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For Private Sessions ~ Evenings ~ Workshops

"Imagine all the people, living life in peace."

"Love is all there is." John Lennon

See Divinea's December 2016 Newsletter article "All you need is Love"

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PHONE...Call Divinea - Cell...604.788.7723 Caller ID DLM. (Divinea Love Massage)

Messages left on the voicemail will always be responded to asap.

  • Calls preferred for more info to answer all questions.
  • PLEASE call or text for availability and appts.
  • Divinea answers the phone, unless otherwise busy.
  • Listen to voice mail for current availability if no response.
  • Calls may be returned with blocked number for your confidentiality if requested.
  • Please text arrival, and give a heads up in advance if early or late.

NOTE: Blocked numbers are NOT answered. This is a sacred, honorable and legitimate service, so please call with that awareness and intent. Thank you.

RICHMOND - No. 2 Rd / Westminster Hwy
A super fast drive from Vancouver via the airports Arthur Lang bridge
Take Canadaline from Vancouver, transfer to Westminster Hwy bus
Easy driving access from many greater Vancouver locations
A suburb of Metro VANCOUVER, BC CANADA
By appt. only ~ no drop ins please.
  • Daily most days 8am-8pm  Monday to Sunday 
  • Almost always free most Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursdays.
  • Sometimes busy Friday to Monday sunny weekends, but try me, you never know!
  • BOOKED August 3-7th but available Tues. Aug. 8th onwards.
    "My business is all about trust.  You can trust me with your deepest secrets and fears and you can trust that you are paying for a service of integrity, guaranteed." Divinea
    Canadian Options...Vancouver, B.C.
    Cash is preferred for private sessions and tips are definitely welcome!
    Pay by Credit Card via card in person or by telephone (Available now, please inquire!)
    Email Online Interac Transfer through most Banks (Senders cost $1.25-$1.50)
    Pay by Credit card via Online Interac Transfer if attached to bank (Sender cost $1.50)
    Online Transfer between Coast Capital Credit Union Members (Free)
    Direct Deposit into any Scotiabank or Coast Capital branch (Free)
    Drop off payments for specials, packages or workshops
    Courier payments overnight (Senders cost $10-25)
    Mail Money Order (Cost $5 and up for MO plus postage)
    Postdated checks accepted for regular clients and advance payments only
    US Options
    Pay by Credit Card via card or telephone (Available now, please inquire!)
    Wire Money through any Western Union location or representative
    (Cost is approx. $10 on $500-$800)
    Mail Money Order
    (Cost $5 and up for MO plus snail mail postage)
    Please Note: We are unable to offer refunds for any event or packages purchased. You may however, inquire about using the funds as a credit towards any other goods or services offered by Divinea. Thank you.
    EMAIL DIVINEA for appts only if doing so a week or more in advance.
    Divinea recieves alot of email, so be patient as she likes to respond thoughtfully.
    Want info? Questions answered confidentially as soon as possible.
    Keep Informed on Upcoming Events & VIP Specials
    Don't miss our events, as they often sell out in advance.  Rest assured, our Elist is kept completely confidential and is not used by anyone other than Divinea, ever!  Send email with Tantra Elist on subject line and include your name to be added.

    This website was created as a vehicle to share with others seeking self-empowerment through the Arts of Authentic Sacred Tantra.