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Words Shared by Others

"Love is a force more formidable than any other.  It is invisible - it cannot be seen or measured, yet is is powerful enough to transform you in a moment, and offer you more joy than any material possession could."   Barbara de Angelis

"I am ever grateful to the clients who took time to express their personal experience, so that others might gain insight from their Sacred Tantra journeys." Divinea

Please note some names have been changed or omitted by request for client privacy.

“Tantra is the fastest way to the Divine, as it opens the doors within our body temples to allow this intimate connection.  Divinea is the perfect person to teach the Sacred Arts of Tantra, as she understands and embraces that path.”

Quote from Juan Ruiz ~ Global Shaman from Peru, who also works with the Dalai Lama


Workshop Testimonials - Sacred Tantra Practice

Richard... 51 years old...Artist, Producer...Vancouver BC 

"Divinea is truly professional in this practice, teaching ways of life and love that should be a standard fundamental for using our, experiencing our, energy and life sexually and otherwise.  This type of teaching crosses over all fundamentals for increasing the natural true joys of being in a body.

The weekend workshop I did with her was a very deep personal and obvious clearing of very old blocks. The community sharing and meals together was a wonderful experience.  I felt all knowledge is good knowledge, because we are all complex in history and sometimes a variety of applications may be required to heal."

Jeneva... 61 years old...Janitor...Maple Ridge BC 

"I felt completely seen, safe and ready to drop my baggage and move on from a very painful breakup.  This weekend workshop was just what the doctor ordered.  I would highly recommend Divinea's work. Could you please target the older women as they would be surprised to find out the possibilities and potential as even as we age, we can be juicy too. I would recommend Tantra to friends because it is so powerful to be unattached to outcomes in your relationships."

Barry... 60 years old...Producer...Vancouver BC 

"Well of course there was discussion about better sex! What I wasn't expecting was the beautiful central location, classic decor and comfort provided to enjoy during the weekend and the great food to keep us going.  The sessions were casual and fun!  Every detail was considered, even a doorman to greet us. 

Before we get to the sexy bits, the Tantra included techniques for better health, better relationships and increased longevity.  But what about being a better person by having more of you to access in relationship?  Yes, we spent some good time on that in a safe, supporting, inclusive environment with great results.  If you are still breathing, there is something essential for you in Divinea's teaching."

Andrew.. 30 something years old...Musician...Vancouver BC 

"The Tantra workshop will give you the insight to tap into better methods for relationship as well as prolonged sexual and sensual arousal.  As well Divinea's workshop will give you the tools to enhance the individuals ability to tap into the universal infinite energy."

Angeline.. 47 years old...Massage Therapist...Vancouver BC 

"I realized this is much more of a personal, emotional journey, as I still have alot of process oriented, emotional and relational work I still need to do that might also benefit from an energetic healing session. The partner's dialogue didn't seem "tantric" to me as I had my own pre-conceived notions as to what that was, but I appreciated the broad range of skills, tools and techniques that Divinea brings to her teaching."

Michelle... 56 years old...Reflexologist...Chilliwack BC 

"I would definitely recommend this to friends, as who wouldn't benefit from the enhanced self-confidence and self-esteem that comes from self-mastery? There was no part of the weekend that I was uncomfortable or challenged with, as because what might have been difficult was so skillfully managed."

Leslie...30 something...Single...Victoria BC 

"The Sacred Tantra Practices weekend with Divinea provided me with powerful tools to begin and enhance my personal journey of transformation and healing. The workshop opened me to a deeper willingness to 'do the personal work that is required to increase my energy and life force through clearing, releasing, breathing, visualizing and fully being. The breathing techniques I learned are valuable tools and I have been practicing daily since the workshop. Already I feel more vital and open through the base chakras.

The incredible weekend with Divinea provided an excellent base of Tantric introductions and was just what I was seeking. Divinea's wealth of Tantric knowledge, wisdom and expertise was rich and authentic. The environment was conducive to opening and was a very supportive, relaxing and nurturing environment. I look forward to participating in the next chapter of a Tantric Practices workshop with her. I would absolutely recommend this to friends, as it was very beneficial.

