster Hwy. Address given with advance RSVP
RSVP REQUIRED: In advance to qualify for discount. (6 people min. required to host evening) Space limited to 24 persons.
ADVANCE REGISTER: Only $20 if you RSVP in advance by Sunday minimum 3 days prior
COST:  $25 at DOOR for drop ins or late RSVPs after Sunday
DISCOUNTS:  (VIP Elist specials offered may vary - you must be on Elist to qualify)
VEGETARIAN SNACKS: Provided and your contributions also always appreciated (vegetarian only please). Thank you.
SEVA OPPORTUNITY: Support for setup, cleanup etc. is greatly appreciated, as many hands create little work for all. Please inquire.
CONTACT: See for more RSVP info
THIS EVENT WILL ALSO SOON BE POSTED through meetups.com - Events TBA

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ONCE monthly events offer a safe space to share, socialize and create new friendships. Join an inspirational group of other spiritual seekers who choose to live, love and relate in our world with each other from a more conscious state of understanding and being. We offer a welcoming place to share challenges, insights and wisdom about our personal walk in life so we may support each other by holding a conscious space to be heard.. Your host Divinea will also offer insights on The Art of Living Tantra in our world throughout the evening as appropriate for inspiration..

What happens at these evenings...

  • 7:00pm  OPENING MEDITATION / MUSIC Please arrive promptly, be seated in silence for our opening meditation together.
  • 7:15pm GRAB A SNACK / FIND A SEAT Fill up your plate, relax, have a guick social moment, grab a seat and enjoy the evening.
  • 7:25pm THE ART OF LIVING TANTRA Divinea will offer a brief perspective or topic on The Art of Living Tantra to inspire sharing.
  • 7:45pm CONSCIOUS SHARING An open circle offering a talking stick that allows anyone to share who wishes to. Please listen with an open heart so each may be heard without advice or judgment. You may choose to connect more with each other afterwards.
  • 9:15pm SOCIAL TIME / SNACKS Feel free to fill up your plate again, meet others and enjoy some one on one time together.
  • 9:30pm CLOSING IN GRATITUDE Musicians who wish to share are welcome!  Seva support for cleanup is greatly appreciated.

The Art of Living Tantra in our lives.means, we live from a more conscious and loving state on a daily basis without causing harm to others. This also means taking care of our planet and living in such a way that we make more conscious choices to leave a better world as a legacy for others. This begins by taking the time to share our uniquely personal healing journey, allowing both our challenges and successes to be heard by others. As we observe and listen, we gather valuable wisdom and the healing of ourselves and others is inevitable. I have always found that there is no one way, but rather when you bring a community of like minded conscious others together for healing and inspiration, the answers and solutions for the good of all become more effortless and obvious as synchronicities abound. I look forward to co-creating with a new collective group of souls that inspire goodwill in support of each other and all life on this beautiful planet." Divinea


2 Day Weekend Workshop includes Vegetarian appetizers Friday, Vegetarian pot luck lunch and aphrodisiacs Sat./Sun.
Friday 7pm-9:30pm - Saturday and Sunday 10am-6pm
November 18-19th 2017
REGISTRATION: Limited to 14 people - Everyone welcome whether single or in relationship..
COST: $299 Save with early registration  (VIP Elist specials offered may vary - you must be on Elist to qualify)
EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION: Special Intro Offer $199 if paid by October 18th, 2017. $249 if paid by Nov. 1st, 2017.
WHERE: Private location Richmond.  Exact address given with registration payment.
THIS EVENT WILL ALSO SOON BE POSTED through meetups.com - Events TBA

The Art of Living Tantra involves a conscious choice for a lifestyle that strives for balance, integrity and a life lived with the perspective and practices of Tantra and the Yoga philosophy "without harm to others." As you step into this kind of thinking, in many ways, life becomes easier as our perspective shifts as does our cellular DNA. This occurs when you learn to keep the bodies chakras and meridians open and activated on a daily basis with Tantra practices that are quick and easy. 

Simple keys to success are shared in this workshop in order to achieve and stay with your daily lifeestyle commitment. As you do, intuitive skills expand, synchronicities abound, life takes on a flow no matter what occurs and you feel connected with everyone and everything in Creation. When the channels and meridians open in the body, you feel more "ecstatic" which is our natural state of being. Most of us are walking around with so much of ourselves blocked up and shut down, it is a wonder we feel much of anything, nevermind stay healthy and connected.

Without the keys that Authentic Tantra shares, intimacy in any relationship or partnership is difficult to achieve and our ability to "bounce back" from anything in life is compromised. Gain the wisdom, understanding and practical tools that will allow you to optimize the Lamborghini you are driving. Let go of your past, step into your future and enjoy the drive back home into yourself.

