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Authentic Tantra Services

EVENTS 2017 Workshops begin again this Fall. New web launch coming soon.

Private In Studio Sessions with Medical Intuitive Divinea

" Our material body performs more optimally with focused discipline.  As we  consciously reprogram its software with simple ancient secrets, we open to possibilities and potential we but only dreamed of.  This is the nature of the Yogas' of Tantra."  Divinea

Phone   Hours   Location  Rates   Please note   Etiquette   Confidentiality   Amenities   Cleanliness   Complimentary

Choose Consciously ~ Tantra Services Awareness
CELL PHONE...604-788-7723 "D L M" on call display. (Divinea Love Massage)
You must have a working phone number to book appts even if it is a phone booth.
Blocked calls are not always answered nor appts accepted without a number.
Please call or text to book appts.
Texting is great to announce your arrival or if running early or late.
Your phone number is kept private, but will be requested to hold your appt.
"I understand the need for privacy and do my utmost to honor that always." Divinea
HOURS - Divinea will take calls and book appts as available during these hours.
MONDAY to FRIDAY...8am-8pm
Divinea will be available most every day through the holiday season.
Calls for information or immediate and advance appts. accepted during hours noted. 
If Divinea is with an appt. voicemail will indicate current availability.
Text for appts, brief info, address, or if running early or late.
APPTS ACCEPTED...by phonecall or text.  You may text on arrival or to follow-up.
Emailing for appts should be done a minimum of 1-2 weeks in advance to insure response & availability. Phone is not attached to email, nor is Divinea on email when busy.  Due to high email volume, Divinea does her best to answer in a timely manner.
Call as early as 7:30am to book early appts that day or better still, 1 day prior to insure availability. Or be spontaneous and take your chances and call in the moment.
  • Out of town client hear for a short time?
  • Give Divinea a heads up on your travel plans so she can do her best to make it work.
    Check out event calendar while you are here!
    Divinea will do her best to accommodate your private session on your schedule, especially when you book in advance. Flexible hours are sometimes possible.
  • Private One on One Sessions, Types and Rates
    During scheduled hours...
    Divinea takes client calls, answers questions and makes appointments. except when she is with a client already.  Book short notice appts when available or advance if you desire. Rest assured, Divinea only works with clients when she is at her best.
    Offering a respectful, legal service, if you are personally unwilling to offer a working phone number, you are likely looking for another kind of service. 
    Divinea does not call your number unless you are late and have not contacted her, in which case she will call or text (if discussed) from a blocked number for your privacy. If your phone does not accept blocked calls, she will unblock hers to reach you.
    Divinea will do her best to make it work for you, especially with advance notice.
    Private space
    West 16th Ave & Main VANCOUVER, B.C.
    Enjoy your Tantra session in a private, beautifully decorated, clean, fully equipped space on a professional massage table. 
    Lovely scents, relaxing music and ambient lighting are all part of your Authentic Sacred Tantra experience with Divinea.

    Please honor Divinea's privacy and do not drop-in at any time.

    Respectful massage sessions DO NOT involve sex with Divinea EVER.
    Enjoy consultation and educational awareness along with one way Swedish relaxation massage that incorporates sensual touch and Authentic Tantra practices. Divinea prefers to keep the integrity of her sessions and your personal relationships intact, therefore she does NOT allow touching, nor does she get naked, wear lingerie, do body slides, or have sex with clients, EVER.  Why not? 
    Divinea strives to educate clients on Authentic Tantra practice for the Sacred and personal empowerment healing art that it is. Many people offer and refer to "other" services under the guise of Tantra, however, 99.9% of them offer no real Tantra whatsoever. 
    One must first and foremost, learn how to awaken and prepare the Body-Mind-Spirit to enjoy the intimate experience of Tantra. Unless one is taught personally how to fully open and actively engage the powerful healing energy properly, there is NO Tantra experienced. Authentic Tantra is not something someone does to you, as without your understanding, complete awareness and use of the secret practices, you cannot experience Tantra appropriately.
    Typical sensual practice is actually damaging and draining, as the body is never properly readied for powerful energies to flow through all the channels at full force. As a result, we experience ourselves more like the walking dead than the consciously connected and deeply intimate individuals we truly can be.
    A real Tantra experience actually has little to do with anyone else, especially initially. One must master their own bodies abilities and performance with one on one guidance and as well the many non-sensual practices utilized first, to experience Authentic Tantra results.  Divinea educates with awareness, techniques, practice and secrets that allow you to learn and experience powerful energies more optimally and safely. Enjoy a whole new WOW factor when you take the Tantra journey and learn how to master your Body-Mind-Spirit health with simple ancient Tantra understanding!
    Your privacy and confidentiality is always honored.
    Please honor yours and Divinea's privacy outside studio doors by keeping confidentiality at all times. To be clear...don't ask the neighbors questions or discussing anything outside.  Thank you!

    Authentic Sacred Tantra for discerning clients

    Experience Authentic Sacred Tantra to open new doors to all new awareness and ecstatic states that you never even dreamed possible.   Keep an open mind, as you explore these new, yet ancient and very simple secrets that achieve so much more than you are used to.

    Although private, respectful sessions are meant to heal your Body-Mind-Spirit and sensual nature, Divinea is not naked or wearing lingerie, nor do sessions include sex with Divinea, ever!  It is impossible to experience Authentic Sacred Tantra unless you  first understand how to master your own body and energy.  Dedicated to getting clients on the right path quickly, Divinea's sessions are all about you, focusing on real practices and Authentic Tantra awareness, so you can personally achieve and enjoy more ecstatic bliss daily, even when you are not sexually engaged.

    Divinea suggests a 1.5hr-2hr session the first time to achieve optimal results. As she does up to 3 hour sessions, choose accordingly for your first experience, as there are several levels one can actually achieve in a first session, given more time to get there.