Men's Testimonials

Male  ~  Private Session Clients

Client Testimonial from Shane ~ Landscape Designer in Vancouver

I have been seeing Divinea for private sessions for about a year now. I booked the first session, as I was looking for something to help me get beyond my lifelong issues around sexuality and intimacy, and that's exactly what I found with Divinea.

The shift after just the first session was so profound, I knew then that I wanted to commit to a deeper exploration of her amazing work. She showed me how to literally burn away all the old garbage, like shame and guilt, and allow a beautiful, ecstatic energy to flow through me instead.

I feel like a different person! My energy level is amazing. I have more confidence. My connection with everyone is much deeper, even with strangers in the grocery store checkout line. I definitely noticed how unblocking my energy flow has made me more attractive to other people, including women.

Divinea's knowledge and kind and loving spirit have truly changed my life and allowed me to break away from the negative patterns that were running me. Her coaching is invaluable and her hand's on work is wonderful and powerful. If you are considering booking a session with Divinea, I say...don't wait, book an appt. In fact, buy a package and book ten! You won't regret it.

Kyle... 41 years old...Technical Engineer...Vancouver BC 

"I honor the work you do. I think it essentially fills a gap in our understanding of sexual intimacy, and I would like to continue to explore it further." 

Jackson...36 years old...Financial Advisor

"The Swedish and Tantra massage combo session I had with you was impressive, relaxing and energizing at the same time." 

Andrew...68 years old...Retired...Vancouver BC

"I am retired now and thought my sensuality was sort of on the back burner as things had started to slow down and not work as well anymore.  You were right about waking things up again with a Sacred Tantra session.  It certainly took me to a new level of enjoyment with myself and my lover.  She is very excited that I am able to hold back much longer, and especially that I can actually get there in the first place and even go again!  I am so very grateful for your love and support and tutoring in things of such a private nature.  Everyone should learn this stuff." 

Nick...44 years old...Pilot...Vancouver, BC   

"Your Tantra and Swedish Massage combination sessions always make me feel like I am being lovingly honored and appreciated exactly as I am.  Thank you for your nurturing consistency and open-minded sensitivity.  It is always a pleasure to totally relax and let go with you."

Johnson...55 years old...Retired...Port Coquitlam, BC

After a hysterectomy at 45, my wife lost all interest in getting intimate, so I came to Divinea seeking a way to deal with my own disappointment and sadness.  Her sessions taught me how to fuel myself with easy practices that I honestly didn't believe would work.  She encouraged me to stay with it and as our sessions continued, I felt myself shifting into a blissful and contented place of peace with myself and my partner. The difficult emotions I had been dealing with seemed to dissolve as I learned more about clearing and opening my energy channels with daily practices. My advice...keep doing the practices, they really work!"

Paul...29 year old...single male...Vancouver

"As a single man in my late twenties, I have unfortunately suffered from significant anxiety about sex and intimacy. The anxiety has been a huge burden and is very isolating with regards to dating and women in general. Like most men, I have been pleasuring myself since a young teenager.

However in my twenties, I realized that doing this, although fun for the short duration with the right video, still consistently left me feeling tired and irritable. I grew more and more frustrated, thinking something didn’t feel right about what I was experiencing. I got so frustrated, I was abstinent for a significant period of time.

Later when I resumed self-pleasuring. I quickly got interested in Tantra and the notion that I could build energy from self-pleasuring or sex without feeling depleted and irritable. I read a book or two and spent nearly two years trying to master the energy building techniques on my own, which included ejaculation control.

For some perspective, I meditate frequently and have a very good sense of control of energy flow in my body. I did have some measure of success, enjoyed myself somewhat and felt like I loosened some things up 'down there.’ However I still wasn't feeling satisfied, happy or overly contented afterwards. The 'after glow' and grins that people supposedly have after sex were nowhere to be found.

I finally decided to seek professional help and searched the internet for teachers or courses to better inform myself while I continued to practice on my own. I had no intention of getting a 'sensual massage', and was very uncomfortable about it.

After an hour chat my first session and initially thinking Divinea should only verbally coach me, I realized that all the knowledge in the world wasn't going to help, if I couldn't experience Tantra. I decided to man up and enjoy the massage, breathing and other hands on techniques Divinea had initially only talked about. As we built the energy I felt the start of the Stage 1 Tantra. Afterwards, a completely different type of full-ness, solidness and calm came over me.