  • About Authentic Tantra and its abundant health benefits

  • Getting Grounded and Centered is the most important way to start your day.

  • Cutting Aka Cords so you are able to power up easier

  • Learn how to feel and see auras

  • Meditation to balance the Body-Mind-Spirit

  • Pranayama Breath practice to open and activate the chakras, so you can clear baggage and power up

  • Mantras that heal the body and cellular DNA

  • What Ayurvedic Body type are you and what personality traits and foods are best for balance?

  • Choosing the Art of Living Tantra as a lifestyle and what it includes

  • How to shift perspective and stay centered in a world filled with distractions.

  • Authentic Tantra Fountain of Youth secrets and practices with practical, useful applications

  • Clearing baggage while enjoying ecstatic states is and Authentic Tantra bonus!

  • Lots more to come...in midst of posting this new event!



This series has ended. Thank you to all who attended.
Weekly Educational Social Evenings 7pm-9:30pm includes Refreshments and Vegetarian appetizers
RICHMOND: Every Tuesday February 21, 2017-MAY 2017
Feb. 21 - 28   Mar. 7 - 14 - 21 - 28   Apr. 4 - 11 - 18 - 25   May 2 - 9 - 16 - 23 - 30   
EVERYONE WELCOME: Limited to 24 people - men, women, singles, couples, and all sexual persuasions welcome
PRIVATE SPACE:  Convenient location No. 2Rd / Westminster Hwy. Address given with advance RSVP
RSVP REQUIRED: By Sunday prior to qualify for discount. (6 people min. required to host evening) Space limited to 24 persons.
ADVANCE REGISTER: Only $20 if you RSVP by Sunday 3 days prior at the latest  please by phone / email / text advance.
COST:  $25 at DOOR for drop ins or late RSVPs after Sunday
DISCOUNTS:  (VIP Elist specials offered may vary - you must be on Elist to qualify)
VEGETARIAN SNACKS: Provided and your contributions also always appreciated (veggie only please). Thank you.
SEVA OPPORTUNITY: Support for setup, cleanup etc. is greatly appreciated, as many hands create little work for all. Please inquire.
CONTACT: See for more RSVP info
JOIN US for this event through meetups.com

What these evenings will look like...

  • 7pm  DOORS OPEN - SOCIAL TIME Indulge in refreshments, relax, settle in, grab a seat and meet others.
  • 7:30pm OPENING MEDITATION / MUSIC Inspiration to begin our evenings from a peaceful, grounded, connected place.
  • 7:45pm  AUTHENTIC TANTRA ED Amazing awareness shared and expanded on each week, as so don't miss an evening!
  • 9pm  Q & A PERIOD / MUSIC Feel free to just listen or voice your personal questions for everyone's learning.
  • 9:30pm  CLOSING Seva support for cleanup is greatly appreciated. Musicians who wish to share with Kirtan are welcome!

Are you ready to embark on the most enlightening journey you could ever imagine? Then join us for an Authentic Tantra Education, as it is especially important in these modern times.

Wake up your passion for Love and Life by making a commitment to explore your true potential. As Western myths are dispelled, the real value of these special gems becomes obvious. Authentic Tantra holds the ancient keys to secret wisdom, with priceless gifts and tools that will inspire, fascinate, empower and fuel you, guaranteed!

Don't miss this opportunity. Connect with like minded conscious others for deeply insightful knowledge, social connecting and much more. Stand alone evenings build on each other and are educational, respectful, safe and appropriate for anyone, so please invite your friends.  Everyone welcome.

Everyone Welcome!

I have hosted a variety of gatherings over the years and they have always been a great hit!  It is my sincere desire to serve as a guide to support others for a true understanding of this ancient Yogic path.  Regardless of ones personal beliefs,  the spiritual path of Yoga greatly supports humanities healing and evolution, whatever their journey.

Authentic Tantra instills within each individual both the awareness and sustainability to consistently unify the Body - Mind - Spirit as a whole. As one does, a much deeper, more conscious connection with everything within Creation is naturally integrated and understood.   Divinea



Phase 1 MEDITATION and BREATH PRACTICE for Relaxation and Balance New!

Intro Evening Workshop includes refreshments and Vegetarian appetizers  7pm-9:30pm
Please also join our Meetup evenings this season to learn more!
This workshop evening is scheduled on one of our regular meetup evenings as the topic shared that night.
RSVP: Requested as space limited to 14 persons so no later than 3 days prior.
COST:  $20
(VIP Elist specials offered may vary - you must be on Elist to qualify)
WHERE: Private location Richmond.  Exact address given with registration payment.
EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION: $20 if paid 3 weeks prior. - $25 at door if space available

What we will cover in this evening...

