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"Authentic Tantra offers priceless awareness, secret Wisdom and integrative tools for Self-Actualization. By optimizing naturally generated life force, far more energy becomes available to us and may be utilized to heal the Body-Mind-Spirit as a whole. "  Divinea

Authentic Tantra ED - Conscious Love and Life

Weekly Educational Social Evenings - Tuesdays 7pm-9:30pm beginning Feb. 21st

Includes Refreshments and Vegetarian appetizers  (15 meetups planned)
Feb. 21 - 28   Mar. 7 - 14 - 21 - 28   Apr. 4 - 11 - 18 - 25   May 2 - 9 - 16 - 23 - 30 
(Break for Summer - resuming Sept) 

Ready to embark on the most enlightening journey imaginable? Get an Authentic Tantra Education for priceless awareness and secrets to increase vitality and energy for optimal health and bliss.

Discover incredible ancient secrets and the value they hold for every individual, especially in these modern times. As Western myths are dispelled, one is re-educated with new possibilities, sacred wisdom and integrative tools for Self-Actualization.  Truly a spiritual Journey to the Divine.

Authentic Tantra secrets offer insightful awareness about our experience with each other and as humanity within Creation. Transcend the unexpected by exploring your true potential in these short, sweet and experiential evenings.

These meetups bring intentional, thoughtful seekers together, who desire a more conscious understanding of LOVE and LIFE in all its adventures. Enjoy the opportunity to be real, authentic and open to share or just listen, while enjoying the bountiful perspective of Authentic Tantra experienced. This invaluable Wisdom is designed to inspire and connect like minded conscious individuals for ancient knowledge, deep and meaningful understanding, social connecting and so much more.

Don't miss this opportunity.  Stand alone evenings build on each other, so sign up for all of them. Meetups are educational, respectful, safe and appropriate for anyone seeking the sacred path of Self Exploration and Empowerment that the Yoga's of Authentic Tantra share. Everyone Welcome!

“I have hosted a variety of gatherings over the years and they have always been a great hit!  It is my sincere desire to serve as a guide to support others for a true understanding of this ancient Yogic path.  Regardless of one’s personal beliefs,  the spiritual path of Yoga greatly supports humanities healing and evolution, whatever their journey.

Authentic Tantra instills within each individual both the awareness and sustainability to consistently unify the Body – Mind – Spirit as a whole. As one does, a much deeper, more conscious connection with everything within Creation is naturally integrated and understood.”  Divinea

What these evenings will look like...

  • 7pm  DOORS OPEN - SOCIAL TIME – Refreshments, relax, settle in, grab a seat and meet others.
  • 7:30pm  AUTHENTIC TANTRA ED – Amazing awareness expands each week. Don't miss it!
  • 7:30-7:45  MUSIC, MEDITATION, KIRTAN – Blend of experiences to get centered and present.
  • 9pm  QUESTION and ANSWER PERIOD – Find out more and ask those burning questions.
  • 9:30pm  CLOSING – Musicians for Kirtan are welcome! Seva support for cleanup greatly appreciated.
PRIVATE SPACE:  Convenient location No. 2Rd / Westminster Hwy. Address with RSVP
RSVP REQUIRED: Reguested by Sunday just prior to insure seating. Space limited to 24 persons
ADVANCE REGISTER: $20 with RSVP by Sunday just prior by phone / email / text advance will allow you to pay $20 at door. Advance payment also available by Etransfer or call with Credit Card.
AT DOOR:  $25 for drop ins or late RSVPs after Sunday
PACKAGE SPECIAL: Pay only $15 an evening when you buy a package of 10 evenings for $150 or buy the series of 15 evenings for $225. Either way, you get several evenings FREE and if you cannot make it, gift the ticket to a friend. You must still RSVP for each evening to insure seating/food.
DISCOUNTS: (VIP Elist specials offered may vary - you must be on Elist to qualify)
VEGETARIAN SNACKS: Provided. Pot Luck contributions also appreciated. (veggie only please).
SEVA OPPORTUNITY: Support for setup, cleanup respectfully accepted. Please inquire.
MUSICIANS: If you wish to participate with your musical skills for kirtan, please call us.
CONTACT: See for more RSVP info

Authentic Tantra – Fountain of Youth

Seeking this path is enlightening

Understanding this exploration is exhilarating.

Nurturing this discovery is empowering

Integrating this experience manifests high states of bliss.

Embodying this journey insures discovery of our transcendental, immortal nature.


Think of Tantra as the missing manual to keeping Body-Mind-Spirit in optimal harmony.
Create deep connections, totally revitalize energy and heal Body-Mind-Spirit on all levels!

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actually means  tension and weaving

and it is utilized to create balance.


is a weaving of the tension between

Body-Mind-Spirit to bring all into harmony.


 This website was created as a vehicle to share with others seeking self-empowerment through the Arts of Authentic Sacred Tantra.

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No part of this website may be used without expressed permission from the above.