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Authentic Sacred Tantra

 "The Fountain of Youth Secrets"

"All pain, sickness, "dis-ease" and aging is simply a result of blocked energy channels (chakras and meridians) in the body, created by a collection of baggage (history and cookies or old programs and triggers buried within) and an imbalance in PH chemistry. Authentic Tantra practice opens and activates the energy  channels in the body naturally, so you can heal at a cellular level. This helps promote more optimal healing of the Body-Mind-Spirit as a whole.

The PEMF Mat not only accomplishes what Authentic Tantra does, it also balances the PH while resetting the cells to a healthy resonance in only 8 minutes. A perfect combination that greatly speeds up personal healing results with little effort. " Divinea

Radiant Body-Mind-Spirit Health!

DISCOVER PEMF - No. 1 Healing Technology in the world. Learn more.

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  • SWEDISH RELAXATION MASSAGE Healing Session - (1.5hr Session $110 plus 30 mins FREE) - Includes 1.5hr Swedish Relaxation Massage and Energy Healing practices plus FREE 30 mins BONUS with the PEMF Healing Mat. A non-sensual session to inspire radiant healing and awareness about all of Divinea's available services. BUY GIFT CERTIFICATES for yourself or others. Use anytime all year long as no expiry. PS Gift Certificates do not include any Tantra related information or links, so you can gift it with confidence your privacy will be intact. FOR MORE INFO on PEMF DEMOs coming February - please indicate your interest in your message when joining the VIP elist above.

  • PEMF MAT Healing Sessions (Try a 1hr PEMF Mat Session $75 or Buy 3 - 30 min sessions $120 and get BONUS 4th mat session FREE) - Each session includes check in consultation. (Regular mat session 1hr $75 or 30 mins $40) BUY GIFT CERTIFICATES for yourself or others. Use anytime all year long as no expiry. PS Gift Certificates do not include any Tantra related information or links, so you can gift it with confidence your privacy will be intact. FOR MORE INFO on PEMF DEMOs coming January - please indicate your interest in your message when joining the VIP elist above.

  • AUTHENTIC TANTRA - ALL CLIENTS SPECIAL Session (1.5hr Session $150 - Saves $30 or 2hr Session $195 - Saves $45.) - NEW CLIENTS Minimum 2hrs first session for best results. Includes consultation - Tantra awareness, education and valuable practices, plus hands on experiential sensual Tantra practices and massage. BUY GIFT CERTIFICATES NOW and use anytime all year long as no expiry.

  • AUTHENTIC TANTRA PACKAGE- (5hrs $450 - Saves $150) Available to anyone this month. Includes Tantra consultation, awareness and education, plus hands on experiential sensual Tantra practices and massage. BUY GIFT CERTIFICATES NOW for yourself or others. Break up hours into several sessions and use anytime all year long as no expiry.

  • AUTHENTIC TANTRA SENIORS Session - 60yrs up  (2hr Session $180 - Saves $20 or 5hr Senior Package $425 ($85hr) Saves $75 Includes Tantra consultation, awareness and education, plus hands on experiential Tantra practices and massage. Seniors package of 5 hrs available for $425 ($85hr). BUY GIFT CERTIFICATES NOW for yourself or others. Break up hours into several sessions and use anytime all year long as no expiry. (Regular price for Seniors is $100hr.)

MORE ABOUT THE PEMF MAT  (Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Frequency) Discover the most advanced healing technology on the planet today. See Dr. Oz demo and check out www.pemf.com and www.pemfkeytohealth.omnium1.com for more info or to find out more about getting your very own mat. FOR MORE INFO on PEMF DEMOs coming February - please indicate your interest in your message when joining the VIP elist above.

"I personally have almost completely eliminated 25yrs of daily chronic pain after only 6 weeks of use on my personal PEMF Mat.  Invented by Nasa and FDA approved to increase circulation, heal inflammation, regenerate muscle tissue, fix hard to heal bone fractures, heal brain tumors and improve cell regeneration. Most importantly this mat also opens up all the chakras (energy centers) and meridian channels in the body, while balancing the PH in only 8 minutes. This normally takes 2-3 months to do nutritionally." Divinea

WHY IS PEMF THE NO. 1 HEALING TECHNOLOGY TODAY? All disease is created due to blocked energy centers (chakras) and meridian channels in the body and an imbalance in your PH levels in the body. Meaning your PH level is either too acidic (very common) or too alkaline (not as common) rather than being perfectly balanced. It only has to sway a tiny bit either direction and it can create havoc in your cells, healing and health. As the PEMF mat opens up all the energy channels and meridians and balances the PH in 8 minutes, you begin to understand how valuable this mat is for healing!