  • PRANA IS EVERYTHING Understanding the value of diverse Tantra and Yoga breath practices.
  • BREATH PRACTICES Breathing for energy, ecstasy, connecting, clearing, healing and relaxation.
  • MEDITATION in PRACTICE Enjoy a meditative experience to deeply relax and rejuvenate.
  • SOCIAL CONNECTING TIME Ask questions, talk with others and indulge in appetizers and refreshments .

One of the most important aspects of learning to work with Tantra practice is breath. In Tantra, prana, or breath is everything! It is how our body fuels us with energy, in fact 75% of our energy comes from breathing, yet many of us are shallow breathers, depriving ourselves of valuable daily life force with every tiny breath we take.  Learn some valuable breath practices which can be used non-sexually to increase energy levels and stored reserves so it can be used for daily energy needs.

Purposeful, conscious breathing is an art and takes practice, but it is one of the most valuable ways to increase energy, clear away brain fog or pain, release old stored baggage and give our immune system more energy to work with for all the daily energy needs and functions including digestion, elimination, healing, cellular regeneration and even orgasms.
Learn how to store and build this valuable resource so you have more to work with daily. Enjoy the combination of postures to relax the Body, meditation to still the Mind and breath to revitalize the Spirit. This evening workshop is recommended for all serious Tantra students as it will greatly assist in accelerating the experiences possible with Authentic Sacred Tantra practice.

Phase 2 3 KEYS to SELF BALANCE HEALTH - Brain Chemistry, Ayurveda and Kinesiology New!

An exceptional evening of learning with 3 key ways to read our Body-Mind-Spirit physically, chemically and energetically, to optimize our ability to understand our inner workings from a more educated awareness that we rarely tap into, as we have never learned how. Our bodies talk to us and tell us what is needed, right down to the right foods and nutritional supplements we need. Don't waste money guessing, when you can gain valuable insights from this evening that can be used anytime afterwards to check in.  Learn to utilize 3 invaluable key tools to self healing awareness that allow you to get a jump start in the right direction. Our self healing journey is easily assisted with these amazing tools.  Discover why health issues are created and how body types are susceptible to certain issues. Understanding core issues through the use of these 3 practices and tests is an essential key to healing naturally with the right food, water, supplements and activity guidelines, specific to each person.
Intro Evening Workshop includes refreshments and Vegetarian appetizers 7pm-10pm. PLEASE arrive at 6:45pm
The New Moon falls on March 27th so it is a perfect week to learn and begin new things.
Thursday April 20, 2017
RSVP: Advance registration requested as space limited to 14 persons and booklets are made for you, so RSVP asap please.
COST:  $35 at the door if space available
  (VIP Elist specials offered may vary - you must be on Elist to qualify)
EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION: Only $25 if paid by April 5, 2017. $30 if paid after April 5, 2017.
WHERE: Private location Richmond.  Exact address given with registration payment.

What we will cover in this very valuable extensive, support filled evening...

