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Program 5

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PROGRAM 5 - Events


Also available - Workshops specific to gay men and lesbian women.



Please note there is no sexual activity in any of the events.


"The art of touch is a love that surpasses all boundaries."  Divinea

EVENTS 2017 begin this Fall. New web launch coming soon.

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Please see current calendar for all events scheduled each month

For those who wish more hands on awareness with touch and energy arts, these simple to advanced workshop events will add to your expertise in relating.  The Relaxation Massage workshop offers an opportunity to work with Intuitive as well as Swedish relaxation techniques and is a wonderful way to improve your partnership connection by relating more effectively with touch. 
If you already have an interest in the energy arts or wish to open the door to experience more about this field of healing, then the Co-Creative Energy Healing workshops are for you.  Discover how to utilize your own unique and inherent clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient gifts whether personally or professionally.
Each program offers both collaborative and personal instruction within the class atmosphere as different intuitive and energy skills are experienced and shared.


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The Yoga's of Tantra
This wonderful Tantra educational program offers a transitional journey that follows a natural path of learning. From simple Beginnings to Awareness and Practice integrating into a Conscious Tantra Lifestyle that includes both Ayurvedic Health and Diet to developing more Divine Relationships with partners. You may also wish to participate in additional hands on workshops with the Intuitive Touch and Energy Healing events if you wish to expand even more.

Each event is filled with a myriad of new thoughts and practice, plus Tantra education, progressive Yoga awareness and ancient Vedic wisdom. These workshops offer many practical opportunities that will forever shift your perceptions about Life, Love and Relationship. Enjoy your Journey to the Divine as it is indeed the most important awakening you will ever experience!


"Twin flutes are a symbol of free love"
Art by Michael Asti-Rose


Tantra INTRO Evenings include appetizers 7pm-9:30pm  $25
1 Day Workshops include lunch 10am-6pm  $199
2 Day Workshops include lunch 10am-6pm  $349

3 Day Certification Workshop includes lunch 10am-6pm and Workbook $548
SAVE with early registration or purchase of full programs.

PAYMENT GUARANTEE...If you pay in advance for an evening and are unable to attend for any reason, please inquire about using the credit towards another event.

REFUND POLICY: Credits given for workshops and events. Please inquire about particular policy for any event you are interested in.

There are different events held each season, however there are no events posted on this page being held until FALL/WINTER2016.

Program 5


Phase 1 -  INTUITIVE ENERGY ARTS - Intro to Pendulums and Co-Creative Healing

Intro Evening includes appetizers  7pm-9:30pm
Genesis Crystal Conscious Pendulums will be available for purchase, or bring your own to try in comparison for accuracy.
RSVP: Requested as space limited
COST: $20 minimum 1 week prior  - $25 after and at door if space available.
VIP Elist specials offered may vary - you must be on Elist to qualify)
WHERE: Private location Richmond.  Exact address given with registration payment.

What we will cover in this intuitive evening...

  • Discover ways to get grounded and centered.

  • Experience how to feel peoples aura and energy field.

  • Learn more about the chakras or energy centers.

  • Find out if you have clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient abilities.

  • Is there a difference between psychics, intuitives, mediums and channels?

  • How does Co-Creative Healing work and what will I be able to do with these skills?

Empower your intuitive nature by learning a few ways to awaken your inherent gifts.  Everyone can be guided to experience their clairvoyant, clairaudient or clairsentient abilities with a little practice.  This intro evening is a perfect place to start with a few simple basics to get you inspired.

Imagine the possibilities if you could tune in to physically, emotionally or spiritually held energies within someone's body or aura and were given the opportunity to assist in their healing by supporting them in releasing or clearing that energy. The art and practice of Co-Creative Healing is introduced and explored in this evening. A great introduction to the Co-Creative Healing #1 and #2 Certification Programs
Participants are completely clothed in this workshop at all times.


Phase 2  RELAXATION MASSAGE and THE ART of TOUCH - A class for Beginners

1 Day Intensive Workshop includes light lunch  10am-6pm
Saturday or Sunday FALL/WINTER 2017
$199 Save with early registration.
REGISTRATION: Limited to 10 people
COST: $199 Save with early registration.
EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION: Pay only $139 if paid 1.5 months in advance. Pay only $159 if paid 1 month in advance.

