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Program 2

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PROGRAM 2 Events



Also available - Workshops specific to gay men and lesbian women.


Please note there is no nudity or sexual activity in any of the events.


"In the end it;s not going to matter how many breaths you took, but how many moments took your breath away."   Shing Xiong

EVENTS 2018 begin this SPRING. New web launch coming soon.

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Please see current calendar for all events scheduled each month

Ready to discover lots more exciting things about the Yoga's of Tantra?  Consider these very informative evenings and workshops which offer an educational overview as well as simple Tantra practices to begin your journey. 
There are lots of ways to greatly optimize your personal experiences, energy levels and health with simple, yet amazing Authentic Sacred Tantra.
Men, if you are dealing with challenges such as PE (premature ejaculation) or ED (erectile dysfunction), you will be happy to discover, you are not alone and Tantra practice can easily shift these issues. 
Women if you are lacking desire, or just want to discover more about your G-spot and how to be more energized during those monthly red zones, then Tantra is worth exploring.
Find out how many ways Authentic Sacred Tantra will greatly improve anyone's health, well-being, sexuality, ability, longevity and intimacy while totally revitalizing the Body-Mind-Spirit on every level.

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The Yoga's of Tantra
This brand new Tantra educational program offers a transitional journey that follows a natural path of learning. From simple Beginnings to Awareness and Practice integrating into a Conscious Tantra Lifestyle that includes both Ayurvedic Health and Diet to developing more Divine Relationships with partners. You may also wish to participate in additional hands on workshops with the Intuitive Touch and Energy Healing events if you wish to expand even more.

Divinea offers a unique perspective based on ancient tried and true Vedic practices that originated in India more than 5000 -15,000 years ago. Experience a whole new awareness that is clearly very different than most of what is offered out there as "tantra" these days.

Each event is filled with a myriad of new thoughts and practice, plus Tantra education, progressive Yoga awareness and ancient Vedic wisdom, the origins of The Yoga's of Tantra. These workshops offer many practical opportunities that will forever shift your perceptions about Life, Love and Relationship. Enjoy your Journey to the Divine as it is indeed the most important awakening you will ever experience!

"Twin flutes are a symbol of free love"
Art by Michael Asti-Rose


1 Day Workshops include vegetarian lunch 10am-6pm  $199
Tantra ZEN Social Evenings include full vegetarian buffet dinner 7pm-11pm  $50  - $60 Door
Dating ZEN Challenge Evening Follow-up includes vegetarian appetizers 7pm-10pm  $40

SAVE with early registration or purchase of full programs.

PAYMENT GUARANTEE...If you pay in advance for an evening and are unable to attend for any reason, please inquire about using the credit towards another event.

REFUND POLICY: Credits given for workshops and events. Please inquire about particular policy for any event you are interested in.

There are different events held each season, so scroll down to the ones with current dates for the season you are interested in.

Program 2


Phase 1 TANTRA AWAKENING A Shift in Sex and Relationship Awareness

1 Day Workshop includes Vegetarian pot luck lunch 10am-6pm
Saturday SPRING 2018 Date TBA

REGISTRATION: Limited to 14 people - so register early!
$199  Save with early registration. (VIP Elist Specials may vary)

EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION: Only $129 if paid 2 months prior and get a FREE Yoga Wellness package (Value $20). Only $164 if paid 1 month prior. Please register for this event in advance.

WHERE: Private location Richmond.  Exact address given with registration payment


What we will cover in this full day workshop...

  • SOCIETIES VIEW OF SEX AS WE KNOW IT   How it greatly influences our perceptions, performance, relating skills and intimacy.

  • CONSCIOUS RELATING versus TYPICAL SEX    Tantra explores deeply intimate relating and shares practices that naturally heal.

  • TANTRIC SEX EDUCATION Learn keys to creating more blissful, healthy, sensual experiences by optimizing personal energy practices.

  • INCREASE VITALITY with 12 TANTRA ENERGY PRACTICES   Discover simple secrets to create charismatic vitality.

  • DYSFUNCTIONAL RELATIONSHIPS Valuable insights allow us to recognize the signs and steer clear before we take the plunge.

  • WHY DO WE YEARN FOR EVERLASTING LOVE Tantra uncovers the reasons behind this hunger and offers tools to savor and enjoy.

  • RICH COMMUNICATION 101 Empowered relating skills allow us to own and share our feelings without attachment and expectation.

