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What exactly is Tantra? 

" Only through LOVE do we find our way home, back to that knowing residing within our hearts, where access to this connection allows us to remember who we truly are." Divinea

Many of us just think of sex when we hear the word Tantra, as the word "tantra" has been highly misused in erotica, a big money industry that often capitalizes on the lack of awareness of those seeking the benefits of the incredible ancient Tantra secrets. 

From a Tantric perspective, our sexual energy was just one of the many ways we are able to revitalize our whole system energetically. Both sensual and non-sexual practices serve to open our energy channels so we work at optimum levels with our Body-Mind-Spirit in alignment with the Divine, God or the Source of our Existence.  Opening in this way heals us right down to a cellular level while creating a deeply intimate connection with ourselves and a partner in the process of this alignment with Creation, as a natural extension of Love expressed.

Of course the Fountain of Youth secrets, also known as the Yoga's of Tantra, definitely include the art of working with our sensuality, but from a much more empowered place of control, sensitivity and intimacy. The Tantra experience is enjoyed from a greatly empowered and conscious place, involving a strongly, connected spiritual awakening within ourselves, with our partner and our alignment with the Source of our Existence. This experience also re-charges and re-vitalizes our entire Body-Mind-Spirit system, while cleaning house and leaving us very energized for days afterwards. 

Typical sensual practice in contrast, is often very disconnected from this awareness or aliveness.  This is noted most significantly when we focus on the physical act of getting somewhere, go unconscious during orgasm, lack full body sensitivity and then are tired after sex.  Typical sensual practice consistently depletes and expels our valuable life force energy, causing all the above side effects, as it does not store or regenerate more energy for future use as Tantra does. 

We have lost our conscious connected awareness of the true purpose of our sensuality as we know it, often viewing it mostly as a physical expression of love with a partner.  The ecstatic bliss states we might feel during orgasm are a tiny taste of Divine Energy as it struggles to flow through our often energetically blocked up bodies. Typical orgasmic experiences felt are nothing in comparison to what is possible to enjoy with Authentic Tantra practices, in a full body experience of bliss that can last for hours and even days.  This ecstatic blissfulness is our natural state of being that  is re-awakened through the practices of Tantra.

Unfortunately, our lack of awareness to work effectively to achieve these experiences through our sensual expression, has cost us the depth of intimacy that is actually  possible when one opens the channels and aligns with Divine simultaneously.  When we do, our system is optimized into turbo power, so we feel far more, including ecstatic sensations from everywhere, not just in the genitals. 

Keeping healthy and healing is much easier with Tantra practice, as the high states of vibration reached from working with our body appropriately, actually acts to burn away collected baggage or old energy.   Stagnant energy  leads to pain, dis-ease and quickly speeds the aging process.

Authentic Sacred Tantra builds and stores life force in the body, so we are not only energized during sex, we have loads of energy left afterwards that the body is able  to use for its everyday functions. Tantra creates and stores energy for things like digestion, immune system healing, cellular regeneration and even the ability to enjoy far more extended ecstatic and orgasmic states, without depleting the body the way typical sensuality does.  Sound good?  Read on...


Where did Tantra originate?

Authentic Tantra knowledge goes back more than 15,000 years and it is the origin of all other Tantra practice throughout the world. The knowledge of the Yoga's of Tantra originated in  India, initially shared by the Divine incarnate and passed down through the gurus carefully taught to avid students, often under a tree and offered as sacred wisdom of our Universe from the Divine. Divinea's Yoga's of Tantra teachings are an experienced and inspired awareness from a 5000 year old lineage.   As a Medical Intuitive she also shares her expertise of these and other indigenous energy healing from many remembered lifetimes.

Ancient Authentic Tantra Yoga was carefully transcribed by hand in Sanskrit (the oldest and most perfected language on the planet) 5000 years ago by the gurus and yogis as they sensed a great urgency for its use at this particular time in our history.   The Gurus and Spiritual teachers say we have only 20-25 years left on our planet, before we have all but destroyed our very existence. Already much of the animal kingdom is becoming extinct and our children will not be able to reproduce due to the GMO - genetically modified foods that have poisoned most of the planets natural seeding ability and food safety. We are struggling to survive due to the greed and misuse of power for the good of a few instead of the many.