I have only had 2 sessions so far and yet I feel much more in control and content than I have in the past. I have also noticed girls flirting and looking at me more already. This almost never happened prior to seeing Divinea, even after years of trying with self study.

I also suffered from health issues that had left my muscles weakened due to a hormone imbalance that even naturopaths and doctors couldn't fix for nearly a decade now. It sounds far fetched, but I actually gained more natural muscle strength within 3 days of my first session with Divinea than I had felt the last 10 years working out and taking supplements. The hormones and energy generated in our session definitely made a difference for me.

I would highly recommend Divinea’s services. She's very knowledgeable, gentle, kind and has a great degree of professionalism while working, as the focus remains on you and your body.  If you have any desire to improve your sensual experience and health on all levels while you enjoy yourself more, you should give Divinea’s Authentic Tantra services a try. You've got nothing to lose!" 

Shane...Landscape Designer in Vancouver

"I have been seeing Divinea for private sessions for about a year now. I booked the first session, as I was looking for something to help me get beyond my lifelong issues around sexuality and intimacy, and that's exactly what I found with Divinea.

The shift after just the first session was so profound, I knew then that I wanted to commit to a deeper exploration of her amazing work. She showed me how to literally burn away all the old garbage, like shame and guilt, and allow a beautiful, ecstatic energy to flow through me instead.

I feel like a different person! My energy level is amazing. I have more confidence. My connection with everyone is much deeper, even with strangers in the grocery store checkout line. I definitely noticed how unblocking my energy flow has made me more attractive to other people, including women.

Divinea's knowledge and kind and loving spirit have truly changed my life and allowed me to break away from the negative patterns that were running me. Her coaching is invaluable and her hand's on work is wonderful and powerful. If you are considering booking a session with Divinea, I say don't wait, book one. In fact, book ten! You won't regret it.

As an update to my earlier testimonial last year...I want to add that things continue to unfold in amazing ways thanks to the work with Divinea, which is why I continue to see her! I have enjoyed 18 months working with personal practice and sessions now and I find my life in a place that I had not even dreamed was possible! I no longer waste energy trying to avoid intimacy, suppressing my sexuality because of old fears around PE (premature ejaculation).

With Tantra practices and Divinea's guidance, I have learned how to let intimacy and sexuality flow with ease, and the results are profound. I feel confident, and that confidence is attractive to others. PE is no longer an issue and hasn't been for quite some time since early in our work together. I am able to fully express myself sexually with joy and passion, something I didn't think was even possible before I started working with Divinea. Her compassion, knowledge and skill have truly changed my life!"  

Jazz...44 years old...Corporate Head Hunter...Montreal, QB

"I booked three Long Distance Tantra Coaching sessions with Divinea to help shift the PE issues I was struggling with. I live back east and was unable to find any real Tantra locally.  Each session, I was walked through the basic steps to achieve more in my body. 

The first session was really informative, as she talked me through some Tantra energy awareness so I would know what my body was actually doing.  Then she talked me through some simple practices and I was able to actually get to the first level of tingling sensations that she talked about.  I could not believe that my body felt so alive and awake, with lots of energy distinctly flowing everywhere. 

Each phone session was better than the last and gave me a more expanded experience each time.  One thing I really noticed was how much more energized I felt.  After my initial long distance sessions, I was able to come to Vancouver for a private session.  I definitely got to the WOW that Divinea talks about as well. 

My personal Tantra journey has already been extremely enlightening and productive as I no longer deal with  premature ejaculation issues since our work together.  I have suffered with that for many years and it was handled in the first one on one private session I had with Divinea.  That made my prior phone sessions and my trip so very worthwhile!  I hope to make it back for more one on one or a workshop very soon. "


Cordell...47 years old...Personal Coach...Seattle Wash.

"I first experienced Divinea’s Authentic Tantra sessions about a year ago and was not really prepared for the changes or sensations I felt in my body. I have to say I was rather skeptical and honestly had been used to “other” sensual massages that always seemed to leave me feeling like something was missing.

I found out what that was the moment Divinea focused on building rather than releasing, as the power inside my body that was generated from all that captured energy was really quite amazing and left me feeling totally charged up, relaxed and blissful. I worked with my energy and body as Divinea suggested between ongoing sessions and am still an avid student of Tantra with her and others to this day. I encourage others to take the leap and try it. You will really feel the difference as her ads say.”