  • RE-IGNITING INNER PASSION  Learn new ways to express and experience personal inner fire through Tantra's self love practices

  • BREATHING LIFE INTO RELATIONSHIP  Sharing conscious, energizing Tantric breath practice with a partner creates ecstatic states.

Understand more about the background of the ancient arts of Tantra, the numerous incredible benefits offered and how it shifts us into powerful new places of awareness, well-being, and understanding of Self.  Find out how simple daily practices may be used to help keep you sensually alive and vital regardless of age and partnering. Tantra builds and stores valuable life force throughout the body which better allows us to sustain energy, control, youthfulness, and longevity regardless of whether we are sexually active with a partner or not.

Re-invent yourself and your sensual side with powerful Tantra tools in a safe and non-sexual environment. As energy becomes more balanced with simple Tantra practices, a new conscious awareness and deeper understanding of Love is naturally re-awakened within. By learning to express fully, yet detach more effectively, we are able to shift how we relate and co-create in relation to others.

This valuable workshop allows one to greatly expand their perspective of relationship and sensuality with ancient secrets of Authentic Sacred Tantra. Discover many new ways of thinking, feeling and being that will personally empower both men and women whether single or coupled.  You do not need a partner to learn or experience Tantra, as you must first master your own bodies to empower your expression of self more effectively.

Consider the Tantra ZEN social evening to expand on new awareness by connecting with potential partners.


Phase 2 TANTRA ZEN Romance Re-Invented with a Night of Fun

Social Connecting Unique "Out of the Box" Evening Event includes full Vegetarian buffet dinner, gifts, entertainment  7pm-11pm
Meet lots of interesting new people this Spring and turn up the passion and fun in your social life!
If you wish to contribute, network or promote your business by offering a free gift, please contact us.
Saturday SPRING 2018 Register for this entertaining event asap as it often sells out!
REGISTRATION: Limited to 24-30 people - equally balanced men and women so register early!
COST: $50 if space available.
EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION: $40 if paid in advance.  $60 at the door if availability due to limited space
WHERE: Private location Richmond.  Exact address given with registration payment

What to expect at this social affair...(please note there is no nudity or sexual interaction at this event)

  • Enjoy a decadent Vegetarian buffet dinner with appetizers, desserts and refreshments included

  • Alias sensual names and occupations are given to each guest on arrival and offer a hilarious way to break the ice during dinner.

  • Engage in entertaining ways to meet new people and potential connections and vote for your favorite guests.

  • Discover valuable insights about the kind of first impressions you made (anonymously gathered info)

  • Full on Entertainment and lots of laughs are guaranteed and are an integral part of the nights fun.

  • Complimentary Gifts are included for each guest.

A very unique and out of the box evening for those who desire entertaining opportunities to meet others, while discovering more about themselves. Indulge in a decadent dinner on arrival and enjoy time to connect with planned entertainment and activities. This is a great way for like minded singles to meet, although couples may on occasion to choose attend as well.  Playful activities are creatively designed to engage the tension of Tantra by consciously weaving the romantic and curious side within all of us. Meet other like minded individuals interested in Tantra and gain valuable insights in support of your personal relationship quest  and awareness with all the fun planned for this event. 

By attending, guests agree to keep confidentiality and participate fully in entertaining activities planned. 

ALSO consider the Dating ZEN Challenge events to further refine your "values" and "interview" skills in the dating world, whether currently single or coupled. These evening events offer a very unique opportunity to connect one on one with interesting people without attachments or expectations on where it will lead.  Trust me...this will be a rare opportunity to learn alot about yourself and your dating ease in a safe, supportive environment.


Phase 3 DATING ZEN CHALLENGE - Choose to connect and refine your dating skills

Unique Social Connecting Evening Event  includes Vegetarian appetizers  7pm-10pm

All guests will have the opportunity to act as either a potential date or dating muse with different guests. 

Friday SPRING 2018 - TBA If you are interested in this event please join VIP ELIST
REGISTRATION: Limited to 24 people - 12 men and 12 women
COST: $35 with early registration. $45 at the door.  (If you are on the VIP Elist specials may vary)
EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION: Save $10 if paid  1 month prior
WHERE: Private location Richmond.  Exact address given with registration payment.

How does the Dating ZEN Challenge work?