This Authentic Tantra wisdom and knowledge has been gathered and encapsulated in the ancient texts and stories of Creation, which speak of the origins of mankind dating back trillions of years ago and beyond. They make up the Vedanta Teachings, written in the language of Sanskrit, the oldest known original language of this planet. Sanskrit is very precisely translated, as it is much more intricately expansive  than our current language systems.  This wisdom and understanding has withstood the test of time and can be seen in every ancient culture.  Watered down westernized versions of this eastern knowledge shows up everywhere from medicine, health and healing, to the sciences, religions, food origins and diets, nature, important inventions, technologies and in the history of our planet. 

Although much of what we know in our world is not credited to the ancient Vedanta Sanskrit texts, one has simply to study them to see how much of the original wisdom has crossed over into our everyday world.  Frequently stolen, misused or parts separated from each other and rarely with any acknowledgment as to the origin of the knowledge, this wisdom has miraculously stood the test of time. Against all odds it continues to be a great source of awareness and comfort for many truth seekers, including philosophers, inventors and Scientists from Freud, Young, Emerson and more. 

Even great minds such as Mahatma Ghandi and Albert Einstein read the Bhagavad Gita.  Famous celebrities such as the Beatles through their guru Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada,  George Lucas writer of Star Wars and James Cameron, writer, director of Avatar crossed paths with the Bhagavad-Gita and the Mahabharata texts, as some of the stories and character names are closely related to those in the Vedanta teachings.

Two of the biggest grossing movies of all time "Star Wars" and "Avatar" are taken almost directly from the Sanskrit teachings according to international author and Vedic Astrologer Jeffrey Armstrong.

You may have heard of the famous book called the Bhagavad Gita. Character names for the world famous movies above have been changed slightly but are easily identifiable...such as Darth Vader instead of Darth Veda.  It is no accident that this ancient wisdom in the form of these wonderful moving stories, has captured the interest of the masses, as they share many deep truths we naturally and intuitively connect with deep inside. They are the stories of the origin of Creation and offer us aswers to the most important questions asked. 

Who are we?  Where do we come from?  What are we doing here?  How was this planet created?  What happens when we die?  What is our purpose?

Through the ages, many things were left out in the translation, as the Vedanta wisdom and traditions traversed continents and cultures through the trade routes.  Much of this misuse of the wisdom was done intentionally, as the sciences and religions re-wrote their own stories or versions of Creation for their own personal gain and control over the masses.  In doing so, they also chose to often ignore the Universal Laws of Energy and the importance of keeping in Balance with Nature and all things on the planet, with little or no regard to the consequences of our actions in our world for future generations. 

Divinea has become an avid student of the Vedanta wisdom over the past many years.  Through her own personal journey, she has come to understand the significance of this incredible knowledge and has witnessed firsthand, both personally and professionally, the obvious value these techniques and knowledge hold for everyone who utilizes them. Each individual who practices these amazing tools will experience great shifts in their own well-being, relationships, awareness and a sense of freedom overall.  As a human in this world of infinite choices, they will also find it much easier to navigate consciously, successfully and at peace within the world of chaos we live in. 

These practices reach far beyond what most people consider to be Tantra knowledge, which in the western culture, is thought to be strictly involving sex and sensuality.  In reality, the ancient Yogic practices cover every aspect of Body-Mind-Spirit awareness.  They allow us to become the master of our own health, well-being, consciousness and energy,  so that we may live more purposefully and compassionately on this planet.

The Vedanta knowledge is like finally discovering the missing operating manual of understanding that you have been searching for all your life and lifetimes.

In essence, the Vedanta teachings hold the keys to every question you might have, offering everything you need to know to live in harmony with everyone and all things from a place of peace, love, understanding and connection with ourselves, each other, the Laws of Nature, Mother Earth and the Source of all Creation.


Tantra means "tension" and speaks of the energy and balance between all things.

Our world is currently in an obvious state of chaos and imbalance due to the loss and misuse of the valuable, intricately woven knowledge shared in valuable ancient texts such as the Bhagavad Gita.  At this point in our history, it is important to note, that many are finding their way back to the ancient ways as the Arts of Tantra in all forms are shared via many teachers who have had the opportunity to have this wisdom taught to them by the elder gurus who integrated from India and brought this body of knowledge and awareness with them. 