This informational workshop is a must for everyone yearning to discover new self help tools to gain back control of their health and well-being. By utilizing 2 different tests you will determine your body type and brain chemistry. As well you will utilize kinesiology (a not well understood science) to ask your body what it wants, as its own intelligence will answer extremely accurately. Many issues, especially chronic health challenges, are a result of continually treating the symptoms of imbalance rather than the core issues.  By learning a few simple, yet key ways to understand the core, you will gain fresh insight  on where to begin by working with natural healing methods to understand the inner workings of your system so you can move more easily towards achieving balanced health.
The science of Ayurveda identifies our "dosha" which not only determines our personality type, it also tells us what foods to eat or avoid to keep our particular body type healthier.  Understanding our Brain Chemistry gives us another valuable tool that not only identifies our personality type, it also helps us find balance from the inside out with natural methods, as most health issues are actually just symptoms of an imbalance in brain chemistry. Kinesiology allows our body to speak to us, so we can determine which of the many choices available, are best suited for our healing right now. By using the Ayurveda and Brain Chemistry awareness in conjunction with Kinesiology testing, you are really well equipped to understand any weaknesses and  target discovered challenges directly. These 3 Key self help tools give you a guideline to better choose the right natural and real foods, vitamins, minerals, water and activities that directly benefit you personally.
Drug prescriptions for brain chemistry imbalances and so called "labels" given to individuals identifying mental disorders are becoming an epidemic in our world these days and many people are handing over control of their Body-Mind-Spirit based on this illusionary psuedo science.  In the March 2015 issue of the New Agora Magazine these "labels" are exposed in an article titled "A Whole Branch of Science Turns out to be Fake." 
  • AYURVEDIC BODY TYPES - Self help test determines body type or "dosha" providing new awareness and tools to assist in faster healing.
  • BRAIN CHEMISTRY BALANCE -  Self help test determines dominant and deficient brain chemicals for a clearly guided healing path.
  • PERSONALITY TYPE AWARENESS -  Find out why you are who you are based on your brain chemistry and ayurveda.
  • KINESIOLOGY TESTING  -  Our body knows exactly what makes it healthier and has a perfect way of telling us what it needs or not
  • TAKING CONTROL OF HEALTH NATURALLY -  Discover how food choices for your body type naturally help heal the whole..
 Why should you come to this evening?  Would you like to gain some valuable self help tools to support your health and well-being journey?  Do you feel pretty good already, but want to discover some simple ways to refine your daily edge? Are you dealing with current or chronic healthy issues that indicate possible imbalances in your system?  Have you been using prescription drugs for extended periods of time for any number of symptomatic side effects? Get back in control of your life and well-being more naturally.   Are you dealing with any of the following imbalances?   Allergies, Alzheimers, anger, anxiety, arthritis, nervousness, back and body aches, chronic fatique, daily energy lags, dehydration, depression, diabetes 2, dry skin, exhaustion, fibra myalgia, gas and bloating, hair loss, headaches, high blood pressure, insomnia, irritability, migraines, Parkinsons disease, peeing excessively at night, sleeping long hours, sex drive low, tiredness, weight loss or gain, just to name a few.

This  event is offered to assist in ones personal self healing awareness by giving tools to better understand ourselves and our Body-Mind-Spirit well being. It is not meant to replace a medical opinion or diagnose or treat ailments, but rather give each individual more guidance in learning to self  help themselves with new and ancient healing tools that have tried and true roots based in science and culture.


Phase 3 - TANTRA HEALTH and VITALITY - Ayurveda, Sprouting & Vegetarian/Vegan Superfoods  New!

Guest Vegetarian Food Guru TBA

1 Day Intensive Workshop includes Ayurvedic Raw - Vegetarian - Vegan brunch  10am-6pm
REGISTRATION: Limited to 14 people. Minumum 8 required to run class so sign up asap!
COST: $199  Save with early registration. (VIP Elist specials offered may vary - you must be on Elist to qualify)
EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION:  Only $129 if paid 2 monts prior plus receive Yoga Wellness gift Value $20.  Only $149 if paid 1 month prior.
WHERE: Private location Richmond.  Exact address given with registration payment.

What we will cover in this workshop intensive...

  • THE YOGA DIET Ancient ways for modern times, these amazing tools will change how you think about food.
  • THE BASIC SCIENCE OF AYURVEDA How does it differ from the common food group pyramid way of eating?
  • EATING FOR YOUR BODY TYPE Intro to the 3 Ayurvedic Body Types and learning to choose right food for energy and healing.
  • NATURAL HEALING WITH LIVE FOOD Many common diseases and health issues are healed simply by eating raw vegetarian./vegan
  • SPROUTING and SUPERFOODS Get 600x more live organic nutrition from food you eat and do it anywhere you have access to water..
  • ENJOY A DECADENT MEAL Learn some simple basics about eating raw then try out what you learn in a decadent brunch
  • BEST VEGAN / VEGETARIAN RECIPES Get the scoop on recipes for proper awareness for this favored Yogic lifestyle of eating.
  • SPROUTING PACKAGE TO GO - Get a beginners package of all the basics and seeds needed to start sprouting immediately . 
The Science of Ayurveda
The guru says, Ayurveda is the missing link for health and healing in the West and that is obvious when you see the stats on the increase in disease and lack of healthy well-being in our world.. Many of us spend alot on food and nutritional substances without really understanding that our choices should be aligned with our body type first and foremost, as it is not the same for everyone. The right food for our body type can save us from allergic reactions or issues that end up resulting later in sickness and disease. The proper choices also give us far more energy, healing and absorbability, as it is digested quickly and effortlessly, wasting little processing energy, when we use food correctly for our body type.
The science of Ayurveda is an understanding of the 3 body types, but it also includes markers that indicate personality differences, health issues we will be more inclined to and career choices that bring harmony for us. In the West, we tend to disregard this aspect of understanding and often make choices that are completely contrary to what works best for our dosha or body type. This lack of awareness creates unnecessary conflict with the health of the Body-Mind-Spirit.  It is an introctory day of fun with invaluable awareness that further empowers us with another new tool for balanced well being.
About this workshop
If you have ever wanted to eat to optimize your bodies absorbability, health and energy levels in the process, with some awareness about superfoods, easy recipes and shortcuts to nutrition, then do not miss this exceptional workshop. By eating more live, fresh, vegetarian and vegan raw food, we feel better, as we conserve valuable life force or prana contained in the live food, allowing us to increase our energy levels and extend our longevity. When we eat cooked or highly processed foods, it takes far more energy to digest and very little life force, if any, is left in the food we eat.  When our body is working hard to clean out the waste of these "dead foods", our judgment gets cloudy, our energy is wasted and we get tired, as things take awhile to process and move out, wasting valuable resources. Meanwhile, our immune system resistance is lowered considerably, we become more susceptible to disease and our mind becomes filled with the darker side of emotions such as anger and fear, especially when we eat meat or difficult to digest foods.