WHERE: Private location Richmond.  Exact address given with registration payment


What we will cover in this workshop...

  • What makes a relaxation massage so different from other styles?

  • The many healing ways to work with massage to accomplish different results.

  • Reducing stress, relaxing muscles, receiving comfort, shifting emotional states.

  • Improving circulation, sleep patterns, wellness, energy and vitality with the arts of touch.

  • Intuitive skills - Opening and activating the chakra energy centers and learning to feel auras..

  • Getting grounded, centered and learning to clear energy is vital when working with someone.

  • Structured and unstructured techniques utilizing fingers, hands, arms, pressure and movement.

  • Rocking and shaking techniques, breath practices, keeping your subject comfortably covered.

  • Experience and exchange massage with other students as techniques are learned.

This workshop is designed to open up the world of massage for anyone who is interested in learning some basics to enhance their personal ability to enjoy and appreciate sharing their newfound nurturing skill with others.  Relaxation massage is one of the best ways to shift someone's well-being and emotional state, as its gentle, loving methods open up the body, allowing the mind to relax and the spirit to fly.

Many people have a natural intuitive ability to love and comfort another when they learn how to indulge themselves in the art of touch.  Relaxation massage is a wonderful, yet simple way to expand your personal experience with others.  Actions often speak louder than words and in the world of touch we offer the most basic of human comforts...the art of loving and appreciating another.

Put your interest in nurturing to the test by gifting yourself the skills to take it to the next level in your relationships with a partner or with friends and family members.  I have often heard it expressed by massage students - they thought they were learning how to give to others, but what they actually discovered was that giving to others was really a gift for themselves.  Enjoy the experience of both giving and receiving in this workshop. 

Massage tables, linens, oils and a workbook are provided for the workshop.  Although participants are completely clothed for part of this workshop, during the second half, participants will be doing hands on massage with each other so they will be either partially or completely nude under cover, according to their comfort levels.  There will be NO sexual activity during this event.


Phase 2 - CO-CREATIVE HEALING - Awakening Inherent Energy Healing Abilities

CHOOSE from these 2 amazing Energy Healing workshops!  
Do not take these workshops if you are unwilling to let go of the Past or are afraid to experience "Miracles."
1 Day Intensive Workshop Friday 10am-6pm Vegetarian Lunch Included
INTUITIVE PRACTICE - Basics of Co-Creative Energy Healing - 1 Day CERTIFICATION Workshop
CO-CREATIVE HEALING #1  - Developing Intuitive Energy Skills Experiential Practice/Theory - 1 Day Workshop
Friday FALL/WINTER 2017 Date TBA 10am-6pm Vegetarian Lunch and Workbooks Included
REGISTRATION: Limited to 10 people maximum so register early!
COST: 1 Day Workshop $199 - Save with early registration.
Special VIP offers may vary.  Please quote accordingly to receive.
Only $139 if paid 2 months in advance. Only $165 if paid 1 month in advance. Please register fin advance.

WHERE: Private location Richmond.  Exact address given with registration payment


2 Day Weekend Workshop Saturday and Sunday  10am-6pm Vegetarian Lunch Included
INTUITIVE PRACTICE - Intensive Co-Creative Energy Healing - 2 Day CERTIFICATION Workshop
CO-CREATIVE HEALING #2  - Expanding Empathic Energy Skills Experiential In Depth Applied Therapy
2 Day Workshop of all prior learned in CC1 plus we will expand on many more techniques. Plus get inspired with one on one hands on practice with select guest clients to hone your skills, get feedback and gain confidence in your personal abilities.  Group- healing like this really amps up the healing each guest will experience. If you know anyone who would benefit from this kind of intensive healing, please ask them to call and register in advance no later than April 25th. 
Saturday FALL/WINTER 2017 Date TBA 10am-6pm Vegetarian Lunch and Workbooks Included
Sunday FALL/WINTER 2017 Date TBA10am-6pm Vegetarian Lunch and Work on Guest Clients Included. (Massage Tables provided)
Limited to 10 people maximum so register early!
COST: Weekend Workshop $349  Save with early registration.  (If you are on the VIP Elist specials may vary)
EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION: Only $299 if paid 2 months in advance. Only $325 if paid 1 month in advance. Please register fin advance.