Whether utilizing simple ancient techniques to increase energy levels and sensual experience or awakening one’s health, well-being potential and peace of mind through awareness and knowledge, Tantra is truly invaluable.  By arming ourselves with the understanding of these simple, yet very thorough Laws of Energy and Creation, one is able to manifest a healthier lifestyle and relationship with oneself, others and nature,  reflecting Tantra’s ability to support one manifesting the best they can possibly be, through Tantra practice on every level.  Pick an area you want to know more about or improve on and Authentic Sacred Tantra wisdom holds the answers.

How does Tantra work?

Authentic Tantra is an active process that you must be engaged in with YOUR body to experience real Fountain of Youth results.  Although simple, you must learn how to open channels and run energy fully through the whole body system with guidance from someone who knows how to work with Authentic practice.  This is done by working with specific energy points and utilizing ones breathing to bring in more life force while circulating and storing this valuable energy. 

No one can actually do Tantra to you.  Unless one learns how to circulate this energy in their own body first, there is no tantra, nor is there any life force stored for the body to utilize for clearing, healing, revitalization or profound full body ecstatic bliss.  All the valuable life force energy gets wasted and sent out of the body instead. Men in particular experience this depleted sense of energy loss when they feel tired almost immediately after having sex.  Their lack of control also stems from their inability to retain energy appropriately because of their wiring and lack of knowledge in how to use it properly. 

Through the practice of Tantra, men are able to easily gain control of their genitals, by bringing valuable life force and sensual energy into the whole body where it can be utilized for everything, not just orgasms.  This method of working with energy is just one of many Tantra practices that supports more optimal performance of the the Body-Mind-Spirit as a whole.

The use of Tantra in Divinea's practice

As Divinea has continued her learning, she has been in awe of how greatly Tantra knowledge and practice has shifted her life and thus she has developed an endless appetite to learn as much as possible so she may share it with others. There are so many levels of personal self mastery over life, living, healing and loving one can enjoy and achieve through the practice of Tantra.  Best of all, the awareness and use of the techniques have an accumulative effect and it just keeps getting better and better the more you work with these valuable techniques and practical wisdom keys.

TANTRA DEMYSTIFIED…Understand and FEEL the difference Authentic practices achieve, as there is no comparison when you work with the real FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH SECRETS! If you are interested in learning how to get the most out of your body, energy and life, you will really enjoy the totally revitalizing experience that AUTHENTIC TANTRA creates for complete BODY-MIND-SPIRIT HEALING. 

How do you choose an Authentic Sacred Tantra practitioner?

Unfortunately the word tantra is highly misused. particularly in the massage business these days, making it difficult for an aspiring Tantra student to know where to go.  Many may offer tantra, however, most focus on erotic sessions and ‘other’ services disguised as tantra, as this is where the big money is. 

Any so called tantra “practitioner” engaging intimately with a tantra novice is definitely not teaching appropriately, healthfully, or with their own, or the clients best interests in mind.  A beginner hasn’t even been taught how to open the channels in their own body, or how to clean house first, thus baggage is continually exchanged between them.

Authentic Tantra practitioners will always be invested in showing you how to work with your body first and foremost.  They are not invested in showing you how to have a good time sexually with them while they prance around in sexy lingerie, or do body slides,  as Tantra practice and experience has nothing to do with anyone but yourself initially.  True Tantra practitioners' really understand the energetic consequences of working with anyone in a sensual nature personally or professionally and teach the client how to master working with themselves before engaging in Tantra with another.

We have completely missed the mark and lost ourselves in the way that typical sensual experiences are often practiced.  It has become a physical act with a focused drive to get hard and “release” instead of a connected, intimate experience that joins partners in a deeply spiritual communion together.

Authentic Tantra in contrast, is an active process that you must be engaged in with YOUR body to experience real Fountain of Youth results.  Although simple, you must learn how to open channels and run energy fully through the whole body system.  You do this by utilizing energy points and breathing practices, to bring in more life force while using key ways to store this valuable energy so it can totally revitalize your whole Body-Mind-Spirit system from head to toe and out into your energy field.

Did you know...

The ecstatic orgasmic state actually sends an electrical charge that runs throughout the body and our energy field (aura) surrounding us, quickly transferring and exchanging inner data to both parties?  Unless you have learned how to effectively clean house with Authentic Tantra practice first, you will be taking on baggage from anyone you are intimate with, even if they are just standing in your auric energy field!  It is like intentionally sending an insidious virus memo to all your cells, informing them of all the baggage you and they are carrying and now exchanging with each other....NO KIDDING!

What do you mean...I take on more baggage?