    RATES ~ Authentic Sacred Tantra Sessions


    Shy, nervous or not sure if Tantra is for you?

    Give Divinea a call and she will be happy to answer all your questions so you can get a sense of what Authentic Tantra involves before you take the next step. These ancient practices will eliminate most common issues quite quickly and will shift energy and vitality to new heightened levels. You may choose to work with non-sensual or sensual practices, depending on what you feel is right for you. Don't wait another minute, find out more about these amazing practices and the many healing benefits you can expect to experience. Results guaranteed!

    AUTHENTIC TANTRA  Session  Minimum 1.5hrs suggested for new clients.

    Consultation, Tantra Awareness, Hands on Tantra Practices plus Massage & Relaxation

    • $180 ~1.5 hr min. first time

    • $120 ~ 1 hr

    • $150 ~ 1.25 hrs

    • $240 ~ 2 hrs

    • $300 ~ 2.5hrs

    • $350 ~ 3 hrs

    TIPS are always greatly appreciated if you really enjoy your session.  If you purchase a package in advance at a reduced hourly rate, tips are definitely welcome.


    NEW TANTRA SESSION PACKAGE PRICING - Buy a little or alot with substantial savings reflected. 

    • Break up package hours into several sessions and use anytime all year long, as no expiry.

    • Authentic Tantra 5hr package $500 ($100hr - Save $20hr and $100 total)

    • Authentic Tantra 8hr package $760 ($95hr - Save $25hr and $200 total)

    • Authentic Tantra 12hr package $1020 ($85hr - Save $35hr and $430 total)

    Pay by cash, online interac transfer or direct deposit to a Scotiabank or Coast Capital Bank near you. Pay by credit card (4% surcharge on specials or packages) Please call for more information or to make a payment for services or events.  Thank you!  Ways to pay - more details

    Regular clients with previously purchased valid packages may still use the now retired upgrade system for life.


     What to expect in your Authentic Tantra Session with Divinea...


    Discuss what you would like to accomplish in your session/s, plus share health issues or specific challenges you may be dealing with if any, so that your time is best spent for optimal results.

    Tantra awareness, education and the differences between typical sensual practices and Tantra will become obvious as you learn more. Ancient Tantra secrets will fully optimize your blissful and ecstatic experiences, energy levels and healthy well being while enjoying a wonderful massage combining both Swedish Relaxation and Authentic Tantric practices.


    If you are dealing with any personal issues, including sensual challenges, low energy levels, lack of interest or desire to enjoy your day to day personal or partner experiences, health issues, Tantra will greatly benefit you. Tantra awareness and education allows you to understand the benefits and differences between typical sex and partner practices,  and Authentic Tantra. This valuable knowledge greatly increases your ability to understand the simple practices you will be working with so you are better able to experience optimal results.


    Enjoy a deeply relaxing,  massage while you learn to clear out your body blockages, open the channels, circulate and store energy and move into a "whole body" experience instead of what you may be used to. Tantra energy healing and touch, plus hands on experiential Tantra practices allow you build and expand into the ecstatic bliss states that can also be achieved non-sexually. Practices are aligned and integrated simultaneously as this experience greatly increases the ecstatic energy levels in your body through energy points and conscious breathing.  As the channels open,  new life force is able to reach all the places that have been starving for juice due to old blocked baggage we hold in the body. Expect to be totally revitalized with this guaranteed WOW experience, as Authentic Tantra relieves tension and weaves its magic into all your cells again!


    It is recommended you begin with a minimum 2hr session your first time so you can experience optimal results.  It is easier to enjoy results with Tantra when you first understand the value of these Fountain of Youth secrets, as well as how and why they work. Awareness is a very important piece that allows one to fully integrate the experience as a whole new world that you likely never even knew existed is awakened with Authentic Tantra!


    Tell me more about the benefits of Authentic Sacred Tantra...


    MEN...Most men in particular deal with some or all of the above issues, as they are a common side effect of blocked energy which accumulates in their body throughout their lives.  This creates all health issues including the ones noted above as well as many non-sexual health challenges. As men are wired in the lowest part of their body, their whole experience tends to focus on the genitals.  This robs men from really enjoying the full body Tantra experience that is possible unless they learn how to open the channels to circulate and store the valuable life force energy normally wasted and drained from the body.  Tantra also allows men to permanently eliminate many common challenges such as PE (premature ejaculation) or ED (erectile dysfunction) and other issues, with simple practices that are totally natural, safe, empowering and enduring.  Divinea guarantees results!

    WOMEN...Many women are challenged with not being able to fully open and explore their intimate side with men on a deep level, often due to past held traumas and sexual abuse early on in their lives.  They are also often challenged with having orgasms successfully or may not have experienced them at all. This is because old relationship baggage or past abuse gets stored just like history or cookies on the computer.  Stored baggage blocks daily energy flow, speeds up the sickness, dis-ease and aging process and shuts down our ability to fully enjoy our natural state of ecstatic bliss. 

    Unfortunately, most of our bodies have often been shut down or blocked up for so long, that we believe the only way to get to that naturally ecstatic experience is through sex.  Not so! Authentic Tantra practices allow you to realize there are many non-sexual ways to get there, once the body is opened up and optimized totally.  As a bonus, Tantra practice greatly awakens our sensual energy and expands our experiences.  As channels are opened, energy is increased and the whole body wakes up to feeling more of everything, everywhere.