GUEST CLIENTS: Receive a one on one hands on in class or LD group healing.  Only $35 with advance registration 2 weeks prior. Guest fees help pay for the use of the massage table rentals for the weekend and offer exceptional healing time for those who choose to participate. Clients who are not present for hands on may also participate in Long Distance group healing. Advance Registration for $35 is also required by date TBA. Be excited by the results, as group efforts greatly amplify healing.

WHERE: Private Studio location Richmond.  Exact address given with registration payment


REGISTER for complete Co-Creative Energy Healing #1 and #2 - A full 3 day Weekend Certification Workshop
Friday FALL/WINTER 2017 Date TBA 10am-6pm Vegetarian Lunch and Workbooks Included
Saturday FALL/WINTER 2017 Date TBA 10am-6pm Vegetarian Lunch and Workbooks Included
Sunday FALL/WINTER 2017 Date TBA 10am-6pm Vegetarian Lunch and Work on Guest Clients Included. (Massage Tables provided)
COST: 3 Day Weekend Workshop $548  Save with early registration.  (If you are on the VIP Elist specials may vary)
EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION: Only $420 if paid 2 months in advance. Only $470 if paid 1 month in advance. Please register fin advance.

WHERE: Private Studio location Richmond.  Exact address given with registration payment


This Weekend Workshop series is an exciting and intensive experience into the world of Intuitive Energy Healing. Expand on your abilities, no matter if you are extremely gifted or yearning to simply discover and develop them more. Learn to find, see and feel dis-ease, physically, emotionally or spiritually held within someone's body and support them in co-creatively removing, clearing and healing from that held energy. Clearing is often instantaneous and frequently healed permanently as personal skills are learned and developed.

Co-Creative Healing practice allows participants to be taken through a series of steps to support the development of their intuitive abilities with the focus on opening and clearing oneself initially. As one learns new skills and delves deeper, individuals witl integrate the experience and ability to begin the practice of healing others. This is a great place to learn to Trust, which is essential to become a good healer.  Even those who are unaware of their Intuitive abilities, will experience sensations and achieve results. Others expand greatly in personal awareness, as they clear away and heal the blocks that stop their sixth sense ~ Intuition and Inner Sight or Third Eye Vision.  No matter who takes this workshop, they will be empowered as they both experience and witness what many might consider "Miracles."

Discordant energies are physically manifested or emotionally and spiritually held and contained in the DNA, body memory and consciousness of every individual due to past life in-completions and Kharma. Experience body scanning to help identify these blocked energies in yourself and others, with whatever abilities are most prominent. Discover how to refine and develop your understanding and senses while working with your personal gifts. Basic techniques in Body-Mind Consciousness "reading" is taught and expanded on for deeper integration. Coaching and experiential exercises further awaken these abilities throughout the weekend.  One on one hands on healing and long distance healing with and for guest clients, is encouraged for all participants, as an opportunity to test their skills and get feedback.

What we will cover in DAY 1 of Intuitive Practice - Basics of Co-Creative Energy Healing workshop...

  • POWER GROUNDING   A daily practice and a must for any healer to stay clear from clients "stuff"

  • KINESIOLOGY AS A TESTING TOOL - Working with kinesiology as a visible tool for clients

  • CUTTING AKA CORDS - Collecting daily crap is common and thus clearing is a must

  • LEARNING TO "FEEL" AURAS - Virtually everyone feels auras when they know how

  • BASIC "CORE" ENERGY PRACTICES - Core activation is essential prior to opening chakras

  • CHAKRA AWARENESS - Overview of the chakras, colors, meaning, healing aspects

  • CHAKRA BALANCING METHODS - Different ways to clear and activate chakras

  • KINDS OF INTUITIVES - Mediums, Channels, Psychics, Intuitives, Medical Intuitives, Spiritual Readers, Akashic Readers

  • THE "100th" MONKEY - Power of Intention demonstrated

  • DISCOVERING ABILITIES - Recognizing Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Clairsentient gifts

  • WHAT IS ENERGY READING - Overview and expansion of different abilities and how to use them

  • APPROPRIATE READING ETIQUETTE - Permission first, prior to reading anyone is essential

  • THE SPIRIT WORLDS - "LIGHT and DARK" - How to identify the differences and stay safe

  • NATURE SPIRITS - Fairies, Animal Totems, Angels, Devas

  • OPENING TO TRUST OUR ABILITIES - Testing the waters in simple ways

  • PENDULUM AWARENESS - Learning to trust with this tool and letting go of our dependency to overuse it

  • IMPORTANCE OF CLEARING - Clearing yourself and space properly is essential to your wellness.