If you never cleaned out the history and cookies on your computer, nor performed a disc defrag or virus scan for 30-40 or 50 years or more, how well do you think your pc would function?  Imagine how filled with baggage your body already is, since typical sensuality doesn't even touch our stored junk, never mind clear it.  Authentic Tantra when utilized correctly, clears baggage, dissolving it effortlessly during high states of bliss.  Divinea offers clients those simple, life changing Tantric healing skills, so each person is easily able to be the master of their own well-being.  Most practitioners, even many with some kind of so called "training" are more focused on sensual sessions and other services, as that is where the big money is.  Unfortunately, it is not where the real healing or Authentic Tantra is.  

Any Authentic Tantra practitioner of integrity would know, that engaging with clients who have no clue about Tantra, much less practice it, means, that they as practitioners, are not working in the best interest of their clients or themselves and thus tons of baggage (like history, cookies and unwanted data files) are always being exchanged between them and their clients.  Why take on negative junk from these practitioners collected from all the clients they have ever engaged with and then pass it on to your partner?

DIVINEA knows and understands the practice of Authentic Tantra as she diligently clears with it daily, continually upgrading and learning more so she may be in the highest integrity when working with clients.  As a practitioner of Authentic Tantra, you learn how to work with clients without this baggage exchange.

Why do many relationships lack real deep, sacred intimacy?

Most of us never take the time to clean out the junk we collect day after day, year after year, until the wall of baggage within no longer allows us to feel, connect or perform as we would like to anymore.  BAGGAGE WITHIN means we will continually attract and experience the same dysfunctional relationships and trigger the same issues over and over again with partners, including anger,  jealousies, attachments, expectations distancing and lack of intimacy.  This baggage also acts as blocked energy in the body, creating stagnation, lack of life force flow and thus pain, sickness, disease and aging is quickly perpetuated. 

Why use Authentic Sacred Tantra to clear unwanted baggage?

Utilizing Tantra actually saves years of therapy, as baggage is effectively dissolved during high states of bliss.  Now how perfect is that?  Once one knows how to open the body and optimize the energy generated during Tantra or sensual practice, the life force stored may be used by the body for a multitude of healing and clearing purposes.  As our body energy flows better, we also radiate more energy, thus naturally attracting far more partners and people to us, as we look healthier, more radiant and alive to everyone.

Single or not active sensually right now?

See this as a perfect opportunity, as it is actually much easier to master Tantra initially with your own body, when you are not distracted or engaged with a partner on a regular basis.  This is the ideal time to work with Authentic Sacred practices, as it will re-ignite the fire and passion within. By doing this first, you are more easily able to shift into what you desire, so you can share yourself energetically, spiritually and physically with a partner much more effectively. 

MEN, consider utilizing private Authentic Sacred Tantra sessions with Divinea  to master your own body during these down periods, as Tantra dissolves expectations, attachments and fills that primal need that runs you, by giving your body the vital life force energy it is actually calling for. 

The weekend Sacred Tantra Massage Workshops, or Taste of Tantra weekly evening workshops, are also a simple, very inexpensive and educational way to learn more and include your partner (or not) in a non-threatening learning environment that will expand into more integrated practices in other ongoing workshops. 

See events for full details about all workshops so you can learn more in the areas you feel most comfortable with.

Levels of Tantra Experience

For the sake of understanding how Tantra is experienced, Divinea has broken down the different levels in order to communicate what occurs as one reaches these points.   This offers an easier way for those who are new to Authentic Sacred Tantra to realize the kinds of things they will enjoy as they let go of the old and move into the new. As Tantra is a Yoga, these points of reference are specific to tell you when you have reached them.

Everyone reaps huge rewards with Authentic Sacred Tantra.

These levels of Tantra experience are rarely ever achieved with typical sensuality, as we are not versed in basics to clean house or keep our channels open in the first place.  Genuine Tantra offers us the opportunity to clear out our old baggage and revitalize ourselves, every time we utilize these incredible Fountain of Youth secrets.

Most people will usually experience First Level in their very first Authentic Sacred Tantra Massage session, if they fully engage with the few simple basics Divinea shares.  Second Level is sometimes also achieved by clients the first session if they book a longer 2-3 hour session and are diligently engaged with the new Tantra awareness. 

Out of body experiences occur on occasion with a first time client, but more often with a client who returns fairly soon after his or her first session and may have begun working with the Tantra techniques learned thus far.  It really is dependant on one's personal energy levels, adaptability to new things and overall state of life force currently  moving through their body.  It does not really matter what level you achieve, as the body will go wherever it needs and manifest whatever it is ready to experience, if one simply lets go.