The Yoga Diet is actually one of the 5 principles of Yoga and gives us very simple yet specific ways to make healthier choices from a different perspective. When we nourish ourselves in these ancient tried and true ways, we actually learn how to maintain our Body-Mind-Spirit in a more calm and peaceful state. Every body type is different and requires different fuel so it runs at optimal levels.  The Vedic wisdom goes into great detail about this science and as we re-discover this simple, yet highly productive approach to health and well being, our energy levels begin to change dramatically.

Our aging process slows down as we increase our energy levels and even losing weight becomes effortless as we find our natural rhythm while our health easily shifts into a state of well being. By working with these simple principles, we balance the flow of energy which keeps us operating more optimally from the inside and out.  

Divinea's personal Ayurveda experience...

"Ayurveda is an amazing science of eating and offers a greater understanding of your body type and what works for it.  I would highly recommend this way of dealing with food issues to anyone who strives to eat naturally and healthier, or has lost interest in food or has tried and failed in the food enjoyment or weight game for whatever reason! 

Here is my story....I decided to try the Ayurvedic way of eating years ago cause I wanted to increase my energy levels and lose some excess weight after a car accident had left me with much pain and the lack of ability to work out.  According to the Chinese Meridian Therapist I was seeing, my hips were out and had been for many years, making it almost impossible to lose weight as my digestion was compromised.

After my hips were adjusted and aligned I began my Ayurvedic program of eating for my "dosha" or body type. I successfully lost 30 pounds in 2 months without any portion restrictions, exercise programs, drug assistance, or strict diet regimens. I did this by eating 85% raw and fresh real foods specifically for my particular dosha, or body type.  It took a month prior to slowly work my way more into the raw, mostly as I started this program in the winter when our bodies tend to crave warmer foods..  But I persevered until I was 85% raw with the occasional slightly warmed meal.

The first month it seemed a bit more difficult to adjust,  as not every food I had been used to eating was on my list.  I didn't count the first month as part of the program, as I was adjusting and not being as strict while I transitioned into this new lifestyle.  As I progressed through the month it became easier as I felt more fueled and satisfied from my meals,  I went totally into raw by the 2nd and 3rd month.  The gradual shift into raw vegetarian made it easier to stick with.   I loved not being restricted with portions and ate as much food as I wanted from my body type list.

After seeing well-meaning friends starve themselves on 600 calorie diets that made them feel week, tired and depressed about mealtimes and the usual regain of weight afterwards, this was a great new experience for me. My sense of taste woke up again and  I no longer felt tired after eating as was the norm I was used to. There were no more subtle or even major allergic reactions after eating. These often ignored indicators showed up  like runny nose or itchy eyes, or a throat that felt congested or stuck and needed clearing. In fact, I noticed my sense of taste increased so dramatically, I savored my meals with passionate enjoyment while experiencing a great jump in my energy levels. Even though I was eating mountains of food, I dropped weight easily and quickly and it felt effortless.

My weight stabilized after 2 months of working with the science of Ayurvedic eating and I had lost 30 pounds in that time. The 3rd month I pretty much maintained without gaining or losing anything. I was excited, as my metabolism had been kick-started into finding its own natural balance again.  Best of all, I no longer craved the often empty fillers like breads, sugars, fats, cooked foods, sweets or high calorie indulgences.  In fact, I actually was so turned on by how much better I felt,  that I found it easy to stay focused on continuing the program.  The odd time I tried something "junky", I felt so crappy afterwards, it further enforced my commitment to what worked and felt good.  Unhealthy cravings that I had been struggling with most of my life just stopped and I gained healthy  cravings for the raw, vegetarian fare my body seemed to love.  It was an incredible experience."  My weight dropped more after the initial maintenance period I reached in 2 months.