Richard...29 years old...Fitness Trainer...Vancouver

I never really thought of myself as a sex addict, but I was constantly preoccupied with sex and self pleasuring and getting laid, all the time.  I was also ejaculating minimum 3 times a day and sometimes more.  I realize now, I was obsessed and it had alot to do with why I was so low energy sometimes.  I have had only 3 sessions with Divinea so far and I have already cut back on ejaculating to 2 times a week, which for me is hard to believe. 

I was really amazed at how quickly I started to shift the addictive patterns by filling myself with the energy as Divinea showed me, rather than releasing it.  At first it seemed hard to wrap my brain around it, but it became easier and easier to do with my daily practices.  Now I am really enjoying how much more empowered I feel in my whole body when I don't ejaculate.  Circulating my energy now is definitely the way to go and I am confident in recommending Divinea's Tantra sessions to my clients as it is an obvious win for anyone training."

Jamey...Financial Consultant...Bellingham USA

"When we talked on the phone prior to my very first "real" Sacred Tantra session, Divinea told me about some of the amazing things I would achieve. Frankly, at that point, I commented on the fact that it seemed like a tall order for her to deliver in a session and I couldn't relate to how it was possible. Well, I was surprised and delighted to experience many of those incredible sensations and abilities in that first session with her. Since then, I have had lots of sessions with Divinea as I come to Vancouver often.

I am still continuing to enjoy increased abilities in my sensual life. That full body aliveness just gets better the more I play with it, especially now that I understand how it all works. I had no idea that sensual practice could be used to enhance energy levels to such a great degree. Authentic Tantra is very different compared to other sessions I have had, in fact, they pale in comparison. Divinea has made a believer out of me and my body loves her for it."

Justin...26 years old...Personal Trainer...West Vancouver BC

"The Tantra Massage session I had with you the other day was quite simply, astounding.    I was totally surprised that even my fingers and toes were vibrating during the session and it took me awhile to come back to earth again.   I still can't believe how aware of my body I was afterwards.  It was like I was blasted with light and energy everywhere, like I put my finger in a socket.

As my first experience, it was totally unlike anything I have ever felt before, especially since I had sensations everywhere, which I don't normally.  I cannot imagine it goes way beyond that! I am definitely interested in learning how to capture that energy so I have more control with my girlfriend.  Anyways, I am grateful to have found you Divinea and look forward to more." 

David...38 years old...Commercial Real Estate Agent...West Vancouver, BC

"If I could express one thing about Divinea's Tantra Massage it would be, definitely try it for yourself !  You will be astounded at how much more you feel by learning a few tantra tricks.  My first session was mind blowing, as far as energy in my body went.  I had no idea I could feel so alive everywhere! 

Don't waste your time on the other sensual sessions like I did.  Real Tantra is far more satisfying, believe me, especially with someone who loves what they do and really takes time to connect with you.  Whenever I need extra energy for my busy weeks, I book a nice long session with Divinea so I can make it through with a smile on my face." 

Jonathan...53 years old...Criminal Lawyer...Vancouver, BC

"To say my first experience with Divinea's tantra almost a year ago was good, would be an understatement.  It was in fact such an eye opening session that I immediately went out and bought the book she recommended, so my partner and I could learn more together between my sessions.  Tantra has awakened the sleeping giant that lay dormant in me for awhile. 

I was struggling with lack of interest and had real challenges with control when I did engage with my partner.  I was surprised and delighted at how quickly that shifted for me after my first few sessions.  I would indeed recommend Divinea and her Tantra massage to anyone who wants to jumpstart their love life again.  Her nurturing and loving private sessions have opened me up to a whole new world of sensuality I didn't know existed. 

Thank you for showing me the way - my girlfriend thanks you too.  I have become a regular weekly client and look forward to time out for me now after a stressful week in court."  

Brian...Age 56...Software Engineer...Vancouver, BC

"Thank you Divinea for the most amazing Authentic Tantra experience I have ever had.  Your session was indeed very different from others and your easygoing, open personality allowed me to relax my initial nervousness completely and totally enjoy the process.  I did notice way more in my body than I have ever experienced with other sensual type massages. I was amazed at the increased energy and body awareness I had, even many days later!  I will be a regular client and look forward to learning more about this wonderful thing Tantra."    