    Re-invent your love life and wake up your sensual side prior to meeting a new partner!  Open yourself to being touched by someone who is totally dedicated to your well being and Tantra experience. This is quite possibly, one of the best times to learn Tantra, as you are able to focus on you, while learning new ways of working with your sensual side. 
    Simple Tantra secrets burn away past relationship baggage while you enjoy ecstatic bliss states. Wake up your sexual energy again and learn some new tricks that greatly increase your energy levels, charisma, control and experience in the process. Tantra increases your confidence so you feel secure and more open to attracting someone into your life again.


    Tantra really shifts ones ability to magnetize others, as the practices greatly increase vital life force and energy levels so your aura beams with sensual aliveness, charisma and health.  We are naturally attracted to bright auras, as our unconscious mind reads this energy as the healthier species!
    As you naturally shift energetically and release old energies and baggage, you will no longer attract the same dysfunctional or challenging relationships to yourself. As well you won't respond to, or trigger the same old reactions from your partners, as your body becomes clearer and more open to enjoy the moment.


    Explore your charismatic side in a beautiful, clean, safe space with a loving nurturer solely dedicated to your well-being.  Consider purchasing one of the specials or packages so you save greatly on your hourly rate.  There is no expiry on the packages and you may break up the hours and use them as you wish, anytime all year long.

    Learn valuable tools from a well versed practitioner, facilitator and teacher, so you learn how easy it is to enjoy working with Tantra outside of sessions by yourself, or with a potential or current partner.


     Regular Ongoing Specials
    SESSIONS ARE $100hr for Seniors 60 years plus, when they book any Regular session and ask for this special.
    As a service to those seniors who may be semi-retired or retired who wish to awaken their energy levels, immune health and re-capture their sensual charisma again, Divinea offers this ongoing special anytime year round.  With Tantra practices, sensual charisma is restored as there is an accumulative effect when you build Tantra energies in the body.  The reason our vitality shifts with typical learned practices, is because we spend our whole life collecting baggage with no way to clear it. When we get older, the signs of this begin to show. 
    Authentic Sacred Tantra will give you back what you thought you lost, by sharing simple secrets of the Fountain of Youth, to clear out the baggage by opening the channels, allowing valuable life force to flow through the whole body once again.  No matter how old you are, you will feel a dramatic shift in what your body is able to experience again...guaranteed!  You must ask for the seniors discount in advance to receive it.
    Be sure to ask Divinea about her SENIORS PACKAGE RATE for special prices not always offered in print as they may vary on occasion from those offered on the specials page.
    SAVE $10hr on 1-2hr advance booked sessions booked between 9am-noon Monday to Friday. 
    You may be spontaneous and book, however to insure availability, book the day prior.
    As a returning client, you may wish to consider this ongoing weekday special on any sessions booked before noon.  This special is offered year round for regular clients, so take advantage when you are able.  Be spontaneous and Divinea will always do her best to accommodate you. You must ask for the discount to receive it.
    CONSULTATION SESSION  For shy Clients or those who desire more info prior to a regular full session.
    If you are considering embarking on a Tantra journey and want more information first, then this is the perfect session for you to find out more and better understand how Tantra can meet your personal needs or desires.
    If you would like to gain some Tantra awareness without any hands on massage, then you may also wish to enjoy this type of session for yourself.  Divinea can offer Tantra education, awareness and non-sensual practices in your session without the hands on massage of a regular massage session.
    Find out how Tantra can support you in expanding your abilities to gain control, sensitivity, intimacy, longevity and energy levels every time! Gain wonderful insight into what the world of Authentic Sacred Tantra is all about.    There is no massage or hands on in this session.


  • Full consultation on your particular situation, needs, issues or challenges.

  • Educational and informational awareness about Authentic Tantra that best suits your journey.

  • Useful non-sexual Tantra practices working with your own sexual energy awareness will get you started.

    SENSUAL MASSAGE SESSION  New Clients 1.5hrs or 2hrs optimal  Return clients book 1-1.5hrs or more.
  • A complete relaxation massage session that integrates awareness and practice with hands on Tantra guidance simultaneously. Once you have done a longer first session and wish to expand on what you have learned and enjoyed prior, consider this session to keep your channels open and perhaps gain new levels of experience and deeper awareness of the value off Authentic Sacred Tantra.
    Great results are possible in shorter sessions once you have reached at least Level 1, where your channels have been totally opened to the crown chakra.  Practice what you learn between sessions and your next session will be far more profound than those who have not practiced at all.
    Tantra is not a one time fix, it is a learned art that continually accumulates energy and creates expanded results the more you work with the practices.  It is truly a personal journey of amazing new discoveries about your Body-Mind-Spirit connection and the weaving of each into a balanced, harmonized, optimally functioning whole.


  • NEW CLIENTS ~ Open the channels of energy from head to toe for more optimal awareness and experience.

  • RETURNING CLIENTS ~ Revisit awareness and aliveness, as we turn up the volume even higher.

  • Enjoy a session to simultaneously integrate awareness. Tantra practices with hands on massage.
  • You must be open to integrate multiple levels of experience simultaneously in this session.  
  • As you open more with each level learned, you will be guided into new experiences as ready.
  • GUARANTEED...You will leave feeling totally relaxed, alive, energized, clearer and lighter.
    Why is the focus on you, rather than engaging with Divinea?


    When an individual is inexperienced in working with Authentic Sacred Tantra practices, they will simply pull energy from the practitioner, rather than create their own.  Divinea has also noticed that men simply do not GET or experience the results that Authentic Tantra gifts one immediately in their first sessions, unless they are focused on their own experience. 
    When men focus on mastering their own Body-Mind-Spirit with Tantra, they will usually enjoy a very blissful Tantric experience that radiates energy waves throughout the whole body, even in a first session with Divinea. As well, they will often really get the value of Tantra in a first session and begin to integrate Tantra fairly easily, even after only a few sessions.  It will often take men as much as a year or more to integrate and experience the benefits of Tantra if they are always distracted by a woman, prior to mastering a few simple Tantra practices themselves. 
    Men, if you are single, it is a perfect time to learn to work with Authentic Tantra practice. Clearing, opening  and mastering your own body will naturally magnetize more appropriate, healed women to you as opposed to attracting more dysfunctional relationships.  Want to understand more?  Read on...