The proper Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequencies speed up the bodies healing by duplicating the natural healing ability of Mother Earth into an efficient, portable system that anyone can use almost anywhere. It clears out the dirty electro smog (EMF's) that collect in our body and that we are inundated with daily from wireless everything. Everywhere we go there are cellphones, ipads, pc's, modems, smart TV's, smart meters, microwaves, internet towers, appliances and wired in electricity surrounding us in our homes and offices and they are very harmful to our Body-Mind-Spirit. . These frequencies energetically overly tax our bodies nonstop, as they are vibrating at 10-20 times higher than is healthy for us. Since we are surrounded by these harmful frequencies, we are now more challenged than ever to receive the natural healing from Mother Earth, as we live in cement buildings, wear rubber soled shoes, and are bombarded by wireless frequencies daily, diminishing our ability to get or stay healthy easily.

PEMF technology kickstarts your immune system to do it's magic and heal itself. It does this by opening up all the channels and resetting the organs and tissues to back to a healthier vibration. Doing this regularly resets the default settings in our system from the usual tired, sick, blocked and shut down settings and optimizes them back to open, activated, energized and flowing. It is very simple...if the energy channels and meridians are not open, old blocked energy cannot leave and new life force (prana) cannot come in easily and flow effortlessly through the entire system to optimize the immune systems ability to heal itself effortlessly. As a result, the body is constantly seeking enough energy to feed all the systems and keep things running so it begins to eat itself up by robbing energy from other places to deal with daily functions. This is what creates cellular depletion, sickness and aging..

Even if you eat all the right foods, take all the right supplements, drink all the right water, do all the right exercise and take time for yourself to relax and unwind, WHO CARES! If all your chakras and meridian channels are not open and your PH is not balanced, the Body-Mind-Spirit is unable to efficiently utilize all your efforts even remotely well, cause the energy is not open, activated or flowing freely through your Body-Mind-Spirit system. The mat also takes us deep into the Alpha - Omega - Beta wave length patterns of brain function, allowing for states of total relaxation and meditative states of awareness. The more you use the mat, the more effortless it is to achieve these states more naturally and easily on a daily basis, with or without the mat.

Divinea teaches Basic Energy Healing Awareness in your very first private session, so you can personally learn how to open your chakras and meridian channels and breathe better to help shift your bodies healing. The mat allows much of this process to occur without effort, however, we must still learn to breathe more efficiently to store energy, thus allowing the mat to further amplify our ability to create optimal health and well-being. Authentic Tantra is the Fountain of Youth and by utilising these valuable ancient secrets, it also teaches you how to open all the chakras and energy channels properly so you get your energy moving from head to toe more appropriately.

Using Basic Energy Healing Practices and/or Authentic Tantra in conjunction with the mat will dramatically increase your recovery from virtually every kind of health issue or health challenge. If you have long term or unknown health issues, chronic pain or any kind of health challenges that need a super boost to get things moving to clean house, the mat is a perfect way to get this process activated and optimized with minimal effort.There are many personal testimonials shared online to prove it. Almost everyone feels lighter, more relaxed, meditative, clear, energized and motivated after a session and many also sleep better, experience significant pain relief, posture and spine alignment and so much more. Try your first session soon by contacting Divinea to find out more.

FOR MORE INFO on PEMF TECHNOLOGY SEE Dr. Oz demo and check out www.pemf.com and TO PURCHASE YOUR VERY OWN MAT SEE www.pemfkeytohealth.omnium1.com PLEASE DO contact Divinea to walk you through your purchase correctly to take advantage of the special or to align the finance option. If you have good credit and wish to finance the mat, this is also done directly on the website. For as little as $100 a month, you can have your own mat shipped in a few days. Delivery is usually 5-10 days. FOR MORE INFO on PEMF DEMOs coming February 2018 - please indicate your interest in your message when joining the VIP elist above.

