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On a personal note

"Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together."  Marilyn Monroe

"I have always chosen to journey in life with what passionately moves and inspires me, whether that was expressed artistically, explored within nature or through the healing arts. I believe our true spiritual destiny is best experienced through this love, as life then becomes a beautiful play naturally weaving itself deeply into the arms of the awaiting Divine." Divinea

"If someone told me many years ago that I would be working with Tantra as a career, I would have laughed them off the planet.

Swedish Massage and Energy Healing had already been a passion of mine for many years, and when I first began working with Tantra, it was simply for my own healing journey. As my learning progressed, so did my personal and professional practice, especially since many individuals were expressing issues with relationship, sexuality and health that Authentic Tantra naturally addressed.  This further motivated my journey with Tantra in order to share these incredible healing arts with others.

I have always, since I can remember, been naturally attuned with these ancient secrets as an intuitive empathic already, I often remembered Tantra knowledge and abilities learned and experienced lifetimes prior, sometimes in the most appropriate moments when working with myself or others. After exploring these incredible ancient tried and true practices personally for many years this lifetime as well, I have come to realize the huge difference they make in every aspect of personal Body-Mind-Spirit health and well-being.

Since childhood, I have always been very emotionally and energetically sensitive and as a Medical Intuitive, had strong Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Clairsentient skills. This has always given me a great advantage as a natural Healer and Spiritual Guide, as these empathic abilities allow a much deeper level of the understanding required to easily integrate and share these practices with others.

Many years ago, I decided to pursue the Yoga path of Wisdom and as I did Authentic Sacred Tantra also came into play. Since then Ihave since greatly expanded my personal Tantra knowledge and experience, as I never stopped learning. Although I have experienced much, I still feel I know nothing, as this knowledge and practice are as expansive as Creation itself and offer the equivalent in abundant gifts as each new level is achieved.

This "Journey to the Divine" has been both a magical and celebrated progression. I absolutely love sharing the simple, yet profound, life altering experiences of Tantra with others, as quite honestly, they change everything! Divinea



 Any individual that chooses to work with even simple basics of Authentic Tantra,  will experience numerous, noticeable shifts in many forms and in many areas of their life and that is pretty much GUARANTEED.

When we remove energetic obstacles that block our abilities to see, hear, feel and connect more intimately with our own Body-Mind-Spirit, we discover the keys to longevity and happiness.

Tantra is a Yogic practice and covers much ground in its applications, as it works with all levels of the Body-Mind-Spirit in it's healing, clearing, revitalizing, ecstatic pleasures and awakening.  It makes no difference whether you choose to  use the practices by yourself, with a partner, or whether you incorporate the non-sexual or sensually oriented techniques into a regular daily experience.  It is like eating really good chocolate, you absolutely know the difference and better still, you will feel it and look it as well!


 Divinea's BIOGRAPHY

An entrepreneurial spirit, Divinea has played in creative fields for 35 years and simultaneously in the healing arts for 25 years. Divinea is truly a Visionary with plenty of gifts in many fields to share with others.  A Medical Intuitive, Certified Practitioner and  Workshop Facilitator, Events Coordinator, Tantric Guide, Energy Healer, Masseuse, Artist, Designer, Spiritual Counselor and Life Coach, she has numerous skills.  She has worked with a multitude of different healing modalities both personally for her own healing and professionally with others. 

 A Medical Intuitive with Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Clairsentient abilities, Divinea is a natural healer with magical gifts.

Sharing alternative healing modalities that are simple, self-empowering and results oriented, Divinea has been known to offer private sessions, evening events and weekend workshops on occasion, so other seekers can explore their gifts as well.

Divinea is well aware that she has experienced the arts of Tantra in many prior lifetimes.  She has been working with Authentic Sacred Tantra in her personal life for many years and professionally for about 15 years.  Her Tantra and Yoga studies include Sacred Tantra Teachings, Native Indian Teachings, Peruvian Teachings, Yoga Teachings and a clear connection to her etheric Tantric guidance.  Her ongoing personal Yoga and Tantra journey is a commitment for this lifetime. 

Her current and ongoing Tantra studies include some of the more advanced Sacred Tantra arts which may also involve Mantras, Yantras and other Yogic practices.  These teachings from eastern Vedic works of the Universal Laws of Creation contained in the  Bagavad Gita have been in conjunction with well known author, Ayurvedic Astrologer, Comedian, Master Teacher and Yogi, Jeffrey Armstrong.