Kevin...22 years old...Cook...Vancouver, BC.

"Thank you for the great session...I am still feeling relaxed and rejuvenated 3 days later." 

Jabir...Clothing Sales...Coquitlam, BC

"I want to thank you for treating me so royally in the energizing Tantra session I had with you!"  

Mohammed...42 years old...Drycleaner...Richmond BC

"The last Sacred Tantra session I had with you was absolutely amazing!  That's why I came back."    

Scott...53 years old...Business Advisor...USA

"Our fabulous session is never far from my memory.  I have to say, I have rarely had the privilege to be loved as intensely as  I was in my Sacred Tantra session  with you and it was frankly, beyond words.  I would love the opportunity to experience more of your sessions and hopefully our paths will soon cross when I am in town again.  Thank you so much for a wonderfully liberating and very energizing experience."  

Bob...45 years old...Import and Export...USA

"I have had massages all over the world from Amsterdam to Thailand.  It doesn't get any better than Divinea.  When it comes to Sacred Tantra massage, she is in a class of her own!" 

Nathan...27 years old...Computer Software Engineer...Delta, BC

"That was unbelievable!  I have never experienced that kind of energy with my sensuality before.  Thank-you.   I will definitely be back." 


Male  ~ Evening Event Participants

Bradford...30 years old...Musician...Chilliwack, BC

"I really, really enjoyed the Tantra Introductory evening you did recently.  It was great fun and not at all what I expected.   In fact, it opened my eyes to a new world of working with my body, that I had didn't know existed.  I have already picked up some books on Tantra and am avidly learning more.  I will call you when I am in town again to book a Sacred Tantra session.   Thank-you so much and keep me posted on any more evenings you do.  If I am in town, I will be there!   

Gary...24 years old...Flower Arranger...Vancouver, BC

"The Free Tantra Info evening you did recently was very enlightening.  I had no idea that there was so much I didn't know about sexuality and how to make it work better for myself.  I am very interested in discovering more about these very old Tantra secrets and plan to muster up the courage to jump into your full on Tantra weekend.  I am currently single and feel this might be a great way to deal with all the baggage remaining from the difficult relationship I just recently let go of. 

I was very intrigued with the idea that clearing house as you call it, would allow me to attract a better flavor of partner to myself if I dealt with that first.  It seemed to make alot of sense.  I plan to come for a private session before the next workshop, so I get a head start on working with more, as the techniques you gave us in the evening were simple and actually worked to increase my energy experience. 


Male  ~ Workshop Participants

Merritt...50 years old...School Teacher...West Vancouver, BC

"I really appreciate and acknowledge your expertise and teaching style that I enjoyed in the Tantra Weekend Workshop.  I was both challenged and moved by the overall insights that I worked through.  It was not necessarily an easy weekend at some points for me, but it was very worthwhile, as I have a newfound sense of connection with myself, my body and Creation already. 

Each person in the weekend added a different piece to my healing Tantra journey and I personally would like to volunteer to help next time, as I would like to learn as much as I can about these ancient arts.  Please call and include me if you are able and sign me up for the monthly Tantra Practices and Tantra Movie Nights as well."  


Women's Testimonials

Please note some names have been changed or omitted by request for client privacy.

Female  ~ Private Session Clients

Candace ~ 46yr old...Sales Receptionist...Vancouver

My boyfriend and I were at an impasse in our relationship and had already discussed going our separate ways.  We were no longer living or sleeping with each other and as a last resort, planned a counseling session with Divinea to see if it would help. 

In 2 short hours we covered alot of ground and it wasn't all easy.  We learned some new communication methods where we took turns doing so in a healthier way as Divinea coached us.  Doing this really made my boyfriend feel safer to be vulnerable with me and I really felt heard when I shared my feeling with him. 

I am not saying everything is all worked out already, but we actually both felt we made headway and are hopeful but not attached to what might happen.  Divinea guided us in such a way that we were reminded of the love between us.  This in itself seemed like a miracle as it hasn't been there for quite some timel  Needless to say we are committed to regular sessions with Divinea to see where we end up.  