  • SHARING and CLOSING MEDITATION - Completing the day with intentional sharing and meditation

What we will cover in DAY 2 of Intuitive Practice - Intensive Co-Creative Energy Healing workshop...

  • MEDITATIONS for HEALERS - Guided relaxation techniques for better healing

  • USING PRANAYAMA TO "POWER UP" - Universal energy is abundant, free and greatly improves healing abilities.

  • SPIRIT WORLD INITIATION - Getting familiar with the other realms, terminology and experience

  • MEETING PERSONAL SPIRIT GUIDES - We all have them, so discover yours and get comfortable with the process.

  • UTILIZING SPIRIT and DIVINE ASSISTANCE - Knowing when to use and who or what to ask for

  • APPROPRIATE CLEARING TECHNIQUES - Techniques to insure you and your clients get the most out of sessions

  • USING LOVING INTENTION TO HEAL - Attitude and intention is the difference between just ok or amazing healing results.

  • LEARNING TO READ ENERGY - Practicing reading skills with other partner participants

  • TESTING CLAIRVOYANT "SEEING" - Voyeurism is the act of seeing or sensing energy or things with third eye vision

  • TESTING CLAIRAUDIENT "HEARING" - Audio sensing skills are subtle and often overlooked or dismissed

  • TESTING CLAIRSENTIENT "SENSING" - Most people experience some sort of sentient ability as a gut reaction.

  • FINE TUNING OUR "LISTENING" SKILLS - Methodologies for asking and receiving answers

  • UTILIZING PENDULUMS and KINESIOLOGY - Developing skills with simple tools

  • LEARNING TO TRUST - Expanding trust beyond tools with intuitive and empathic abilities

  • M.A.P. HEALING - Guided healing with the Map techniques

  • HANDS ON HEALING - Guided practice on fellow participants

  • LONG DISTANCE HEALING - Tuning in and working with long distance skills.

  • SHARING and CLOSING MEDITATION - Completing the day with intentional sharing and meditation

What we will cover in DAY 3 of Intuitive Practice - Intensive Co-Creative Energy Healing workshop...

  • MEDITATION - Preparations prior to client healing

  • PAST LIFE HEALING ABILITIES - When and how to use

  • POWER OF INTENTION - Examples of intentional experiences both positive and negative

  • SCENTS FOR HEALING - Essential oils, Flowers, Herbs

  • SOUNDS FOR HEALING - Music, mantras, crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, drumming

  • MANTRAS FOR HEALING - Time honored special mantras used specifically for healing

  • CLEARING ASSISTANCE TOOLS - Fire, guides, herbs, essential oils, intention, crystals, gem elixirs

  • CREATING SACRED HEALING SPACE - Right intention and environment is everything

  • EMPATHIC TUNING IN AND HEALING - Expanding skills and abilities with each other

  • FULLY TRUSTING ABILITIES - Intentional healing and learning to trust

  • INTERPRETING WHAT IS "READ"- Understanding and translating what you tune into

  • CHECKING IN - Making sure the client is comfortable and at choice for all that is happening

  • PREPARING A CLIENT FOR HEALING - Guiding them into a receptive meditative state

  • READING HANDS ON - One on one hands on healing on guest clients (on massage tables)

  • READING EMPATHICALLY - One on one (hands off) empathic healing for guest clients

  • PUTTING HEALING ABILITIES INTO PRACTICE - Taking notes while observing and reading individual guest challenges

  • TRUST TRAINING IN ACTION - Comparing notes and exchanging feedback with both client and group practice

  • GROUP HEALING - Intentional group healing for local guest and Long Distance clients

  • CLEARING SPACE AFTER HEALING - The art of clearing in practice for healthy healing environments

  • HEALING COMMITMENT - Sharing personal weekend experiences and commitment to your healing path or journey

  • CLOSING MEDITATION and COMMITMENT - Completing weekend with intentional sharing, healing and meditation

This website was created as a vehicle to share with others seeking self-empowerment through the Arts of

Authentic Sacred Tantra.