    Private Couples Sessions

    Many couples struggle to create a balance between sex, intimacy, work and family obligations.  Regular couples sessions are a great way to enjoy relaxing time out while learning new things together.

    Make sure to check out the specials page!

      Authentic Sacred Tantra Massage
    Experiential hands on massage including Swedish Relaxation and Tantra Massage and Awareness, actual Tantra practices, and Co-Creative Energy Healing techniques.
    OFTEN INCLUDED - A plate of Sweet and Savory Aphrodisiacs may be a part of some sessions.
    Private, respectful experiential massage sessions are for discerning clients only.  Although sessions are of a blissful nature, the focus is on showing you, as a couple how to work together. Divinea is always fully clothed, touch is one way, and practices do not include sex with Divinea ever.
    For optimum results a minimum 3hr session or more is suggested so there is time to unwind, relax and actually get to experiential results that are easily achieved when working with genuine practices of Tantra.  Time passes very quickly and the more time allowed for, the more couples are able to achieve together. Timing is always in the moment as needed if desired, so plan accordingly with your time and budget as Divinea makes a point to be flexible if more time is needed.
    Divinea will include a consultation for approximately 15 - 20 minutes for the first part of the session to determine the results you wish to achieve individually or together.  This conversation will include what feels appropriate or not for you and your partner, so boundaries with each individual are honored. As there are many Tantra practices to choose from, your session will be customized to achieve the most awareness and intimacy possible in the time we have together.  It is your time, so share your interests, challenges and desires so Divinea is able to co-create the session for you accordingly.


    Divinea also makes a point to check in with each person throughout the session, explaining what is about to occur, prior to the experience, so one is always aware and at choice.    For women or men who have had any kind of abuse in their past, this is very important, as without a safe space and deep sense of trust, the clients will not experience the results they desire.  We are here to open and let go of old stuff, while opening to new things rather than create more issues or challenges.
    COUPLES RELAXATION session  -  2 hrs...$350  ($175hr)  3 hrs...$425  ($142hr)
    Experiential Tantra for Relaxation and Bliss
    This session is usually for clients who already have some Tantra awareness, as each is then able to work with the other, as guided by and with Divinea.  Otherwise, for first time clients, it is best to choose 1 person as the focus on the massage table, so the other partner experiences how to utilize Tantra with them. Additional time charged at $120hr.
    COUPLES BLISS session  -  3 hrs...$450  ($150hr)
    Experiential Tantra practices for Blissful communion
    This session offers couples several new ways to expand their experience of intimacy together.  Sex is one way, but really deep intimacy is really not about the physical act of sex.  It is about deeply connecting with our partners in ways most of us never learn about.  Take time to go deep with simple ancient Tantra practices that open up our ability to enjoy our partners with new eyes. Additional time charged at $120hr.
    COUPLES EXPERIENTIAL AWARENESS session   4hrs...$550  ($137.50hr)
    Experiential Tantra, Awareness, Deepened Intimacy, Relaxation and Pleasure
    This session includes guided coaching and purposeful connecting. Utilizing Tantra practices to open and relax each person before we move into deeper practices, if that is your intention.  We will consult for 15-20 minutes at the beginning of the session to talk about boundaries and determine the results you wish to achieve individually or together. Divinea is very conscious of making sure a couple is completely aware of all that is to occur before she moves forward and takes great care to insure each person is comfortable.  We are here to open and let go, not create more issues or challenges.  Only 1 person is on the massage table at a time. Additional time is charged at $120hr

    "CREATING MORE INTIMACY" Couples Packages - 5hrs for $675...(only $135hr - 2 sessions) or 10hrs for $1200 ($120hr or five 2hr sessions).  This package is available now, however some packages are undergoing changes and some will be discontinued with the new website launch coming soon. Once you have a package, you can keep that price for life as long as you renew the package before it runs out. No one does couples sessions in this field for this kind of price! This current package is available at this price for a limited time, but may be used all year long. Break hours up into several sessions and use anytime...no expiry. Couples may choose to work with sensual or non-sensual practices or a combination of both.  Divinea likes to keep the integrity of relationships intact and thus acts as a sensual guide, not a participant.

    Does your relationship need a refresher to wake it up to a new level of connection and intimacy? Did you know you can utilize sexual energy and non-sexual practices to transform and dissolve the baggage (history and cookies) buried in your body that triggers you and your partner again and again?

    Authentic Tantra practice is an ancient art that has incredible tools that move out the old and invite in the new so you energetically, physically and spiritually feel the change.  As well you will discover secrets that are easily used to shift and eliminate challenges like the inability to orgasm or PE (premature ejaculation) and ED (erectile dysfunction) issues.  These very common issues are created because we in the West have a complete lack of awareness around opening up our inner channels to optimize our bodies potential.  We have never been taught how to work with our bodies properly and our health and our world and relationships show it!

    Divinea shares Authentic Tantra's core trade secrets with simple techniques and awareness that shift our wasted resources during typical sensuality, into useful high performance Tantra practice that optimizes sexual and non-sexual energy, even our daily breathing to optimize our abilities, so we experience a whole new level of WOW! Turn up the volume in your own bodies, so your ecstatic state is aligned to burn away personal and shared baggage naturally.