These events are designed for conscious adults looking for ways to refine their personal values with new awareness to attract more appropriate dates and ultimately make more healther choices and create more fulfilling relationships with partners. In our fast paced world, much of our dating interest in partners is based mostly on physical attraction and sexual chemistry.  What isn't understood by many, is that the chemistry we feel is actually the magnetics of our baggage attracting someone with similar unresolved baggage. This is well understood in Tantra and is the reason that most relationships fall into the challenging and dysfunctional categories rather than the healthier long term partnerships we yearn for.  It is no different than what happens when you never clear the history and cookies on your PC...eventually everything slows down and stops working properly. 

Authentic Sacred Tantra practices are designed to clear this baggage through learned tools and energy practices experienced in Tantra workshops and private sessions. The Dating ZEN evenings in contrast, are a way to bring your awareness to what is currently reflected in your presentation when you meet others. This is achieved by creating a positive environment geared to learn more about ourselves while connecting with others in a non-confronting way..  Discover valuable perspective as we are given a place to start that the Mind can relate to so the Spirit can soar! 

The Dating ZEN Challenge offers an opportunity to explore connections with like minded conscious adults wishing to explore healthier connections with others.  The event is designed to gather constructive feedback from each other in an anonymous, non-confronting, yet intimate way.

This positive and supportive follow-up is shared anonymously with the Dating ZEN host by each "dating muse" who check off positive qualities and refinements on prepared info sheets after each "connect" with a potential date or guest.  Personal feedback about the experience with each "dating muse" will allow guests to refine their dating skills and values in a safe environment designed to support each others personal dating growth.  Expect to learn alot about yourself and your dating ease, while engaging in some awakening and explorative fun together.

Although these events are not designed as singles dating events, they certainly offer the potential to meet and connect with interesting people who could very well be worthy of connecting with post event.  A great way for every individual to break new ground by expanding and re-inventing their dating skill perspective. Refine the ability to choose more healed and appropriately matched partners. An invaluable evening to gain awareness that brings out the best in you and others. Don't miss this opportunity to discover how amazing you are and how much easier it is to attract someone when you have clarity!



Phase 4 TANTRA for the CONSCIOUS FEMALE Let your Spirit Fly

1 Day Intensive Workshop includes Vegetarian pot luck lunch   10am-6pm
SPRING 2018 Date TBA
REGISTRATION: Limited to 12 women so register early!
COST: $199 Save with early registration.
EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION: Only $129 if paid 2 months early. Only $149 if paid 1 month early.
WHERE: Private location Richmond.  Exact address given with registration payment
JOIN US through Meetups for this event

What we will cover in this workshop intensive...

  • TANTRA BEAUTY AND HEALTH BENEFITS Understand how these valuable secrets work to create amazing well-being..

  • OVULATION, MENSTRUATION AND ENERGY Discover new awareness from a Tantric perspective that just makes sense!

  • CLEAR TRAUMA and SENSUAL ISSUES Integrate new ways to heal what holds you back and emerge with confidence.

  • SHIFT DYSFUNCTIONAL RELATING PATTERNS Naturally attract more healed partners and recognize the difference.

  • TYPICAL SEX or TANTRIC SEX? What are the differences and why do Tantric practiced men make for happier women?

  • INTIMATE PARTNER CHOICES Define personal values and choices to deepen intimacy in relationship.

  • SACRED TANTRA PRACTICE Utilize basic tools to optimize energy, sensitivity, intimacy, beauty and health.

  • THE G SPOT Elevate your experience by utilizing this often unknown sweet spot in a womans body

  • RADIATE ALIVENESS Embody the awareness and skills to turn up your "Charisma Factor."

  • THE GODDESS DIVINE Bringing it home to the heart of the Goddess with newfound inspiration.

Set your Goddess free to fly again. This workshop offers a wonderful overview of Authentic Tantra and touches on many simple practices that every woman will benefit from. Learn many new secrets about the female body and how it really works, as women were never taught this amazing knowledge. Authentic Tantra naturally turns up the Fire within to burn away old trauma and patterns, without doing years of therapy to accomplish the same thing. Discover valuable keys to unlock your true potential for a healthier, more empowered you. Reconnect with yourself, discover a heightened sensitivity to touch and learn how you can greatly increase your sensual vitality, no matter how old you are. 