Before we move into levels of Authentic Sacred Tantra, it is important to think about our body like a computer with great software programs already set up and running automatically.

In quantum physics, it has been proven that what we think, feel and believe is filed in our Body-Mind Consciousness (BMC) the same way we create files on our computer. If we do not "clean house" often, by sending things to the trash (forgiving and letting go of any angst such as anger, expectations and attachments completely) then the automatically created files are saved and stay contained in our body until we do let them go.  Just like we delete the history files on our computer, we need to clean out the past in our bodies.

These "past history or old data" files are usually logically contained in the area most relative to the issues at hand.  For instance, sexual abuse gets stored in the second energy center (located in the genitals or G-Spot and prostate zones), matters of the heart are stored in the heart chakra, communication issues are stored at the throat. 

If you experience illness or pain, note where it is, as the BMC gives us valuable insights as to what the issues are, by storing things in this logical manner.  Our bodies contain brilliant software programs that have many warning systems within it. The Body-Mind Consciousness really is a no fail system that may be easily understood, if we simply pay attention to the signs.

A Medical Intuitive is able to view the blocked energy as it visibly shows up like blackness within and may be seen, felt or heard with clairvoyant, clairsentient or clairaudient abilities.



First Level Authentic Tantra

"Open, Reconnect and Energize"

This level is most often achieved in ones very first session with Divinea when you book a minimum one and a half hour session.  By working with a few simple secrets and learning to stay on the edge for more extended periods, one is able to build up their life force resources quickly and efficiently.  As one learns to open their body channels up, they are able to create, store and learn to fill their body and auric energy field (the bodies filter system) with an expanded amount of energy.  This life force is utilized by the body for daily healing, energy and orgasmic bliss and is vital to getting the channels open from head to toe before one may actually experience the different levels of Tantra.

As First level is reached, one tingles everywhere, as all the chakras or energy channels up the spine become fully opened and activated, opening and re-connecting the body energetically from head to toe once again.  The tingling sensation that is felt even in the face and lips, indicates the life force moving everywhere, as it awakens each molecule and cell into feeling juicy and alive again.  Most of us are so blocked with old baggage, we forget that we can actually feel this yummy. 

At this point, the body becomes ecstatically sensitive to touch and is now at the beginning of the Second Level stage also known as Sacred Fire.  This means you are now ready to "clean house." It is crucial to your longevity and health to regularly get to the "burn" stage and stay there for awhile, as at this point, the high vibration "Sacred Fire" action starts to  dissolve the old baggage and sludge we often all carry around for years. 

It is very important to achieve First Level and stay there for awhile, so you move into Second Levels "burn" stage before having an orgasm. 

Not doing so is actually damaging to the body, as the cells are infused once again with the memo containing all the  old "baggage" files.  This means, the Body-Mind Conscious (BMC) will continually be instructed to pass on the message of "old junk still stored here" to the rest of the cells in the whole body system.

Thus, the pain, sickness, aging and dying process not only begins, it is consistently instructed in this way every time you have an orgasm before cleaning house first.  This is like activating an automatic virus to infect and permeate your body computer again and again.  As time goes on, it gets more difficult for the BMC to bounce back into perfect health, as the body becomes so infected with the "auto virus" program instead.


Second Level Authentic Tantra

"Burn and Bliss"

This level is often easily achieved if one works efficiently with the few simple techniques given during their first session. Longer sessions of two hours or more offer the opportunity to keep moving into each of these next levels of Authentic Tantra experience.  Some clients require more than one session to open enough to get to this stage.

This stage is achieved by working with several basic Authentic Tantra practices Divinea shares, and one must be focused to reach the next levels of experience.  In preparation, the bodies energy centers or chakras must be systematically opened from head to toe.  Then by building on the life force energy stored inside the body, the Sacred Fire within the G-Spot zone is activated, which begins to burn away stored baggage.

Once the body has cleared a certain amount of stored baggage, you may start to experience multi-orgasmic waves of pleasure, like you are having orgasm after orgasm. Men may or may not be hard while experiencing this level of bliss and if learning Tantra, ejaculation is not encouraged, as it drains the body during the process.  Most people are unaware that orgasm and ejaculation are two separate things, thus ejaculation does not have to happen to experience orgasm.  Men are taught how to experience orgasm without "release."  It is important to understand, that once a man's semen dries up, he is well on his way to exiting the planet more quickly.  Tantra practice teaches men how to hold and recycle the ejaculate energy within so it can be used to revitalize him again and again.  This dramatically slows the aging process.  Wow!  Just imagine how much more you can learn if you didn't even know this simple Tantra fact!