Divinea offers her personal experiences with an open heart, a sense of humor and with the insights and wisdoms of many wise mentors, muses and teachers close at hand.  She enjoys the opportunity to inspire others to awaken to their own intuitive master healing abilities and spiritual support, enabling them to walk between worlds with ease and grace.



YOGA & TANTRA Background
Initiated by Sri Tathata May 2014 on the Jnana Yoga path
Intro to the Healing Tao with Grand Master Mantak Chia
Jade Goddess Workshop with Saida Desilets PHD (Womans Sensual Practice)
VASA - Vedic Academy of Science and Arts - with "Kavindra Rishi" or Jeffrey Armstrong
Vedanta Yoga represents the divergent philosophical views of more than 10 schools of Yoga.all developed on the basis of a common textual connection. Known as the Prasthanatrayi which is a collective term for the principal Upanishads, the Brahma Sutras and the Bhagavad-Gita. More info
2013-2016 Ongoing Monthly Advanced Bhakti Yoga Sadhana and Vedic Knowledge Classes
2012 Yoga for Life Retreat ~ Bhakti Yoga daily practice and Vedic Learning Intensive
2009-2013 Ongoing Weekly Bhakti Yoga Sadhana and Vedic Knowledge Classes
Ayurvedic Astrology - Expanded awareness of the Gunas and Doshas through Astrology
Ayurveda for the Corporate World - How Body Types relate to Compatibility and Job Roles in the Workplace
The UltiMateTM  Level 1 - Yoga & Tantra - Logic of Love & Art of Compatibility
The UltiMateTM  Level 2 - Yoga & Tantra - Creating Sacred Relationship
The UltiMateTM  Level 3 - Yoga for Advanced Tantra & Relationship
Life Without Fear Workshop  - Setting Boundaries & Removing Fear Based Behaviors
The Ayurvedic Body Types - Techniques to Create Balance & Better Relationships
Enlightened Lifestyles - Maintaining Dynamic & Creative Attitudes - The 3 Gunas (Body Types)
Sacred Lifestyles  - The Mind Body Connection - Breath, Brain Link
Sacred Lifestyles - Cooking for the Gunas (The 3 Different Body Types)
Karma - Cause and Effects
Morning Bhakti Yoga Sadhana Practice
Lifestyle Consultant and Distributor - PEMF - Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field Healing Mats
Consultant and Distributor - Alkaline Water Machines and Systems
Sex, Passion and Enlightenment with Satyen Raja of Warrior Sage - Relationship Workshop
EST Training with Werner Erhard - Personal Excellence Workshop
Landmark Forum Training with Werner Erhard - Relationship Workshop
Millionaire Mind with Harv Eker of Mind Valley Academy - Creating Money Workshop
Presenter for Intuitive Skills at Warrior Training (video) with Harv Eker
Spiritual Advisor with Harv Eker - Online conference calls
Conscious Connections " A Dialogue Between the Sexes" - Created & facilitated weekly relationship events
One Heart " Relationship Circle" - Created & facilitated weekly relationship events
INTUITIVE Background
Natural Empath and Medical Intuitive since childhood
Intuitive Energy Healing - Frank Austin - Many Horses, Medicine Man
Grandmother Ceremonies - Juan Ruiz
Personal Growth Events and Planetary Healing Events Lisbon, India, Vancouver - Norma Milanovich
MASSAGE Background
Swedish Massage Therapy Certification
Relaxation & Intuitive Massage Therapy Certification
Chair Massage Certification - Relax to the Max
Intuitive Massage Teacher - Rhodes College
Relaxation Massage Teacher - Vancouver
Native Indian Shamanic Healing - Frank Austin - Many Horses, Medicine Man
Peruvian Shamanic Healing - Juan Ruiz
CREATIVE Background & Education
Artist and Designer
Event Coordinator
Interior Design and Decor
Faux Finishing - Specialty Paint Effects
Home Staging & Design - Real Estate market
Window Display & Decor - Wholesale & Retail
Event & Staging Display - Local & International
Web Design - Personal and Professional
Graphic Design - Personal and Professional
Custom Clothing Designer
Infamous Accessory Design
Jewelry Designer
Stained Glass Design
Design Degree - Kwantlen (Douglas) College
TEACHING Background
Authentic Sacred Tantra Evening Events & Workshops - Vancouver, BC
Energy Healing Workshops - Vancouver, BC
Intuition Workshops - Vancouver, BC
Intuitive, Swedish & Tantra Massage Practitioner
Facilitator - Intuitive Massage - Rhodes College, Vancouver, BC
Facilitator - Patternmaking - Helen Lefeux School of Design Vancouver, BC
Design your Destiny - Vancouver School Board
Jewelry Design - Vancouver School Board
Raja Yoga - Transcendental Meditation
Vedanta Yoga - Yoga of Philosophical Knowledge
Bhakti Yoga - Yoga of Devotion Study
Hatha Yoga - Postures for Strength, Balance & Breathwork
Jnana Yoga - Introspection, Contemplation, Breath, Meditation
Kharma Yoga - Seva, Service to Others - Mindful path of Action
Pranayama Yoga - Breath and Meditation practices
Bhakti Vedic Mantras - Chanting - Mind/Spirit practices
Jnana Yoga Mantras - Chanting - Body/Mind/Spirit and Breath practices
Yoga's of Tantra - Fountain of Youth practice for Health & Well-being