The loss of weight maintained itself effortlessly for more than a year.  This was the longest I had ever maintained a significant weight loss without regaining it, even though I slowly introduced the odd thing here and there that was not on my program. I felt great and was ecstatic, that it could be that easy. I realized we are really missing the whole point here, when it comes to how we deal with our health and well-being in the West.

Yes, I am no different than the average person, as we often get lazy and fall back into old patterns. But as with anything else in our world, Ayurveda is a learned behavior that can take time to integrate, we just need to keep going back to it until it becomes an integrated daily way of life. Our long term health and well-being depends on it and thrives with it. "


Phase 3 THE CHARISMA FACTOR Exploring Love and Tantra

"If you don't have the qualifications to appreciate diamonds,  you will only see stones." Unknown

2.5 Day Weekend Workshop includes Vegetarian appetizers Friday, Vegetarian pot luck lunch and aphrodisiacs Sat./Sun.
Friday 7pm-9:30pm - Saturday and Sunday 10am-6pm
REGISTRATION: Limited to 14 people - men, women, singles, couples, and all sexual persuasions welcome.
COST: $399 Save with early registration  (VIP Elist specials offered may vary - you must be on Elist to qualify)
EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION: Special Intro Offer for this Event - $249 if paid 2 months prior.and this includes a FREE 30 minute phone consult with Divinea (Value $60) and a FREE Yoga Wellness package (Value $20).  Only $299 if paid 1 month prior includes FREE 15 min consult (Value $30)..
WHERE: Private location Richmond.  Exact address given with registration payment.

Why do some people ooze huge charisma and others don't? 

DISCOVER THE REAL TRUTH about "chemistry" and attracting partners and why it is not the most reliable "chooser" we think it is. Learn new ways to increase your ability to be desired by the "right" partners, who are more conscious and healed themselves. The energy we hold in our bodies from past relationships and unhealed childhood and lifetime wounds, greatly influences who we "magnetize" towards us. Our past then becomes our present, with patterns of relating continually repeated. We must take time to intentionally clear the past and define what a successful relationship looks like for us.

An invaluable relating workshop that utilizes Authentic Tantra wisdom and practice to shift out the old quickly and energetically, without spending years in therapy trying to do the same thing. Move forward into more conscious, healthy relationships with a more balanced coherence, or unified wholeness, by utilizing simple, yet amazing practices that do the work for you.

  • DISCOVER 21 new ways to recycle and supercharge energy with useful Tantra practices.
  • EMPOWER yourself with non-sexual partner practice to optimize energy and create ecstatic states.
  • SHIFT common sensual issues including PE, lack of desire and addictions with key secrets.
  • INTEGRATE Body-Mind-Spirit energies as a unified whole, to greatly increase experiences.
  • RE-FRAME and clear "history" from within, so healthier partners are naturally drawn to you.
  • EXPRESS authentically with fabulous partner relating practices and conscious communication.
  • DEFINE a successful relationship and make it possible with key integration tools that are a must.

You were never taught this invaluable education awareness to optimize health and sensuality.

Please note: Practices shared are both educational and experiential and although both sexual and non-sexual practices are taught, there is no nudity or sexual contact during the weekend program. Everyone is welcome.

Everyone wants their joyful, sensual and juicy Charisma Factor to shine, whether they are in a relationship, looking for one, or single and just being. When you radiate Charisma, living life becomes a very different experience. There is an energy science behind the why and how of creating this energy, and it origin is in the ancient Yoga teachings of Tantra. Kick off your summer by learning the secrets to boosting your energy to a radiant glow that naturally magnetizes people to you! This effect makes you consistently more attractive to others both personally and professionally.

AND THERE IS A BONUS...Tantra also goes far beyond turning up the "Charisma Factor" or awareness in your love and sex life, as these are actually just some of the many side effects that occur when you learn how to work with the Body-Mind-Spirit and Authentic Tantra practice as a whole. We in the West are consistently marketed the more physically focused fast fix in advertising everywhere we look and thus we have become a society that is largely energy unconscious.   Most people recognize "The Charisma Factor," energy in others, but are not sure how it is actually achieved.  The Authentic Tantra arts share the ways to generate this phenomenon, and as a reward, many extraordinary health benefits are also experienced.