As more and more baggage is cleared, one may continually enjoy the blissful waves of pleasure rocking their body from head to toe.  Each orgasmic wave is sending 10x more life force into the body, burning away the sludge and old baggage files, while  one enjoys this ecstatic state of bliss.  This state also energizes the body with each successive wave, thus allowing men in particular to have what it takes to last all night making love to a woman, rather than being tired after an orgasm. 

Once baggage clears, there is more space created, and waves of orgasmic bliss will begin to take over, leaving most in a state of "Wow, I had no idea I could feel like this!"


Third Level Authentic Tantra

"First Awakening in our Journey to the Divine"  

At this point you may feel like you are losing control of your body, as it sometimes seems to take on a life of its own.  There is nothing to fear, you may now be enjoying the first stages of an out of body experience, as you have successfully begun to "lighten up" by moving more life force or light into your body. One will either feel very heavy like the physical body weighs a thousand pounds, or feel so light that it is almost like the body disappears.

Sometimes one finds themselves floating above the massage table, looking down on themselves while enjoying this bliss experience.  Other times, one may find themselves out in an indigo sky with hundreds of thousands of stars whizzing by.  At this point, one is definitely in their light body, witnessing others in their light body as they pass by. It is important to experience this stage in a safe environment, as it could feel either exhilarating or frightening at first. 

At this stage of awareness, the channels have been opened, baggage has begun to be successfully dissolved and one is now experiencing an intimate communion with the Divine.  This might feel like oceans of endless love are pouring in, as one opens to the incredibly blissful state of peace, ecstasy and intimacy that pours through them.  This is often equated to a near death experience, as the body seemingly melts away and one is left to view their life and thoughts in relationship to this Divine connection.


Advanced Levels of Authentic Tantra

"Deeply Intimate Communion with the Divine"

This kind of communion may not always attract the average person, as although they may yearn for a deep connection with someone, they are often unable to comprehend the path or dedication required to achieve this communion with the Divine.  Simple spiritual practices and awareness that open the Body-Mind-Spirit to recognizing what is possible, may plant the seeds for future reference.

Deeply Intimate Communion with the Divine is achieved by utilizing more Advanced Levels of Authentic Sacred Tantra such as Advanced Tantric Breath Methods, Postures, Mantra's, Yantra's and Meditative Practices.  Most people are unaware that deeply intimate states of ecstasy can actually occur without stimulation or connection with a physical partner.  The ongoing journey one takes with Authentic Sacred Tantra will eventually lead them to this experience, should they choose to continue awakening on their own Personal Journey to the Divine.

The very dedicated path of the Tantrica is beyond the path of the Yogi, as it offers a greatly extended spiritual manifestation of the intimate connection with the Divine. This experience is only tasted briefly for a second or two during beginning states of orgasmic bliss with typical sensual practice. 

Deep communion with the Divine, is really what we all seem to or often hope to achieve and duplicate with a partner, thus sparking a never ending search for "the one".  It is what we yearn for, because it is where we come from and thus, is what we remember.

The deeper orgasmic states are actually the experience of ones channels opening and allowing the energy of Divine Love to pour through for longer and more extended periods of time.  As the channels become more open through consistent practice of Authentic Sacred Tantric Arts, Divine energy has the ability to permeate ones very Spirit.  This may not only serve to heal ones karmic past, it changes our very chemical vibration, which automatically attracts more appropriate, healed partners to us.  As well if inappropriate partners show up, we will more easily recognize them before getting involved. As our baggage is dissolved, they no longer hold the same appeal or attraction they once may have, as we have begun to heal our past wounds by clearing them and letting them go.

Tantra is considered the Fountain of Youth, as it brings us back to the source of our self-empowerment, remembering where we came from.  By offering up the awareness to achieve that deep, clear Divine Communion and connection once again, we become much more empowered and filled with light.  Our Journey to the Divine is  a very personal, and extremely rewarding path, no matter how much we choose to embrace it!


This website was created as a vehicle to share with others seeking self-empowerment through the Arts of Authentic Sacred Tantra.