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Medical Intuitive

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What is a Medical Intuitive?

"Seeing deeply into someone with intuitive abilities is a gift not to be taken lightly.  Holding that awareness in a loving space, while healing co-creatively, is an honor to witness and behold."  Divinea

Sometimes we face challenges in life that traditional medical methods cannot identify nor heal with what is known or visible. 

If there is an imbalance in the body that has not fully manifested into physical dis-ease, it may be somewhat challenging to heal without knowing the source of the symptoms that may be showing up.  A Medical Intuitive sees and feels beyond the physical to identify the source of the pain and supports a client in healing often before the symptoms turn into a serious physical dis-ease.

We are not meant to suffer.  Total health and well-being is a gift that we all may embrace.  The choice is ours.

  Our Body-Mind Consciousness (BMC) only holds on to physical pain, dis-ease or dis-harmony so we wake up to realize there is an imbalance to correct.  Sometimes we have stored this hidden energy related to self-punishment and suffering from our past pain triggers or even our past lives.  Even though it may be already manifesting into physical dis-ease, it is still possible to clear it completely with the support of a Medical Intuitive, often much faster than we can do it ourselves.  These types of Intuitives offer insights and guided healing support to clear health issues that may otherwise take us weeks, months or years to address, because we may not be aware of the source of the original pain or suffering.


A Past Life Memory Healing with Divinea 

"One of the most fascinating healing sessions I ever did, was with a woman I shall call Bethany, who was in love with two men whom I shall refer to as James and Aubrey.  She was at a loss as to who to be with, as James, the one she was most deeply in love with, also triggered intense fear within her, yet she had no idea where it was coming from.  Because of this, Bethany had stepped back and developed another relationship with a man called Aubrey.  She was confused and torn, as her heart kept pulling her back to James and the deep love they shared.

Bethany also mentioned some other health challenges that she longed to find a solution to.  She was told by her doctor that she would never have children as she was physically compromised and unable to conceive.  She was also plagued with ongoing stomach issues, digestive problems and pain in that area of her body constantly that had appeared shortly after she had met up with these two men. 

Was there perhaps a connection to the current challenges and fears in this lifetime?

After our initial consultation, we aligned a Co-Creative Healing session and Bethany lay on the massage table as I did a number of clearing techniques to open her channels up so that healing was possible.  When people are in a stressful place for any length of ti, their aura (filter system for the body) is often compressed and their body is filled with blocked energy which is very visible with my Medical Intuitive abilities.

Once Bethany's channels were opened up, I led her into a Divinely guided Vision Journey.  This is a process where I connect with the  personal guides and Angels who walk with Bethany in her life, often unseen and unheard. As I open with my Clairvoyant, Clairaudient and Clairsentient abilities, I am easily guided by their wisdom to take her on a healing path called a Vision Journey.  This is a safely guided walk back into our past and past life memories.  If there are unresolved energies from past lifetimes, those appropriate to the issues at hand, will be visibly seen in this journey often both by the client and myself. 

It is important to be open, guiding the client through the energy healing process, so the path is very visible in the moment.

I have found that it is much more valuable for a client to personally witness the past themselves, than it is to be told by someone else, what is going on.  Through a process of safely and Divinely guided steps, we are taken into the life most relative to what needs healing at that moment.

In this case, we were led into a time that looked like the dark ages based on the dress, architecture and surroundings.  it was daytime, Bethany clearly saw herself as a woman in a very loving relationship with her a husband (James from this lifetime).  She saw her happy home and witnessed their exchange and felt the love she was now tapping into again this lifetime.  He looked a little different, but she recognized his spirit immediately.

We moved forward a bit and saw "James" leaving on a ship to sea, supposedly for just 2 or 3 months.  Before he left, he asked his brother, the other gentleman "Aubrey" in this lifetime to take good care of his beloved wife.  We jumped forward to another scene 2 years later and still "James" had not returned from sea and was thought to be dead.  Meanwhile, "Aubrey" and "Bethany" developed a close and loving relationship and she became pregnant with his baby.

About 3 months into "Bethany's" pregnancy, her husband "James" suddenly returned from sea, alive and well.  There was alot of joy, love and celebration, until he discovered she was pregnant by his brother "Aubrey."  In a fit of uncontrolled, rage, "James" took a large knife and plunged it into "Bethany's" stomach, killing the baby and her.

As a result of the extremely emotional and unresolved trauma that lifetime, "Bethany" had many stomach problems this lifetime and was unable to conceive children.  As well, she had met up and fell in love with both men again, unrelated this lifetime, but still in her life to complete their kharmic connection. 

Even quantum physics shows us that time is indeed circular, not linear, thus all time and things co-exist simultaneously.  

This factor, allows us to tap into and heal things as though they were happening in the moment, as the Body-MInd Consciousness only addresses things in the present moment always.  Anything that is not addressed in the moment and released is kept contained in the Souls BMC until it is resolved, someday, unless we step in and address it like it is happening in this moment again.

Through a step by step process of healing, the Spirit guides directed me to in essence "re-write the script," creating a different and happier scenario and ending of this shared lifetime between the souls involved. Once this is done by even one person, it shifts the energy trapped in every single souls BMC as well.   We are all connected and healing ourselves actually serves to heal the collective also.

