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Divinea ~ Medical Intuitive & Tantra Practitioner

"Awakening Body-Mind-Spirit wholeness within ourselves again, is the priceless gift of Authentic Sacred Tantra and the Fountain of Youth secrets.  The value of this wisdom is always graciously received by anyone participating.  This has always been my experience."   Divinea
Cash Only - Satisfaction Guaranteed
Private In Studio Sessions ~ Events & Workshops
Usually Advertised in the Georgia Straight
Sometimes Advertised in Craigslist
Please note this is a condensed information page focused on rates.
See Services for full info on calls...appts...hours...etiquette...cancellation and more.
CELL PHONE...604-788-7723
Return calls show up as "D L M" on call display.
  • Strict confidentiality and privacy is always assured.
    HOURS - Divinea will take calls and book appts as available during these hours.
    MONDAY to FRIDAY...8am-8pm
    SATURDAY & SUNDAY...8am-8pm
    Divinea will be available most every day through the holiday season.


    Privacy assured
    West 16th Ave & Main VANCOUVER, B.C.
    Enjoy your session in a beautifully decorated,
    clean and fully equipped space.
    Divinea is available to answer client calls, questions and make appts during the times noted.  She willingly takes immediate appts, only when she is sure to be at her best for you.  Time off is taken as needed, so availability may vary accordingly.
    Divinea will do her best to make it work for you, especially when given advance notice.

    New clients...When you book a longer time the first session, you will achieve better results than if you book the equivalent in several short sessions.  The first session includes consultation to find out a clients background, interests, issues and desires so the session can be utilized accordingly. It is also is a bit of an education in awareness as well as practice, as you are learning something new and different compared to what you may have been used to. It takes time for most clients to open and unblock the body initially and get to certain levels of Tantra, when one is just learning. Once a client achieves "1st Level Tantra", their body has just begun to open, reconnect and be re-energized again in a whole new experiential way.  From this point, a client is easier able to keep the channels open and duplicate results on their own between sessions.

    Returning clients...Once Tantra basics are introduced and experienced, shorter 1hr or 1.5hr sessions are often  sufficient, as one begins to achieve results more easily in less time, with what has already been learned and practiced. 

    Private One on One Session Rates

    For more detailed information please see Services.

    Authentic Sacred Tantra Massage in Studio
    Includes Swedish Relaxation, Sensual Massage, Tantra practices and Energy Healing techniques.
    Private, Respectful, Sensual Full Body Sessions are for discerning clients.
    Although sessions are of a sensual nature, they do NOT include sex with Divinea, ever.
    Divinea DOES NOT wear lingerie or allow touching, nor does she engage with clients in any of these ways, as the sessions are not about her, they are about the client and offer a more spiritually aligned perspective, as is true Tantra.
    Divinea guides clients with Tantra practices so they understand their bodies better and are personally empowered to achieve more by optimizing abilities they are often unaware even exist.  Clients can expect to begin the journey needed to shift issues, while creating more vitality, energy, health, well-being and experiential and knowledgeable awareness about the "Lamborgini" they are actually driving. 
    Ideally, a 2hr session is definitely better to achieve more optimal results first session, so that one actually has time to get to and enjoy the experience of working with real Tantra.  However, for those who prefer, a minimum of 1.5hrs may be utilized if your budget or time limitations request it.  See specials if you are time or budget limited.
    RATES...private one on one Tantra sessions
    $120 - 1 hour
    $150 - 1.25 hrs
    $180 - 1.5 hrs.
    $ 240 - 2 hrs.
    $ 350 - 3 hrs
    REGULAR CLIENTS only $110hr (for 1-3hrs) for appts. booked Mon. ~ Fri. 8am-noon.
    This price is not available for first time clients or with other advertised specials.
    See SPECIALS on now if you are time or budget limited...
    Private Couples Session Rates

    For more detailed information please see Services.  See specials page for discounts.

    Couples Authentic Sacred Tantra Massage In Studio
    Includes Swedish Relaxation & Sensual Massage, Tantra secrets & awareness.
    Private, Respectful, Full Body Sessions are for discerning clients.
    $ 350 - 2 hrs ($175hr) Includes plate of Sweet and Savory Aphrodisiacs.
    Experiential Tantra for Relaxation and Pleasure only.
    Clients who desire more hands on and minimal Tantra awareness will enjoy this shorter session.
    $ 450 - 3 hrs ($150hr) Includes plate of Sweet and Savory Aphrodisiacs.
    Initial consultation. Experiential Tantra and Awareness plus Relaxation & Pleasure
    Additional time is charged at $140 hr.
    $ 550 - 4 hrs ($137.50hr) includes plate of Sweet and Savory Aphrodisiacs.
    This is the best session for first time couples, as it goes by very quickly! 
    Initial consultation.  Experiential Tantra and Awareness plus Relaxation & Pleasure
    Many additional Tantra practices shared that really support a couples understanding.
    Additional time is charged at $130 hr.
    Authentic Sacred Tantra Massage Mobile Outcalls (not available at this time)
    Couples Mobile Outcalls - Minimum 3hrs for couples $600 - aphrodisiacs included
    Includes travel time, parking or valet if applicable.  Additional time charged at $120hr.
    Available for UBC, West side, Downtown Vancouver, East Van, North Van, West Van, Burnaby areas only.  Availability only guaranteed when booked 2-3 days in advance.
    Special "Taste of Tantra" Packages...$900-$1200 for 4-6hrs includes setup and take down. Consider showing up at your pre-booked hotel to enjoy a room where sacred space has been created for you and your partner. Enjoy many candles, beverages in tall wine glasses, a plate of savory and sweet aphrodisiacs, draped exotic fabrics and decor items for ambience and someone to respectfully guide you and your partner through an exotic, yet beautiful awareness and experience of Authentic Sacred Tantra together.
    These evenings may be planned for your arrival or stay in our fair city in your hotel of choice.  Please ask for quote.

    This website was created as a vehicle to share with others seeking self-empowerment through the Arts of Authentic Sacred Tantra.