EASY NEW LOCATION in Richmond (No. 2 Rd / Westminster Hwy) - 10 mins drive from Vancouver
New website launching SOON with great new mobile friendly info!


Boost vitality and energy regardless of age. Discover tips and secrets to eliminating virtually all sensual issues. Experience the ancient practices of Tantra and learn how to create optimized harmony and balance for the Body-Mind-Spirit as a whole. Then you will understand why Authentic Tantra is truly the Fountain of Youth we seek. Includes consultation, counseling, energy healing massage, plus Tantra awareness and secrets.

  • NEW CLIENT Authentic Tantra Intro Session - Offering 2 hrs for $210 - saves $30. Also check current monthly specials above to find your best deal. Minimum 2hr session is suggested for new clients for optimal results so you have time to get to results when first learning how to work with this amazing new secrets you will wish you had learned years ago!.. Available to NEW clients for first session only. You must mention the special to receive it.. Self evident results are achieved when you take time to experience the difference that true Tantra practices create. Gain back control and learn how you can easily create more daily energy, clarity, vitality, awareness and insight .

    Why do Authentic Tantra secrets work? Most people are very blocked up from years of storing emotional baggage in their bodies. Learning how to open, activate and clear inner channels "cleans house" of the blockage which stops the flow in the body and creates sickness, dis-ease and aging and many common health challenges. If you are experiencing   issues like premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, sex addiction, lack of drive, tiredness or other challenges, Authentic Tantra can permanently eliminate them...GUARANTEED.  Free up some space on your hardrive, feel lighter and discover how to use these simple secrets regularly. You will wish you had learned these a long time ago as they really work!

  • More info on Special Package prices that save you a bundle on the hourly rate.

Pay by cash, online interac transfer or direct deposit to a Scotiabank or Coast Capital Bank near you. Pay by credit card (4% surcharge on specials or packages) Please call for more information or to make a payment for services or events.  Thank you!  Ways to pay - more details

Regular clients with previously purchased valid packages may still use the now retired upgrade system for life.

"Quantum Physics demonstrates the fact that energy is neither created or destroyed, it simply changes form.  Thus the idea of recycling our life force is a powerful tool that is better understood with this knowledge. Opening ourselves to tap into Universal energy with Authentic Tantra, is Quantum Physics experienced in action." Divinea

If you deal with sensual issues of any kind or lack confidence, vitality, energy, ability or simply want to learn more ways to optimize your Body-Mind-Spirit back into balance, then discover AuthenticTantra!

Properly taught Authentic Tantra is all about you and focuses on you, as it has nothing to do with typical sex and it's external  distractions. These kinds of things simply serve to keep you from enjoying the much deeper and more subtle levels of ecstatic experience ,as you learn to discover this new awareness.  

Authentic Tantra debunks the myths and challenges commonly created due to our lack of knowledge and understanding of the workings of our Body-Mind-Spirit.  Discovering these simple ancient secrets exponentially expands our enjoyment, far more than we ever knew possible. These ancient secrets allow us to enjoy Loving and Living from a whole new level of experience. Once you reach these places, you can never go back to the box you broke free from.

Read full article "Understanding the Workings of Authentic Tantra"

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Why Authentic Tantra instead of typical sensual practices?

December 7, 2015 Newsletter article by Divinea

The most important reasons people switch to Authentic Tantra are the obvious healing, well being and longevity benefits. Not to mention that deepened intimacy is created when baggage is naturally burned in the ecstatic state, as it was meant to be during the lovemaking process. My question to couples and individuals is, "Why wouldn't you switch, it's a no brainer?" 

Needless to say, Tantra is widely misunderstood in the Western world and has been marketed into many different versions from one end of the spectrum to another, all calling themselves "tantra". Most barely resemble the original purpose of Tantra...which was to open the channels in the physical body so we optimize the Body-Mind-Spirits abilities by weaving these energies into total balance and harmony with all that surrounds us.  This naturally reconnects us with Creation and the Source of our Existence, whatever your understanding or choice of that may be.  Authentic Tantra offers an experience that deeply heals Body-Mind-Spirit right down to the cellular DNA!