Janice...Jewelry Sales...Burnaby BC

"I felt very comfortable working with Divinea.  My boyfriend and I both learned great new ways to achieve far more pleasure together." 

Brenda...73 years old...Retired...Surrey, BC

"At the age of 73, I expect things to slow down, but instead, these Tantra practices have really boosted my energy and vitality after only a few sessions with Divinea.  Even though my partner has no wish to be intimate anymore, I feel happy and connected with myself and my own sensual expression again.  I am smiling and feeling fullfilled, despite my husbands lack of interest.  I also have a different understanding and compassion now for his own struggles with his sensual side.  This has been a great blessing for me, as it has freed me to explore another side of myself that I didn't really know was there to explore."

Natasha...33 years old...Staging Designer...West Vancouver, BC

“I was introduced to Tantra by another woman friend who had such an amazing change in her whole energy and outlook as a result of a Tantra session with Divinea. I had never really had the opportunity to heal my past sexual abuse.  Mostly I did not know there was a way to do so, that did not look like years of therapy. Not that counseling didn’t have it’s place in my healing, I just did not want to talk about it anymore, I only wanted the memory out of my body. I was elated to find there was someone out there who could help me find that buried abyss of hidden pain so I could let it all go for good.

Divinea was very honoring of my background, yet clear in her approach to respectfully “empty” my body of that old energy that was causing all sorts of sensual challenges for me. I had been unable to face my husband’s needs to connect with me for many years after I was raped and it was crippling our relationship. I felt reborn after the deeply shifting Sacred Tantra sessions.  They magically erased the heaviness and resignation I have been carrying for what seemed like a lifetime already.

All I know, is that I went home after the first session and the first thing my husband said to me is “What happened to you, you look like a different person?” I felt like a new woman and actually contemplated connecting with him more intimately for the first time in a long time. I feel like a huge burden had been lifted from me and I am living life again with a new appreciation.  Thank you Divinea for holding the beautiful space you do for us women also!  I will be forever grateful for your support.”

Janice...56 years old...Flagwoman...Surrey, BC

"I was abused as a girl at an early age and as a result, attracted a myriad of dysfunctional men and relationships to me all my life.  As the buried shame and guilt was released with Divinea's support and Tantra techniques, I felt like a bird that was finally let out of its cage. Her coaching and personal practices given have been my lifesaver as they continued to dissolve the old junk I had been carrying for years. Don't wait as long as I did to deal with the past.  Now every day is a precious gift as I see the world with new eyes."

Sara...42 years old...Women's Sexual Abuse Recovery Center...Vancouver, BC

"Everyday I work with damaged women that have suffered sexual abuse and I guess I chose this career path in an effort to gain insight into my own abusive past.  In all the years I have been working with others, both through counseling and just being there, I realize that I still had not let go of my own pain.  It was a clients story about her own experience with Authentic Tantra and Divinea, that had me seek more help of my own. 

Divinea took a before and after photo of me prior to my sessions. I was totally amazed at how much of the heaviness and pain I held in my face just disappeared after the healing work we did together.  We did three sessions and I can honestly say that I have never felt better.  I have done the counseling route to heal myself, but talking about it again and again seemed to keep it fresh in my mind. 

Divinea was able to move more in three sessions than I was able to move after two years of weekly psychotherapy for the sexual abuse.  I am still in awe of the change in my attitude and feelings about my sexuality, but am grateful that I don't feel inclined to talk about it anymore.  Thank you beautiful woman, for helping me get my life back!"  


Female  ~ Workshop Participants

Barbara...45 years old...singer...Vancouver BC

"I have done many personal growth workshops and have never felt so safe, respected and taken care of as I was here, especially in such an intimate setting.  It was an amazingly liberating experience for me."  

Maria...32 years old...Medical Health Professional...Abbotsford BC

"What a great Tantra weekend we had!  This week has been just as wonderful.  I can't believe the change in myself.  Thanks for doing what you do and for doing it so well." 

Renee...43 years old...Homemaker...Vancouver BC

"Thank you so much for the healing Tantra workshops that you do. I feel as though you helped me to give birth to myself."  