    Sessions are customized to a couples needs and may include some or all of the following...consultation, Tantra awareness and education plus simple Tantra practices and hands on massage and energy point techniques. Divinea also teaches couples valuable communication skills that cut to the chase so you are able to let go and move forward more effortlessly. Cutting through issues in this manner allows each individual to be heard, so they can let go and move forward, even if it seems like there is no solution in that moment.  Invaluable awareness for couples to incorporate into their relationship tool kit.

    Most people choose to break the larger session packages into 2hr-2.hr sessions once a week, but that is entirely up to you.  Different practices take more or less time.  Break up the hours and use anytime all year long as no expiry.  Clear issues like ED, PE, sex addiction, lack of desire, lack of intimacy or whatever issues you need to shift.  Guaranteed experiential shifts.  Sessions customized to you and your partner.


    Long Distance Tantra Sessions

    Tantra Coaching by Phone

    If you are not in Vancouver, or are unable to have a session in person, but really desire to learn more about Tantra, then this is a great way to experience first hand what valuable Tantra can do for you.  Integrate incredible Tantra secrets while learning to work with your own body under the guidance of Divinea. If you are curious as to whether this kind of session will support you, please call for more info and Divinea will give you her honest response.

    Each session is customized specifically for you to gain the most results in the shortest amount of time and they are usually done weekly or bi-weekly on a regular schedule when possible.  Divinea will align the best course of action for you based on your FREE 15 minute initial consultation and will suggest time allotment for sessions accordingly.  Normally the first session is 1.5hrs and may vary from 1hr -1.5hrs after that depending on what is shared each week.  Sessions help you understand the differences between Tantra and typical partner type practices while integrating lots of new awareness, practices and  amazingly simple tools that optimize your personal Body-Mind-Spirit well-being and abilities.

    Learn how to clear out the baggage and blockages stored in the body like history and cookies to rejuvenate your youthfulness, create more radiant health and turn up your sexual vitality and energy levels again.  Divinea offers an expansive array of tools and practices from the toes to the brain and everything in between.  By utilizing Tantra practice and wisdom, the sciences of Ayurveda, Brain Chemistry, energy points, conscious breathing and more, you will discover a whole new world of easy tools that create results.

    Sessions also include experiential coaching that may include both sensual and non-sensual practices.  There is a great variety of ways you will learn to enjoy, so you may choose what works best for you. 

    Undisturbed privacy is important and sessions may be done either sitting up or laying down.  Tantra is best understood as a self-empowerment practice initially, as without mastering your own abilities, it is difficult to work with a partner successfull.

    Sessions are usually followed up with an overview email that also outlines the practices and guidance learned each session. Please note, these sessions will offer respectful awareness and step by step guided use of the extremely powerful Authentic Sacred Tantra practices.

    Long Distance Tantra Session Rates
    Guaranteed shifts and results are possible with Authentic Tantra and you will quickly begin to appreciate and integrate this new awareness through education and hands on practice. Understand how your bodies energetic system works with the physical aspects both typically or traditionally and how it dramatically differs from Authentic Tantra practice. Discover secret techniques as you learn to optimize your abilities both sensually and non-sensually through the custom designed program Divinea creates with each clients interests and results desired in mind.
    Sessions include email follow-up with coaching suggestions and overview of  practices learned.
    Local calls in the Greater Vancouver Regional District are also included in rates noted.
    Practitioner originated call rates below include long distance land line phone charges.
    Not sure if this is for you? Consider a free 15 minute consult to decide or book a single session as noted.
    Regular hourly rate for single session is $225 for 2hrs if you desire a consult with basic awareness before deciding.
    Canada $94hr....8hr Long Distance Package  $750
    US $97hr....8hr Long Distance Package $775
    Save $22hr - $26hr off regular rate for one on one sessions. If you wish to combine sessions with one one one hands on when in town together with long distance sessions, see the current specials page.
    Clients must purchase package hours in advance - Payment Options
    Hours may then be broken up and utilized anytime all year long as there is no expiry.
    If you are handicapped or physically disabled in any way and wish to learn how to support your sensual side with Authentic Tantra, please ask Divinea if it is possible to support you with your specific issues or challenges.
    Scype calls are not available at this time as calls drop off frequently and Divinea finds the break in contact too much of a distraction. Visual contact is also a distraction and is unnecessary for long distance learning.

    Tantra Service Awareness

    Anyone offering to engage physically or sexually with you...the Tantra novice, is ONLY offering erotic sessions NOT AUTHENTIC SACRED TANTRA.

    There is big money in erotic massage and sexual sessions and plenty to choose from out there.   Many people that look or sound like they know tantra may have only taken a tantra type course, often with the purpose of working with their own sexuality.  This usually allows them to be more comfortable with the idea of simply doing erotic and prostitution services with strangers. 

    It is important to understand the differences and dangers. 

    There are lots of people doing 'tantra services' that even indicate formal training in their bios, but their lack of  personal and long term experience with Authentic Tantra means they usually neglect showing clients how to work with their own bodies with Tantra practice.  Instead these people choose to focus on the sexual and sensual aspect, duping clients into believing they are actually getting a tantra experience.  Were you aware that...

    No one can actually do Tantra to you unless you are actively engaged with certain practices yourself that involve specific breathing techniques and the opening of sacred energy points prior.  You should also know that if a practitioner does not work with themselves diligently and daily with their own Tantra practices, or continue on with daily clearing and more upgraded educational awareness, then they are not offering a service of integrity.  Why? 

    Authentic Sacred Tantra is not something you do to someone.

    It is an experience that only occurs and expands when it is utilized by the person individually. They must first understand how to and work with some basic practices to open the channels to generate, circulate, store and enjoy the energy activated within.  Thus anyone teaching Authentic Sacred Tantra practice is only as valuable as their personal daily practice, experience and continued learning allows.  This part of the equation is the most important piece that is not shown by any Tantra certificates or training background that may be listed on their websites. 