Intuitively we open more during this Authentic Tantra process and once we develop that muscle for a consistent period, we are no longer separate, but rather connected directly to this "world wide web" of awareness in every aspect of our lives.  When this aspect is practiced and developed more consistently, synchronicity abounds, life flows , attachments and expectations naturally fall away and we live more in the moment. When we do "fall off the wagon" sometimes and allow "the past or our stuff to run the show" instead of our consciousness, we learn the difference and eventually our "bounce back time" becomes quicker and easier.

These kinds of skills are invaluable in a world of chaos, where we are constantly challenged to stay in balance. The EMF's (electromagnetic frequencies) from cell phones, pc's, smart meters and wireless everything, bombard us all day long, breaking down our auras or energy fields so they barely suffice. Most people arrive for a Tantra session with an aura of 4-5ft.  It should be no less than 7-9ft minimum, as it is our protective field and also stores energy for crisis when we need it.

When the aura is larger, it serves to naturally clear our daily emotional baggage, before it ever enters the physical body and shows up like blocked energy, which quickly manifests as pain, sickness, disease and eventually aging.  Did you know that we integrate an average of 450 negative audio and visual messages a day from TV and other inner and outside influences and only 7-10 positive messages? These energies not only bombard and stress our aura, they create blocked energy and triggers that are stored in our bodies just like the history and cookies on a computer.  Without some kind of useful tried and true program of discipline to clear this junk out, we are far more susceptible to illness, aging and relationship and sensual challenges.

Simple secrets of Authentic Tantra, also known as the Fountain of Youth, have been designed to work for everyone under all these influences with extremely effective results.  There are a multitude of bonus healing benefits, not to mention, your sensual side will be greatly revitalized and enhanced in the process in so many different ways.  Did you know that sensual energy can be utilized for healing the body-mind-spirit as a whole, as it is an extremely powerful resource when channeled correctly? We have never learned how to do this with typical sensual practices, so instead, our energy is consistently drained from the body and wasted.

Authentic Tantra allows us to embody our personal power and take charge of our destiny.  It simply optimizes our abilities, energy and potential, while allowing us to gain greater intuitive skills, incredible clarity and a new sense of love and connectedness with ourselves, others and all of Creation again. Why else would you be here? So I ask you plain and simply...what are you waiting for?


VIP Specials - You may be privy to different specials if you are on the confidential VIP elist.  Join Tantra VIP Elist

Pay by cash, online interac transfer or direct deposit to a Scotiabank or Coast Capital Bank near you. Pay by credit card (4% surcharge on specials or packages) Please call for more information or to make a payment for services or events.  Thank you!  Ways to pay - more details

   Indulge in the Lost Arts of Self Healing

September 3, 2015 Newsletter article by Divinea      Watch this video: The Wings of Yoga with Jeffrey Armstrong

In ancient times self healing was practiced as an honored art and in many cultures the Medicine Men, Shamans, Gurus and Wickens shared these co-creative and intuitive teachings and skills to those who desired to learn. In our culture we have handed over much of our healing to medical doctors.

Western allopathic medicine defined, is the practice by which pharmaceutical drugs, physical intervention and surgery are used to suppress or treat symptoms by ultimately creating other symptoms. These methods may only offer temporary relief as symptoms of "dis-ease" are treated.   Treatments are also often administered by many different specialists who work with only one part of the body, mind or spirit in their healing practice. Without working with core energetics on all levels, "dis-ease" cannot be cleared appropriately out of the system and thus, as energy is neither created or destroyed, it simply moves and shows up elsewhere.

In the Eastern ways of thinking, the Body-Mind-Spirit must be treated as a whole to create a sustained and healthy existence. In India, Science, Medicine and Spirituality equate to body-mind-spirit and all are considered as a whole and are not separated into 3 separate camps that oppose each other as they are in the Western world.

Authentic Tantra and Yoga Wisdom trains us to awaken our own innate healing ability by reconnecting with the source of our existence and the Universal energy that is always abundant and available.  This awareness, along with simple practices, allows one to self generate more connection to everything through their own innate healing energies so as to optimize what is known as the "Sacred Fire" within.  This fire may be utilized to burn away old energy that resides within like history on cookies on a pc.  This old stuff controls our very way of being and existing and it is important to learn ways to clear our inner pathways daily.  There are many ways to do this through Yoga practice, and Authentic Tantra is one of them.