When we experience a perceived trauma of any kind, especially sexual, we unknowingly lock in energy and attachments that bind us into relating patterns that continually attract the same kinds of  challenges in partners. There are numerous non-sexual and sensual ways to permanently clear out the junk, while simultaneously rejuvenating the Body-Mind-Spirit system into a unified whole. This Authentic Tantra workshop is a great starting point and is highly recommended as a pre-curser to the deeper, more intensive full weekend events.

Authentic Tantra awakens the discernment to recognize dysfunctional patterns in advance, so different choices can be made. Practiced awareness turns up the "Charisma Factor" by creating an expanded and more healed aura, which naturally magnetizes and attracts healthier partners.


Phase 4 TANTRA for the CONSCIOUS MALE Modern Man's Missing Manual

1 Day Intensive Workshop includes Vegetarian pot luck lunch  10am-6pm
Sunday SPRING 2018
REGISTRATION: Limited to 12 men so register early!
COST: $199 Save with early registration.
EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION: Only $129 if paid 2 months in advance.  Only $164 if paid 1 month in advance
WHERE: Private location Richmond.  Exact address given with registration payment.

What we will cover in this workshop intensive...

  • TANTRA HEALTH and ABILITY BENEFITS Discover how to gain PE control and shift most sexual issues..

  • TIRED AFTER SEX or LACK CONTROL? Find out why you are also aging yourself quickly in the process.

  • TYPICAL SENSUALITY vs TANTRA? What are the differences and why is Authentic Tantra a better choice?

  • ORGASM and EJACULATION Did you know they are actually two separate things?

  • SHIFT DYSFUNCTIONAL RELATING PATTERNS Naturally attract more healed partners and recognize the difference.

  • AUTHENTIC SACRED TANTRA Basic daily practices to consistently increase energy, expand abilities and optimize health. .

  • THE SACRED SPOT Discover the pleasure and health bonuses of the most sensual point on your body.

  • CREATING MORE INTIMACY Slowing down the experience and redefining personal values are key to success.

  • RETAIN YOUTHFULNESS Burn baggage, clean house, store energy and revitalize energy to stay young.

  • GOD/GODDESS WITHIN EVERY MAN Valuable skills to engage partners non-sexually for deeply intimate experiences

Learn amazing secrets you'll wish you had known all your life!

Discover why Authentic Tantric practiced men make far better lovers and are a more conscious choice for discerning partners. If you desire more intimate and connected relationships in your life, without years of therapy or counseling to get there, then this workshop is for you. This 1 day intensive offers a great overview of Authentic Tantra and touches on many aspects with insightful education and empowering awareness that you likely never knew existed.

Did you know 75% of men deal with ED, or sensual control issues like PE when it comes to lovemaking? Although very common challenges, few men are aware that Authentic Tantra has easy solutions for results. Simple basic practices give you options to shift many challenging issues with sensual and non-sexual methods, both of which are educationally discussed and demonstrated in the workshop. This event is a safe place for every man to learn how to incorporate Authentic Tantra into his life. There is no nudity or interaction between participants and ALL men, singled or coupled are welcome, regardless of interest in same or opposite sex partners.

Typical sensual practice and lack of proper education, has taught men many bad habits that are actually harmful for the body. Without valuable Authentic Tantra understanding and skills, it is very difficult for men to ever achieve a deeply intimate or remotely Tantric experience with anyone.

Tired after sex? Did you know that orgasm and ejaculation are actually two completely separate things? Find out how to use the energy you normally waste, to dissolve baggage and shift dysfunctional relating patterns that keep attracting the same kinds of partners. Define your personal values to magnetize healthier relationships and understand the importance of activating your Sacred Spot for wellness and youthful vitality no matter how old you are.

Harnessing valuable life force gifts a man control over his domain, even when he learns to use this energy non-sexually. This fuels him with powerful healing energy and allows the body to naturally clear away stuck baggage and old patterns. This blocked energy creates many common issues like PE (premature ejaculation), ED, sex addiction, lack of energy, prostate problems and other health challenges, including dysfunctional relating skills. As men learn to properly optimize with Authentic Tantra practices, they feel energized, revitalized and healed. Weaving the tension created also integrates the Body-Mind-Spirit system as a whole, naturally creating higher ecstatic bliss states.

Integrating this ancient wisdom supports a more focused and conscious approach to Love, Life and successful partnering. Authentic Tantra combines important fundamentals to embody new experiences that men might otherwise never accomplish or enjoy.

This website was created as a vehicle to share with others seeking self-empowerment through the Arts of

Authentic Sacred Tantra.