Consciously connecting with her personal guides in the etheric realms since early childhood, Divinea has the ability to see within the physical body much like one would view an X-ray. Thus she easily acts as a witness within for others, sharing inside information and insights.   From this place of awareness and understanding, energy may be moved out easily and more permanently.

"When the Devas' suggested creating a website many, many years ago, I really didn't have much clue as to where to begin with it, as at that time, very few people had websites and email was something only the odd friend subscribed to on our then cumbersome, dinosaur styled computers.  

Right after my connection with the Devas', I attended a spiritual conference in Tacoma with many now well-known spiritual speakers in attendance including Doreen Virtue, James Twyman, Norma Milanovich, Michael Murdock and many more.  I met countless new friends who were inspirational and instrumental in supporting my personal journey into new uncharted territory.  Many of us stayed in touch as our relationships and businesses developed. 

The day I returned from the Tacoma conference, I sat down and began writing almost non-stop over the next 3 days as many intuitive messages came through, guiding me with everything I needed to create my very first website.

At the same time, shortly after my return from the conference, I put in a request to the Divine to send me a lover, as I was ready to play.  Magically and synchronistically, the lover I met the following week was a website designer and a genius well beyond his years. Needless to say, when I began sharing the layout the Devas' had suggested for my first website, my new lover/website designer said he had never seen such a detailed plan for one, especially from someone who had no clue about websites in the first place. 

As he lined up the project with explicit suggestions guided by the Devas', the then 150 pages unfolded slowly over a 3 month period at a cost of $80 for a piece of software, which was all my lover felt inclined to charge me for.  What looked like a dauntingly huge website and expensive undertaking initially, cost me pennies for all that transpired. 

Web Design secrets were shared with me so I could handle the site and make all the changes on my own.  As it unfolded into a carefully laid out project, I was surprised at how easily I picked up managing the pages and writing the copy. I realize now how valuable that extra piece was, as I was absolutely juiced by the creativity it inspired and the voice it allowed me to share online.

I love how the Deva Kingdom works...something is suggested...synchronicities abound...alignments fall into place....ease, effortlessness and grace often transpires.   Much of which I share has been gifted via the Devas', Angels or Spirit Guides as others may refer to them. This etheric support system gifts their undying wisdom, dedication and knowledge to myself and others who choose to listen.  Now I understand even further as I have advanced in my training, that it has gone beyond intuition and is now a direct channel of attunement with the Divine, Creation, the Universe and all that is.  It is like having the world wide web at your fingertips...it's exactly the same in that regard as I ask a question and the answer comes through loud and clear either immediately in the moment or unfolding and evolving over time.

Some years later, after an intense sojourn of life altering change, Divinea was initiated into a whole new world of visionary sensitivity.  The challenging letting go of life as she knew it, was in fact, the very gift that opened these doors.  The veils parted, allowing much more access to her personal empathic abilities. This included new awareness and messages contained in her dreamtime, which was also her first introduction to the Shaman she was told she was about to meet up with.