This is important to understand when viewing the value of energy healing practices like Authentic Sacred Tantra or Co-Creative Healing, as they go extremely deep into our Souls history, including past lifetimes.

The amazing thing about this healing session with Bethany, is that she felt like a huge weight had been lifted from her body immediately upon letting of the past trauma.  Her stomach problems completely disappeared and she was able to chose clearly to be with James, as all the fear had dissolved.  Not only that, but she was able to conceive and miraculously had 3 miscarriages, before finally having a baby.  There was obviously a few more unresolved and current layers to the onion that could have used another session in between, had she thought to come back again.  For whatever reason, she was not inclined to, although she did phone to share her good news!"

Similar indications of past life trauma might include a sense of recognition or fear of another person or incident that triggers ones emotional body into reaction.

   Or perhaps a sense of immediate chemistry with someone might indicate former past life relationships that were deeply personal or intimate, thus allowing partners to fall back into a familiar sense of Trust and connection.

The Body-Mind Consciousness holds on to past pain, memories and attachments until identified, connected with and consciously released through forgiveness or energy clearing practices such as Co-Creative Healing or Authentic Sacred Tantra. 

That is not to say that all past life pain must be identified to be released.  In fact, sometimes only the darkness and/or the emotion must be identified or connected with in the physical body and auric field in order to clear it.  Other times it is enough to view and bring awareness to it in order to let go, without any connection to the past at all, only intuitive or energetic healing assistance.  Authentic Tantra practices ceasily clear old energy simply by reaching the "burn and bliss" sage.

Sometimes it is important not to open "Pandora's box" to the past unless it is with healing intention, as old memories may come flooding back, creating all sorts of challenges to deal with.  This can be particularly true with regards to readings done just for fun.

As long as blocked energy or pain in the body or auric fields remains unresolved or connected with, the Body-Mind Consciousness holds the memory and hence the trigger which continues to act like a magnet attracting more suffering to it. 

We will even call in "accidents" or similar life lessons until our "past" is resolved or released.  This is the gift of the Body-Mind Consciousness to us.

The BMC is a no fail system, allowing us the opportunity to consistently choose to move through challenges that arise or the BMC continually stops us until we deal with the issues that are holding us back from totally embracing our inherent nature as the Atma or Divine Spirit and Light Beings that we all are.

A Medical Intuitive may easily view past life blocks in our body and energy field, identifying the source of the problem, giving insights as to why it was held or what it means.

  From this place of knowing, a client is empowered to understand the source of the symptoms or past life pain and trauma.   In this way, they connect with their essence,  opening to heal, sometimes re-writing the past life script to clear thoughts and energies attached to the suffering. 

Accelerated healing is possible with the support of a Medical Intuitive through Co-Creative Energy Healing, BMC Readings and/or Authentic Sacred Tantra.  The practices work differently, but it is possible to achieve similar results.  Working in the energy field while viewing the akashic records of the soul (or past life memory), a Medical Intuitive is able to give guidance while supporting the client to work simultaneously in the physical with their own natural healing ability through visualization, breath, connected awareness and energy practices. 

Sometimes further assistance is obtained by also using vibrational healing methods, tinctures or tools such as crystals, gem elixirs, herbs or flower remedies, aromatherapy, homeopathic or other naturally compatible energies, to speed up and support the physical, mental and spiritual healing required.  The BMC will not lead one into shifting more than they can handle, so the process may take time to heal or release connected layers sometimes.  All that is needed is the Souls permission and choice to shift for the desired results to manifest.

A Medical Intuitive also has the ability to heal long distance, as their connection to a Soul goes beyond the physical, therefore often allowing the similar results to be had from a distance.  

There are many types and variations of Medical Intuitive abilities. Whether clairvoyant (ability to see beyond),  clairsentient (ability to sense), clairaudient (ability to hear) or a combination of all three, each Medical Intuitive may hold a  different means to acquire information beyond the perceived physical limitations in the physical world.  They hold abilities to connect with energies held in the more spiritual or etheric realms.  Although not as dense as the physical dimensional reality we live in, these realms are easily seen, sensed or heard by those who have awakened their Intuition or Sixth sense, often also known as ones Third Eye Vision. 

We are ultimately responsible for our health and well-being. 

Many times we give away our power and our choice to heal by being attached to our pain and believing we have to suffer.  Determine what feels appropriate for you.  Are you ready to let go of the past pain and conflict your Body-Mind Consciousness (BMC)  holds?  If you are, your are ready for transformation and may want to consider the support of Co-Creative Healing or Authentic Sacred Tantra sessions with Medical Intuitive Divinea. 

When challenges arise, it is simply the Body-Mind-Spirit's way of opening the door, showing you another path.

Whatever your choice, remember, you always have the opportunity to experience perfect health.  A new direction might invite more adventure, awareness and the possibility of expanding ones connection into a deeper level of surrender and Trust in our Journey to the Divine. 

Learning to Love it all, is a huge step towards embracing the Divine's plan for each one of us by letting go of our attachments and expectations for each moment.


This website was created as a vehicle to share with others seeking self-empowerment through the Arts of Authentic Sacred Tantra.