With the Yogas of Tantra, we re-discover the Lost Arts of Self Healing and are once again able to take charge of our own health and well-being. By empowering ourselves in this way, we attain greater states of self-awareness, incredible clarity and focus, improved intuitive and empathic abilities and expanded and heightened states of consciousness.  Truly a gift to ourselves worthy of receiving.

Indulge yourself with more awareness and Authentic Sacred Tantra!


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Divinea's Private Studio Space

Always warm and clean with fresh sheets, towels, shower and all amenities needed before and after your session.  Alkaline water available during your session.  Why alkaline?  Inquire on the amazing health benefits!

SPECIALS  Ways to pay - more details


New Client? Private Sessions... More info on all sessions available  Senior Specials

Welcome to the amazing world of Authentic Sacred Tantra.  Regardless of what brings you here, you will reap rewards far beyond what you came for, believe me!  As you begin your journey of discovery, you will realize how much Tantra wakes up your charismatic vitality into real aliveness again, no matter what your sensual challenges or age! Whether you are dealing with issues like PE (premature ejaculation) or ED (erectile dysfunction), sex addiction, lack of desire or just feel like you want to greatly improve your current experience, you have come to the right place. 

Clients are more than just satisfied with the many changes that occur when they work with these simple practices, in fact they are ecstatic with the changes.  Whether you already have a great sex life or none, you will exceed your expectations of what is possible.  As you begin your exploration of a whole new world you likely never knew existed, you will be continually surprised at the many shifts that begin to occur each session.

Be prepared for a wonderful experiential journey that will re-awaken your sensual side and more into youthful, joyful, blissful ecstatic expression and energy.  Tantra heals the Body, Mind and Spirit as a whole.  The more you work with real Tantra practice, the more you reap the many rewards that come with these amazing Fountain of Youth secrets. 

Tantra Package Specials    Regular drop in rate is $120hr


How private session packages work: Divinea offers interested clients her fabulous upgrade program. Once a client buys any private session package, they may break up hours into as many sessions as desired and use hem anytime all year long. Onceyou have this unlimited package, it is yours indefinitely, as long as you upgrade by buying more hours again before you use the last of the hours up. A 4% surcharge is added if paying by credit card. Please note some packages will be no longer be offered (unless you have one) as new web launch brings new things.

Seniors Specials available anytime all year long (60yrs and up).

Are you a senior over 60yrs old?  Learn some new tricks to revitalize your energy levels, increase immune health and amp up your sensual "Charisma Factor."  Getting older does not have to mean your vitality slows or your sensual side has to suffer.  The reason it changes, is because we collect baggage like the history and cookies on our PC and drain our bodies with the way we have learned to work with our sexuality.
Authentic Sacred Tantra gives you back the energy, vitality and abilities with simple  Fountain of Youth secrets.  Clear baggage, open the channels and learn how to use your valuable life force more optimally and effectively through the whole body.  No matter how old you are, you will feel a dramatic shift in what you are able to experience again...guaranteed!  Please ask for seniors discounts in advance to receive.

Seniors Drop In Rate - 2 hrs for $210  ($105hr) Seniors 60yrs and up are eligible for this anytime. Experience the possibilities that simple ancient practices of Authentic Tantra can do to totally rejuvenate your Body-Mind-Spirit.  Tantra energy accumulates so you get more sexually vital as you get older, not less.  Typical sensual practices drain the body in comparison so learn how you can change everything with some new awareness and simple secrets. Results are GUARANTEED! 

Seniors Package - 9hrs for $850  ($94.50hr)

If you are interested in a Private Session package and do not see one that is right for you...please inquire about a special Senior Package rate and Divinea may be able to offer you one.

Why does Divinea offer such incredible package discounts?  

Regular clients who stay consistently focused on working with the practices for a committed period of time, achieve much greater life changing results in a short amount of time compared to traditional therapies and allopathic medicine.  The deeply integrated shifts that occur with clients is extremely gratifying to witness. Many become long term clients, booking time for themselves weekly, as the results are so profound and satisfying.  As they expand on their awareness and practices, they achieve amazing personal confidence, deepened intimacy and increased vitality and energy.

Tantra's Fountain of Youth secrets create more optimum health, pleasure and excess energy for your body to work with for all its essential services.  It is an honor and a gift for Divinea to share these life changing experiences with others!