    Ask someone what will occur during a session.

    It is usually easy to discover whether a so called "tantra practitioner" is properly trained, or is simply focused on the sensual and erotic aspects, considered red and black tantra.  If they talk about "release" or "body slides" or "body to body" massage or "BJ's" or offer "full service"  they are NOT doing Authentic Sacred Tantra practices. These things indicate the person is actually more focused on erotic and prostitution services NOT Authentic Sacred Tantra.

    What most people do not understand, is that you will not experience Authentic Tantra results unless you are carefully guided to first activate and open the appropriate channels in your own body.  This awareness, along with specific breath practices, allows you to begin the invaluable opening, clearing, building and storing energy process of Authentic Tantra, so you are reconnected energetically from head to toe again.  Once this process occurs, you begin to enjoy Tantra experiences and there are noticeable shifts felt in the whole body to indicate you have reached this open point. 

    Reputable Tantra practitioners will not actively interact or physically engage with a tantra novice or any client for that matter, for reasons they would be very aware of, if they were actually well versed in Authentic Sacred Tantra practice.

    Any reputable Tantra practitioner that is actively engaged in continued Authentic Sacred Tantra training, awareness and personal practice knows this and would never engage with a novice or any client physically....EVER.  Doing so means the practitioner is not in integrity with their own practice, nor the clients integrity with their partner.  The purpose of an Authentic Sacred Tantra practitioner is to train a client how to work with their own body, as Tantra is the mastery of the material vehicle, finding and weaving a balance between Body-Mind-Spirit.

    During the orgasmic process, an electrical charge is released which energetically transfers data (information and stored baggage) through the auras between partners.

    Tantra novices must also be aware that if you do engage with anyone including erotic service professionals, or so called "tantra practitioners" who are not actively working with their personal Tantra practice daily to clean house, then they will be loaded with the baggage from all their clients past. This collected data is like a signature of information that is passed on to the client during their orgasmic process, even if the practitioner is standing a few feet away from them. 

    In contrast, Authentic Sacred Tantra practitioners are focused on their own daily practices which include diligent cleansing of the body. They consciously utilize the practices to continually clear as they work with you in a session, so they are not sharing or exchanging baggage no matter what happens in your body.

    That amazing connection we often call chemistry.

    It is through our aura, that our body also "reads" someone energetically, tuning into the so called connection we also often mistake for "chemistry" when we meet.  The information signature our aura senses is more often than not, our baggage tuning into their baggage going "Wow, we have so much in common."  Once the honeymoon stage is over, we will usually find ourselves dealing with the baggage and triggers of this collected stuff with a partner, instead of enjoying what we thought was great chemistry.

    A healthy aura usually surrounds the body 5ft - 9ft outward, thus anyone standing within this energy field will collect and transfer data during anyone's orgasmic state.

    Men, you are responsible for what you bring home to your partner! Most women are intuitive enough to tune into this junk or baggage you have collected from "pseudo tantra" or erotic and sensual masseuses, even if they do not fully understand its origin.  Often they will begin to distance themselves from engaging with you to avoid taking this foreign energy into their own bodies.  This may occur even if they do not fully understand their reactions or choice to step back or disconnect.  

    Personal and collected baggage is what creates sickness, dis-ease and the aging process and our bodies intuitively know this! It is also what triggers partners emotionally, blocks intimacy and consistently magnetizes more dysfunctional relationships and situations to us.  In short, our baggage is like a wall inside of us that separates us from becoming deeply intimate with our partners.  They also have a wall inside them, so we are often trying to make love and get intimate through these two walls of junk.  NOT POSSIBLE! 

    Take one look at all the relationships in your circle and for that matter, in the world.  How many of them do you feel are deeply intimate, loving, sacred unions?  One only has to look at the world around them to see with their own eyes that deeply loving, sacred and intimate relationships are few and far between, even though we all hold on to the vision of "the one" showing up who represents this possibility.

    Don't compromise the integrity of your primary relationship.

    If you truly want to create more connection and intimacy with your partner, then take time to discover the Fountain of Youth secrets through the journey of Authentic Sacred Tantra practice with someone like Divinea. Avoid creating a bigger wedge of disconnection with your partner by engaging in sensual or erotic sessions with so called "pseudo tantra" teachers or other erotic massage services.  The fun you might have, will also leave you loaded with other peoples stuff, which seriously compromises the integrity of any primary relationship. 

    Working with an Authentic Sacred Tantra practitioner means they have your best interests at heart and are not primarily focused on doing what they do for the almighty buck. Their training is all about expanding ones own abilities to manifest their own inner master healer and deepen their connection to the Divine or Source energy.  High price points, along with the lingo shared above, are a great indication of "other services" being offered.

    See Levels of Tantra Experience for more info.

    There are basic steps that must be taken to experience Authentic Tantra. Please be forewarned, there are no shortcuts. Anything less than real Tantra might not only overload your circuits, you will also take on all the baggage of that person through the orgasmic process, even if you are not physically engaged with them in any way.  As mentioned, the electrical impulse created during the ecstatic bliss states, actually transfers data from person to person through our auras.  We already have enough years of collected personal baggage to clear.  We don't need to take on someone else's too.

    Tantra awareness gifts us the ability to clear baggage through ecstatic states of bliss, often saving years of therapy in the process.

    There is no Authentic Sacred Tantra experienced unless you are personally engaged in the process of opening your own body as guided by someone who knows how to do this. Through the amazing, simple practices in Divinea's private sessions, you will be actively engaged in reconnecting your body fully from head to toe and gain experience to dissolve your baggage while enjoying highly ecstatic states of bliss. There are many ways to achieve orgasmic states, most of which are not remotely sexual at all.  Ecstasy is our natural state of being and Authentic Sacred Tantra is the return to that place of remembering who we are, why we are here and how to feel fully again.