Although Divinea was unknowingly aligned to bring a seriously ill friend to a healer on Vancouver Island with two other friends, she knew as soon as she met "Many Horses" that he was the one from her dreamtime.  She asked if she could bring him into town and work with him if she aligned him with clients.  He agreed and that was the beginning of another life changing time in Divinea's life.

After training with "Many Horses," a Native Indian practiced in the arts of the Shamans and Medicine Men as passed down for 1000's of generations, Divinea's intuitive abilities were greatly amplified and finely tuned. "Many Horses" told Divinea that she was 99.9% accurate in her Medical Intuitiveness and out of all the healers he had met thus far, her skills were well versed and expansively tuned.  As she excelled in all three areas of clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient gifts, she had the ability to check herself any number of ways which allowed for more Trust in what she was tuning into with people.  Divinea's healing.

Divinea easily tunes into Creation energy and works with many different combined healing practices in her healing and Sacred Tantric work.  Virtually everything Divinea teaches was intuitively and synchronisticlly aligned, including the valued teachers she was guided to along the way.  Divineas teacings offer a wealth of awareness for ones personal self healing.

Divinea's Medical Intuitive abilities allow her to see inside the body like someone would view an X-ray and as well she can see the sacred symbols held within the chakra system. These sacred geometrical codes are the keys to an individuals life purpose, thus Divinea may offer clients support in connecting themselves with their Divine Potential.

Long Distance Tantric Coaching along with accelerated Long Distance Co-Creative Healing is another way to experience Divinea's abilities. Working within the energy field while viewing the Body-Mind Consciousness within and the akashic records of the soul (past life memory), Divinea is able to give guidance while simultaneously supporting the client in the present moment with their own healing at a cellular level.

With a Degree in Design, Divinea's artisitc journey has also trained her to tap into Universal Mind and Consciousness, for endless creativity.  She has produced product lines and events from concept to creation with one of a kind and production and design. including clothing, jewelry, graphics, website design, interior and mannequin art. 

Her spiritually based product lines and workshops are often intuitively aligned with much inner guidance. They often awaken awareness and support inner healing for clients that utilize them.

Known for her memorable events of all descriptions, Divinea has also co-created and coordinated various Musical Concerts, Singles Parties and Tantra ZEN Social events just to name a few. 

She has worked in conjunction with well known leaders in the Spiritual Community at Local and International Events across the globe.



Some of Divinea's Accomplishments

  • Event Support & Decor YOGA for LIFE - Retreat with Jeffrey Armstrong in Langley, BC August 2011

  • Facilitator SACRED TANTRA INFO & INTRO EVENINGS in Van. BC 2006-2010.


  • Coordinator of TANTRA MOVIE NIGHTS presented monthly - Van. BC  2007- 2010

  • Creator TANTRA PRACTICE EVENINGS - monthly hands on practice for workshop grads - Van. BC 2006-2010.

  • Creator & Facilitator ONE HEART -  monthly relationship circle - Van. BC April 2007-2009.

  • Creator & Coordinator TANTRA ZEN SOCIAL PARITIES - unique events Van, BC April 2006-2010.

  • Coordinator CONSCIOUS CONNECTIONS - Weekly Dialogue between Sexes- N. & W. Van. BC Dec. 2002-2004.


In Gratitude

"I give my undying gratitude and thanks to the Divine Creator who makes everything possible in our beautiful world.  From the magnificent inspiration that Mother Nature offers, the many races and species in the Global Community that we are blessed to play with, to the wisdom of the Devas and Spirit Guides that support us, often unseen, yet beside us every step of the way.  All of it matters and all of it deserves love.

This website is created in support of your personal Tantra Journey to the Divine and self-fulfillment within the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual realms.  It is dedicated to sharing opportunities, teachings, wisdoms, networking, products, services and support in search of that path.

Within the pages of our Web Site (bear with us as this unfolding manifests) One will find an abundance of ways to assist, sustain and attain the Tantra and Yoga quest for perfection and success in One's life.   As well, I wish to thank you for your patronage, as with your support, this is all made possible.



"Life is worth Loving and So are You!"



This website was created as a vehicle to share with others seeking self-empowerment through the Arts of Authentic Sacred Tantra.