If you are interested in learning more about this kind of exploration then join us to discover the many exciting and invaluable Authentic Tantra secrets, as Divinea shares the cream of the crop from her multi-dimensional skill base that interweaves these paths. Re-evaluate and refine your attraction ability with skills that really work to manifest the kind of relationships you desire, or greatly improve the one you are in. Put aside pre-conceived notions of what you think Love and Tantra are and take a leap into new territory that will not only rattle your cage, they will open the door and set you free.

Embrace the Tantric way to create Divine relationship and invite love in with eyes, heart and wings wide open in an unforgettable weekend of aha's that quite simply make sense.  Change is guaranteed as you ignite The Charisma Factor within you!


Phase 3 - SACRED TANTRA PRACTICE Expansion of Body-Mind-Spirit

2 Day Weekend Intensive Workshop includes Vegetarian pot luck lunch and aphrodisiacs Sat./Sun
Saturday and Sunday 10am-6pm
May 27th - 28th, 2017 This workshop has been reduced to 2 days for a jam packed intensive experience.
REGISTRATION: Limited to 14 people - men, women, couples, and all sexual persuasions welcome
COST: $399 Save with early registration  (VIP Elist specials offered may vary - you must be on Elist to qualify)
EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION: Special Intro Offer for this Event - $249 if paid by Feb. 28, 2017.and this includes a FREE 30 minute phone consult with Divinea (Value $60) and a FREE Yoga Wellness package (Value $20).   Only $299 if paid by Mar.. 26, 2017 includes FREE 15 min consult. (Value $30). Only $349 if paid by Apr. 26, 2017 and a FREE Yoga Wellness package (Value $20)..
IF YOU RECEIVED A PERSONAL INVITATION by EMAIL...pay the price noted in your email by Friday May 26th NOON LATEST, as notebooks must be made for all attending. Please send an email transfer to D McIntosh with STPractice as the PW. Call Divinea if you have any questions and please include your email for follow up. You can also join the Meetups members page for Authentic Tantra Yoga and Intuitive Energy Arts. I look forward to sharing wisdom!
JOIN THE VIP ELIST for special newsletters, upcoming events, Tantra info and discounts in future.
WHERE: Private location Richmond. No. 2 Rd / Westminster Hwy. Exact address given with registration payment.
What we will cover in this workshop...
  • ORIGINS of the TANTRA YOGAS How did these practices come about and why are they so valuable even today?
  • SEX, SENSUALITY, TANTRA and YOGA Understanding the differences and how they come into play.
  • UNCONSCIOUS SEX versus CONSCIOUS TANTRA A physical act at the expense of deeply intimate union?
  • ECSTASY IS OUR NATURE Has society has hidden this knowledge behind walls of fear and propaganda?
  • CREATING BALANCE Ways to get grounded and open the body channels to allow more vital energy flow.
  • OUR AURIC ENERGY FIELD What is its purpose? How to feel auras. The importance of expanding auras.
  • SEXUAL ENERGY POINTS Discovering the G-Spot for women, the Sacred Spot for men and many more.
  • ACTIVATING THE CHAKRAS How this energy system is utilized to increase or decrease experiences.
  • TANTRA EXERCISES Yoga's of Tantra techniques. Conscious breathing practices.. Connecting and meditation practices.
  • OPENING THE INNER CHANNELS When the body circulates energy appropriately, it changes everything.
  • BREATH OF LIFE How to balance, clear, circulate and store valuable life force with key energy points and effective breathing.
  • TAKING IT TO THE NEXT LEVEL Creating ecstatic states and orgasmic energy with non-sexual methods..
  • TANTRA WITH A PARTNER Understanding how different techniques will greatly increase longevity, ability and intimacy
  • RELATIONSHIP AWARENESS Taking stock :Acknowledging strengths, weakness and what we desire.
  • COMMUNICATION Empowering ways to express and be heard versus "our story."
  • EXPRESSING LOVE How would we want our beloved to express their love to us.
This weekend intensive workshop will greatly shift, heal and recreate ones experience of themselves, first and foremost.  A journey of awakening, Authentic Sacred Tantra creates an exciting opportunity to re-evaluate ones personal values, relationships and choices that have led them to discover more.  From this place, one is able to enjoy relationship and partnerships from a whole new place of understanding.