    Not only will your body run more optimally, you will experience incredible results on every level of Body-Mind-Spirit, guaranteed! The Fountain of Youth techniques of Sacred Tantra, allow you live a much healthier, longer and far more pleasurable and sacredly intimate life with yourself and any partner you engage with! 

    Yes, Tantra offers invaluable knowledge and awareness!


    What can I expect to achieve in a session?

    There is a dramatic shift in how one feels energetically once their body is opened through Authentic Sacred Tantra practice and virtually everyone feels this in their very first session.  Initially it takes more time to open the channels fully, unblocking the body so there is more energy flowing head to toe again when one begins Tantra. Once a client achieves "1st Level Tantra", their body is open, reconnected and energized in a whole new and very experiential way.  Divinea strives to attain "1st Level Tantra" with clients their first session, so they are more easily able to duplicate results and work on their own between sessions.
    It is recommended you book a minimum 1.5hr session your first time. When you book a longer time the first session, you will achieve better results than if you book the equivalent in several short sessions.  This is because it takes time to open and unblock the body initially and get to certain levels of Tantra, when one is just learning. Once a client achieves "1st Level Tantra", their body is open, reconnected and energized again in a whole new experiential way.  From this point, a client is easier able to keep the channels open and duplicate results on their own between sessions.
    Once you gain basic Tantra awareness in your first session, shorter 1-1.5hr sessions will often also allow for more expanded and experiential results, as noted in the longer sessions, as the body is now open to the new possibilities. 

    Every body is different and one must remember, Tantra is a journey and a shift in consciousness, energy and experience.  If you do not practice or work with the techniques you have learned between sessions, it will take much longer to achieve the results as noted in follow-up sessions. Understand that our body takes on baggage daily and therefore, daily Tantra practice is essential to keep balance with this energy equation. 

    If we keep collecting "baggage" throughout our life without a method of clearing it out, we will dramatically slow down our finely tuned energy system, compromising our health, abilities, state of mind and longevity on the planet.  The body computer only works optimally when we essentially clear out the collected "history and cookies" on a regular basis. Our body works very much like a computer, so clearing out the "baggage" (our equivalent of history and cookies on the pc), is essential. 

    If you are experiencing issues of any kind, your baggage department is likely full.  This is most obvious as we get into our 40's-50's and so on, as the aging process speeds up due to a life filled with "collecting baggage." This blocked energy flow in the body initially shows up like pain, sickness, dis-ease which is essentially the beginning telltale signs of the aging process.

     LEVEL 1 "OPEN - RECONNECT - ENERGIZE" STAGE  Min. 1.5-2 hrs is recommended your first session.

    Level 1 is vital to achieve before any other level is safely accomplished. Many people are considerably blocked up, resulting in lack of energy flowing properly through the whole body system. This is partly because typical partnership practice keeps all the life force and sensual energy below the waist. We have also learned to hold our breath and bear down when we get aroused, so our valuable life force is unable to circulate.  Because we tend to carry alot of baggage in the lower part of the body, stagnant energy accumulates below the waist blocking our life force from moving up as it should. Evidence of blocked energy: one is tired after orgasm, lacks desire, has little control (PE), struggles to get or stay erect (ED), has issues like prostate problems, hemorrhoids, STD's, stomach issues, hernias, bladder problems and so on.

    Once you start to open up again and experience how much more alive your body feels, you will realize how shut down you have become over the years from all the blocked energy (history and cookies) you have collected.  You must learn to clear out the accumulated history and cookies in your body, just like you do on your computer. Think of all issues or challenges as simply an accumulation of blocked energy in the body.  Authentic Sacred Tantra is the perfect choice to heal and shift most issues easily, as you become your own master healer, as you were meant to be.

  • NOTE: Divinea strives to have each client reach this level their first session if possible.

  • What is Authentic Tantra really and how does it differ from most erotic and sensual massage services?

  • Understand why typical partnership and personal sensual practice depletes while Tantra totally revitalizes.

  • Consider the many health benefits available when utilizing the "real thing!"

  • Gain valuable "how to" awareness with simple basic practices.

  • Enjoy a genuinely, loving and respectful relaxation massage.

  • Experience Tantra techniques as they begin to work their magic.

  • Eliminate issues like premature ejaculation by gaining immediate control of your energy flow with Tantra.

  • Feel your whole body become more sensitive as the channels start to open.

  • Initiate more optimal life force circulation as the energy centers become activated

  • Experience "WOW, I had no idea I could feel like this!"

  • Work on recreating your experience with a handout of the simple secrets learned.

  • Integrate a daily 6-10 minute program of the basics to help keep the body open.

  • Feel relaxed, clear, alive, juicy, totally revitalized and energized again.

  • Experiences achieved based on willingness of client to open with guidance.

    LEVEL 2 "BURN and BLISS" STAGE  Minimum 2-2.5 hrs is recommended to reach this level.

    You cannot achieve Level 2 safely until you first open the channels in Level 1. For first time clients with ED or PE issues or returning clients who wish to unwind and relax more completely by gaining more levels of experience with the practices. 

  • NOTE: Once Level 1 is achieved, you are at the beginning of Level 2 experience.

  • Re-charge dramatically with Authentic Tantra's' Fountain of Youth secrets.

  • Expand the "aura" or energy field (your filter system) and help keep junk out of the body.

  • Open to create the "burn" as old stored baggage begins to dissolve.

  • Enjoy increased energy sensations as the life force fills this newly created space.

  • Gain awareness about awakening your master healer within to "clean house."

  • Utilize stored and accumulated life force to retain youth, revitalize energy and heal.

  • Integrate awareness of how data or "baggage" is transferred between partners.