Divinea offers her packages at great prices and they do not include tips. If you really enjoy your experience, tips are greatly appreciated at the end of any session.

This website was created as a vehicle to share with others seeking self-empowerment through the Arts of

Authentic Sacred Tantra.



How will Authentic Tantra support me?

MEN...Eliminate common challenges permanently, gain confidence in your abilities or simply shift your sensual side into a whole new paradigm of experience, free of typical issues that you might assume are age related. Simple tried and true ancient practices change everything, including energy levels and partnership performance challenges that most men assume they must continually struggle with or take drugs for. Tantra naturally works to clear core issues that create the problems, so forget drugs like Cialis or Viagra which have many dangerous side effects!

Currently in a relationship? Tantra helps clear the junk that continually triggers you and your partner, without the intervention of long drawn out traditional talk therapy.  Single or not having sex much right now?  This is an especially good opportunity to take time for yourself, learn how to fill your own tank and gain some new Tantra insights so you attract healthier partners or stop triggering the one you have currently.  Tantra will work to deepen your intimacy levels as your baggage is cleared and your channels are opened to optimize your Body-Mind-Spirit connection to create better balance within.

WOMEN...Naturally Tantra to a certain degree, women move energy through the body better because of their wiring. But that doesn't mean your house is clear of old baggage from past relationships or traumas. Authentic Sacred Tantra is the Fountain of Youth, so it shares time honored practices and simple tools to revitalize and renew, for a  more youthful version of you. Precious Tantra secrets greatly extend your life and energy levels and what women wouldn't like to know more about that?  As an added bonus, your aura, charisma and sensual attractiveness level increases so you effortlessly connect with partners that are more naturally healthy in all areas of Body-Mind-Spirit.

Authentic Sacred Tantra offers easy solutions with ancient practices that simply stated...optimize your experiences dramatically, GUARANTEED. Imagine you have been operating your body like an old VW chugging along all your life, then suddenly you discovered the secret manual to optimize your whole bodies performance level into the turbo charged Lamborgini you really are!   That is what Authentic Sacred Tantra is like for the body.  Bottom line...Divinea delivers an integrity service with Authentic Tantra practice  so you can enjoy long term health changes that extend your life, love and health!


Gift yourself a healed and balanced experience of sensual well being.  Learn lots of new great tips and secrets that allow you to magically create and utilize more energy as you weave the tension between Body-Mind-Spirit to your advantage.  This practice revitalizes the whole body system, clears out the low vibration junk and allows one to experience more balance, higher energy and a well-being buzz that leaves clients with a knowing that Authentic Tantra's promises are for real!

Count on enjoying immediate changes in your physical body and more for your very first private session.  Then, if you like the results, consider expanding on those experiences.  Integrate invaluable key things that will change your abilities, energy levels, control, longevity, sensitivity and orgasmic experiences more than you can imagine!  Once you feel the differences Authentic Tantra offers, you may want to educate yourself further by planning to join us for some of the amazing new events and workshop programs listed in the events or calendar sections.  Here you will discover a whole new world within the variety of simple practices called the Yoga's of Tantra.

Divinea specializes in sharing the uniquely transforming 5000+ year old Vedic traditions of Tantra awareness, which are the oldest known original and purest form of Tantra teachings on the planet.  All other teachings, including the 2600 year old Buddhist versions of Tantra have originated from these. In many cases the practices have been westernized and distorted into other incomplete teachings and do not offer the proper ways to master your abilities safely. Working with the purest teachings is extremely important, as they safely balance the Body-Mind-Spirit naturally on every level, not just sexuality.

Authentic Sacred Tantra practices offer incredible ways to greatly improve many aspects of your connection with yourself, yourself, your body, your partner, your life and your well-being as they allow you to master the inherent healer within.  These ancient Fountain of Youth secrets definitely change your perceptions about life and relationship in many amazing ways that are shared within these pages and in Divinea's private sessions, evenings and workshops.

When you really take the time to understand and discover what these simple little ancient secrets can do for you,  Authentic Sacred Tantra will become your passion, just as it has become Divinea's passion to share with you. 

Guaranteed Results & Satisfaction.

Get on Divinea's private VIP elist for super specials and event discounts only available to regular VIP clients.

This website was created as a vehicle to share with others seeking self-empowerment through the Arts of

Authentic Sacred Tantra.