Valuable ancient knowledge is interwoven with new practices and perceptions that equip an individual with step by step Tantra tools to create entirely different experiences. Opening the body channels from head to toe allows for many things to shift including energy levels, abilities, sensitivity, immune system health, state of well-being and personal enjoyment of a more balanced Body-Mind-Spirit .  By activating certain key energy points while learning to breathe more effectively, the bodies experience levels greatly increase, allowing for multiple states of orgasmic bliss, not just the one we usually associate with our sexuality.
Tantra means to balance the tension by weaving all levels together so they are in harmony at all times.  That is the beauty of learning the Yoga's of Tantra, as the knowledge, practice and awareness takes you into places you had no idea you could discover.
Most people are completely unaware of how simple it is to enjoy much deeper and more intimate relationships with themselves, their partners, The Divine and the world of Creation that surrounds them. Tantra opens the door to incredible wisdom, a whole new perception and experience of Life, Love and Relationship by forever changing everything.  This workshop expands one towards a profound shift in awareness. Recommended for everyone who knows in their heart there is definitely more!

Please note: Practices shared are both educational and experiential and although both sexual and non-sexual practices are taught, there is no nudity or sexual contact during the weekend program. Everyone is welcome.


Phase 4
THE 64 ARTS of TANTRA ~ Creative Exploration and Journey to the Divine

3 months of 5 weekly Email Lessons and 3 evening social events (1 per month) which include appetizers  7pm-9:30pm
Group evenings  are offered as a space to share ideas, insights, inspiration and wisdom.
REGISTRATION: Limited to 14 people
COST: $100 per month - $300 total.  Save with early registration.
(VIP Elist specials offered may vary - you must be on Elist to qualify)Complete the full program and get a 1hr Swedish Massage Gift Certificate from Divinea.
(Value $70)
EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION: Save if paid by early dates TBA
Monthly payment option as follows...Payment #1 Deposit of $100 by dates TBA...Payment #2 date TBA  $100...Payment #3 date TBA  $100  Postdated checks or scheduled payments can be aligned.
PLEASE NOTE: You may start this program anytime after the start date as the arts and inspiration for each are emailed weekly to work with at your own pace. We meet up together once a month to share our creativity and experiences with the group.

What we will cover in this very creative workshop on each of the evenings...

  • INTRODUCTION TO THE 64 ARTS of TANTRA Collect workbook, meet others, share appetizers, get ready to explore.
  • PLAYING WITH CREATION  Discover many new ways to express yourself with 5 weekly lessons and ideas for each art.
  • UNLEASHING YOUR POTENTIAL You have had time to play, now start sharing your creativity with the group!
  • DIVINE INSPIRATION Use each social evening to expand your creativity by gathering ideas as you get inspired by others.
  • DAILY CREATIVE PRACTICE Choose a way each day to express yourself through any of the 64 Arts you enjoy the most.
  • JOURNEY TO THE DIVINE Present favorite accomplishments and share your journey the final evening.

This wonderful workshop offers an amazing opportunity for one pointed focus so you can really dive into your expressive side by unleashing your creativity on many levels.  As you go through the process of discovering the 64 Arts of Tantra, your spiritual side will deepen, open and expand, further inspiring you on your journey.  Intuitive and empathic abilities will increase and your energy levels will go up as you find your personal connection to the Divine through your artistic and creative expression.  As Divinea has been an artist and creative soul for most of her life, making her living with her creativity and art for almost 20 years, she is the perfect person to guide you on this inventive journey of co-creation.

Each planned evening that the group meets will be filled with tidbits of Vedic wisdom and great new ideas for the arts upcoming.  Individuals may also choose to share some of their personal favorites from their artistic creations as the weeks go by.  Collectively shared insights will help keep everyone focused on the juicy sense of inspiration that begins to filter into each moment every day.  As you explore different creative pathways, your way of looking at the world will also shift as you begin to see everyone and everything from new eyes with a fresh perspective on each moment...

The individual evenings have been planned intentionally around the new moons with the 5th evening culminating directly on the new moon and the final completion evening just a few days prior. .  The new moon is a time for fresh beginnings and offers magical inspiration.  This is a powerful time to come up with conscious visions for our life, by holding clear our intention.  It is at this time that our visions and wishes take root and as we reach out to embrace spiritual wisdom, we also open for what inspires us. The new moon supports our goals in taking root.  Rituals are also important at this time, as they help keep us committed with clear, intentional focus.

This workshop is for anyone who desires to wake up their creative and intuitive connection by expanding and exploding the doors wide open with many unique and original sources of inspiration throughout the 6 month program.  As we explore uniquely different sides of our self, we also unleash new creative potential and allow the Creator to come through us in many original ways of expression. 

If you really want to re-discover yourself and your intimate connection to all of Creation, then this Journey to the Divine is very highly recommended as it allows one to totally re-invent and express themselves in lots of creative, wonderful ways.  Be prepared, as this will be an unforgettable ride with Creation!


This website was created as a vehicle to share with others seeking self-empowerment through the Arts of

Authentic Sacred Tantra.