Julia...32 years old...Airline Stewardess...Richmond, BC

"My neighbors thought I had a vacation, as they said I looked so much younger after the Sacred Tantra workshop.  That made me smile, as I had been feeling very shut down after my recent and difficult divorce.  I feel like a different person who has a whole new outlook on sexuality now.  My sense of freedom and feelings towards men, including my ex, has left me with hope for a new experience of a more loving relationship when I am ready. 

The communication exercise Divinea gave us to do with a partner in the weekend worked like magic.  I realized that really feeling heard by my partner allowed me to let go of the pain without actually processing it.  What a novel idea!  I learned so much about myself and how to be more responsible for my own choices and healing, that I have been telling all my girlfriends about Sacred Tantra.  I am looking forward to enjoying more with the monthly Sacred Tantra Practice sessions."  


Couples Testimonials

Couples  ~ Private Session Clients

Janice...Personal Assistant...Burnaby BC

"I felt very comfortable working with Divinea.  My boyfriend and I both learned great new ways to achieve far more pleasure together." 

Keith and Marla...married 20 years...San Francisco, CA, USA

"My wife and I had a Couples Sacred Tantra session with you recently and had no idea what to expect.  In fact, we were a little apprehensive at first, but have been kind of in a rut with our sexuality together, so we wanted to take the leap and try something different anyway.  You were so relaxed with with us, that we felt totally at ease almost immediately. 

I have to say, I was delighted at how much more arousal we  experienced, both personally and with each other just by doing what you showed us.  We have continued practicing the basic techniques and our sensual time together has already improved dramatically.  Thank you for doing what you do so well and with such grace.  We will be back to Vancouver again soon to learn more!" 

Sangria and Michael...Age in 40's...Married 6 years...New Westminster, BC

"I brought my wife to experience a couples session without even telling her what it was about.  I remember how skeptical she was when Divinea first started explaining what Tantra was.  She took extra care to make sure that my wife was clear and comfortable before we started our session.  Sangria had suffered sexual abuse prior to our relationship and has always had difficulty expressing her sensuality since then. 

It was so wonderful that you took the time to explain each step in depth and ask permission to proceed, only if she was ready and comfortable.  She felt totally honored and appreciated with your approach and by the end of the session, she was in a very different place about everything. 

What a miraculous thing you have achieved for us!  Not only was Sangria excited about the new things she learned, she could not thank you enough for showing both of us, especially me, how to hold back to build more energy  first.   This has finally eliminated the premature ejaculation problem and my wife takes advantage of being able to keep me at it all night.  I am not complaining, but rather wish to thank you for creating a very different experience of our sexual expression together.  Words cannot express our gratitude!"  


Couples  ~ Workshop Participants

Carole and Jasper...Own Restaurant Business...Abbotsford, BC

"My partner and I have been married for 33 years and have never had more than half hour sex.  The Sunday night we left your workshop, we went home and made love for more than four hours and had plenty of energy afterwards.  This was not only a first for us, it was the best sex either one of us have ever had with anyone.  

The workshop weekend was everything you said it would be and more. We will ever be grateful for the most respectful and special way you held such sweetly, intimate space for the participants.  We learned so many new things about sensuality and Tantra and had no idea that we knew so little.  Who would have known how much it would completely change our experiences together.  

Thank you for giving us some fantastic new ways to communicate and share, especially when we are angry with each other.  Your insights were so appreciated.  We have already told two other couples about our experience, so I would not be surprised if you hear from them for your next workshop." 

Social Events & Party Testimonials

Tantra ZEN Party & Social

John...Vancouver BC

"That was an awesome Party!  You really meant it when you said the party was uniquely "out of the box" and I find it hard to do it justice when I try to explain to friends what a great time I had.  I am glad I took the leap and came to one of the evenings.  They are unlike any gathering I have ever attended, but in a way that was very easy for me to enjoy and blend into, both quietly or full out. Thanks." 

Kate...Vancouver BC

"I had no idea how much fun I could have at something like this.  I really loved the people.  Great crowd!" 

Carol...Burnaby BC

"I haven't laughed so hard in years and the food was magnificent.  You really outdid yourself.  Thank-you." 

Barry...North Vancouver BC
"I will never look at a banana the same way again.  I thoroughly enjoyed the whole night and really loved the quality of people who attended - a very accepting group of free-spirits.  Thank you for creating such a unique and playful event for all of us.  Please keep me on your contact list for any future events." 

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