  • Understand how to dissolve baggage while enjoying highly ecstatic bliss states.

  • Experience "WOW" and "How good can you stand it for how long?"

  • Learn how to further integrate Tantra to create more optimal energy flow.

  • Start sending positive messages to all your cells as baggage is dissolved.

  • Understand how to best achieve and duplicate results again on your own.

  • Experiences achieved based on willingness of client to open with guidance.

  • This is considered an experiential relaxation massage session.


    LEVEL 3 "JOURNEY TO THE DIVINE" STAGE  Minimum 3 hrs or successive sessions may be required.

    Most people will not achieve Level 3 until enough baggage is cleared to create space for increased amounts of life force to fill the body. For those who wish to enjoy expanded Tantra experiences, this longer session allows one to luxuriate more fully.  The more time allowed in a session, the easier one is able to relax and open to more incredible levels of Tantra experience.  Once clients reach this level of experience, they will be able to achieve it more easily with little or no touch. Divinea will guide you into ever deeper plateaus through more awareness, knowledge and practice of the wonderful world of Tantra.  This truly is your personal Journey to the Divine, God, Source, your Higher Self or whatever you choose to call it.

  • NOTE: Level 3 allows for a deeply meditative connection with the Divine or the Source of your Creation.

  • Feel more intimately connected with everyone and everything in Creation.

  • Greatly increased levels of ecstatic bliss are experienced at this level.

  • As the body opens, experience these bliss states with simple touch anywhere.

  • Sensations of the body disappearing or becoming too heavy to move are common.

  • Moving into this light body or "near death" experience, shifts ones perceptions of life.

  • Clients who achieve this state understand how incredibly valuable Tantra really is.

  • Bringing ones experience to this level can slow sickness, dis-ease and aging considerably.

  • Naturally attract more people and partners to you, as you radiate increased life force.

  • Be amazed at how much energy and clarity you have for a couple of weeks afterwards.

  • One begins to understand how ecstatic states may be achieved without any sex, or sensual touch.

  • Experiences achieved based on willingness of client to open with guidance.

  • This is considered a deeply experiential relaxation massage session.


    Session Guidelines

    Please note that session times below are guidelines for what is possible to achieve.  Some clients achieve more or less, depending on current energy state of the body and willingness or ability to work with practices shown.

    How often should I come for sessions?

    The best way to answer this question, is with a question.  How invested are you in becoming your own master healer to optimize your bodies energy and well being while expanding your personal and partnership experience to greatly deepen the intimacy you can enjoy with yourself and another? 

    "From my personal perspective, there is nothing more important than learning everything I can about the Fountain of Youth secrets of Authentic Sacred Tantra.  It has quite simply, completely changed my life, my well-being, my experience of relationship itself and my personal and partnership perspective and awareness dramatically.  And that is simply the beginning, as truly, there are no words to express how much these practices have done for me!  They are the one thing in my life I am most passionate about, next to my creativity, and they consistently inspire that passion as well."  Divinea.

    Ideally, daily practice (even if only for a few minutes daily) of what you have initially learned in a first session, will help keep your channels open and your body running more optimally.  The more you do, the better the accumulative results.  Weekly, bi-monthly or monthly sessions depending on your time and budget are optimal for the ongoing awareness and experiential process, as you are more likely to stay committed when you see and feel the expanded results of working with your bodies energy more appropriately and regularly. 

    Those who actually work with the simple practices between sessions, consistently report how quickly they are experiencing real shifts in energy, abilities, longevity, sensitivity and more and how incredible they are feeling from doing so.


    After the first and initial few Tantra sessions, what can I expect?

    Initially, one will immediately notice expanded energy levels that last, a feeling of fullness, lightness and more awakened sensitivity of a blissful "WOW."  As one expands by working with the simple practices daily, baggage begins to clear and a greater sense of self occurs creating more clarity and a stronger connection between yourself, Creation and the Source of everything. One is not as easily triggered and a deeper of peace starts to fill the Body-Mind-Spirit's awareness. 

    As the bodies energy levels shift and old stuff starts to fall away,  there is an integration process that occurs that sometimes stops men from staying with it.  As the body adjusts to increased levels of energy circulating everywhere, it may decide it wants to take advantage of this phenomenon while it can, sending this healing energy to the cells and immune system or wherever it is needed.  Remember the body has likely been starved for this powerful energetic life force juice for a long, long time, as it's energy flow has been blocked and impeded from years of collected junk that has not been cleared.

    Be prepared, there is an integration that occurs while learning.

    During this short initial integration period, especially for men in particular, it may feel like the penis doesn't get hard as easy, or as often as it did before.  This is very temporary while the body adjusts to using this valuable newfound boost of energy you have learned to build and store everywhere in the body that has been robbed of it for ages. Once you have trained the body to expect it more regularly, it will come back down and do its magic again.

    Daily practice makes all the difference.

    This is why it is so important to work with the simple practices daily, as this allows you to essentially change the bodies default settings easier, so it gets used to having more energy available every day.  Prior to learning how to work more optimally with the energy generated, this valuable life force is consistently wasted by men, every time they have an orgasm, as it is almost always misused through typical sensual practice.  Thus the whole systems energy levels have always been drained instead of being revitalized.

    Believe me, after working with thousands of clients, I can tell you, that anyone who works with the practices consistently, is extremely ecstatic at the multitude of ways their Body-Mind and Spirit quickly shifts.  When you choose to heal your body temple with the Fountain of Youth secrets, be prepared for incredible shifts to occur where least expected, guaranteed.  

    I have been privy to witnessing these amazing shifts with many clients.  No wonder I love what I do...it changes lives!


    This website was created as a vehicle to share with others seeking self-empowerment through the Arts of Authentic Sacred Tantra.